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What is it worth to NOT visit the doctor’s office? Sense.ly is changing the medical technology.

What is it worth to NOT visit the doctor’s office? Sense.ly is changing the medicine.

“Sense.ly’s tech­nol­o­gy has appli­ca­tions across a broad spec­trum of med­ical con­di­tions and rep­re­sents an excit­ing new tool in our efforts to address the grow­ing bur­den of chron­ic dis­eases,” Uni­ver­si­ty of Cal­i­for­nia, San Francisco’s Dr. Van Sel­by said in a state­ment. Par­a­digm change — this is some­thing I was com­plete­ly unaware of and it’s about Oba­macare. This quote from a recent Ven­ture Beat arti­cle makes it pret­ty clear. “In a sense, doc­tors will no longer be paid for the patients they see; they’ll be paid for patients they don’t see”. Med­ical providers will be giv­en a fixed amount for tak­ing care of a giv­en patient pop­u­la­tion. So if you don’t have to spend mon­ey to see a patient in per­son while main­tain­ing high med­ical stan­dards means you as the doc­tor becomes more prof­itable and can actu­al­ly make more mon­ey. It would mean they want patients to main­tain the high­est pos­si­ble health at all times. Keep­ing patients as far away from ER vis­its or hos­pi­tal re-admis­­sions would be the wis­est and most cost effi­cient pol­i­cy for doc­tors. Sense.ly, a San Fran­­cis­­co-based start­up that has now raised a new $1.25 mil­lion in ven­ture fund­ing to address var­i­ous aspects of patient well­ness and engage­ment. This is a young and upcom­ing…

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Mobile advertising startup mNectar lets consumers test-fly apps

Mobile adver­tis­ing start­up mNec­tar has recent­ly tak­en a big step for­ward in its mis­sion to change the way we relate to mobile apps. The San Fran­­cis­­co-based com­pa­ny was found­ed in 2012, and ear­li­er this month closed a Series A round amount­ing to $7 mil­lion dol­lars (it had raised $625k in seed fund­ing back in Sep­tem­ber last year). So, what is it about mNec­tar that’s inspired such investor con­fi­dence? From ban­ners to inter­sti­tials to video – where next? Any­one with any degree of expe­ri­ence of media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies will be aware that an evo­lu­tion has been under­way. To begin with, mobile ads took the form on itsy-bit­sy ban­ners but then came full-screen inter­sti­tial ads; more recent­ly mobile video ads have come to the fore, as has adver­tis­ing through Facebook’s huge tar­get­ed mobile ad net­work. The next step, accord­ing to mNec­tar, is to let con­sumers test fly mobile apps they might be inter­est­ed in from the ad itself. mNectar’s CEO Wal­ly Nguyen told TechCrunch jour­nal­ist Kim-Mai Cut­ler about his company’s start­ing point: “When you buy music, I like to lis­ten to a song for 30 to 60 sec­onds before buy­ing an album. I thought this was fun­da­men­tal­ly bro­ken for apps.…

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NY based StrikeAd ramps up APAC operations with new GM

Mobile adver­tis­ing start­up StrikeAd is tak­ing a big leap for­ward with a new gen­er­al man­ag­er, Ryan Mur­ray, for its Sin­ga­pore and APAC office. Smarter mobile adver­tis­ing for smarter agen­cies Peo­ple with media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies will almost cer­tain­ly have heard of this New York start­up, which was found­ed in 2010. As we report­ed in Octo­ber 2012, its unique Demand Side Plat­form (DSP) deliv­ers quick, trans­par­ent plan­ning and opti­mized ad deliv­ery for agen­cies and adver­tis­ers involved in glob­al cam­paigns. And with its acqui­si­tion of mobile ad tech start­up AdMo­bius that year, it added anoth­er for­mi­da­ble mobile adver­tis­ing weapon to its arse­nal: the latter’s patent­ed Audi­ence Man­age­ment Plat­form (AMP). AMP proved itself capa­ble of unlock­ing the deep­er val­ue of mobile data by ana­lyz­ing and intel­li­gent­ly inter­pret­ing mobile users’ demo­graph­ic and inter­est-based infor­ma­tion. And now it’s appoint­ed a vet­er­an of online and mobile adver­tis­ing to the helm of its Sin­ga­pore office, which sig­nals that it’s plan­ning to do some seri­ous­ly heavy-duty  busi­ness in that part of the world. Mr. Mur­ray worked for four years with the NY ad devel­op­ment firm, Col­lec­tive, before join­ing StrikeAd, where he spent the last two years as GM, Americas,in its New York head­quar­ters. A big step…

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Mobile advertising spend will outstrip digital rivals by 2016

The lat­est fore­cast for US media ad spend­ing from eMar­keter pre­dicts that mobile adver­tis­ing will sur­pass all oth­er dig­i­tal ads by 2016. An his­toric over­take Mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies will have their work cut out for them, it seems: over the next two years, mobile ad spend­ing is pro­ject­ed to more than dou­ble from this year’s $17.7 bil­lion to $37.5 bil­lion. Any­one with a smat­ter­ing of knowl­edge about the mobile adver­tis­ing mar­ket will instant­ly appre­ci­ate that this will amount to an his­toric event: for the first time, mobile ad spend will out­strip that for print and desk­top. So, what’s hap­pened to turn the runt of the adver­tis­ing lit­ter into the titan? The expla­na­tion, says eMarketer’s exec­u­tive edi­tor Noah Elkin is a major shift in con­sumer habits. He said: “It real­ly has to do with con­sumers’ time, atten­tion and engage­ment. Con­sumers are spend­ing more of their dig­i­tal media time with their smart­phones and tablets than their desk­tops and lap­tops.” Last year, US adults were spend­ing just two min­utes more on their tablets and smart­phones than on larg­er lap­top or desk­top screens. But this year, that dif­fer­ence has sky­rock­et­ed 20-fold to reach forty min­utes more. As Elkin some­what mod­est­ly puts it, adver­tis­ers are…

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Mobile ad tech startup TapCommerce now belongs to Twitter

Re/code jour­nal­ist Ina Fried has revealed that New York’s mobile tech start­up Tap­Com­merce has just been acquired by Twit­ter. Found­ed in 2012, Tap­Com­merce rapid­ly estab­lished itself as a leader in mobile ad retar­get­ing. As any prod­uct man­ag­er famil­iar with the process could tes­ti­fy, while it’s rel­a­tive­ly straight­for­ward on desk­top devices to help busi­ness­es tar­get ads based on a user’s pre­vi­ous activ­i­ty, the absence of cook­ies on mobile demands an alto­geth­er new approach. Desir­able tech­nol­o­gy That’s where Tap­Com­merce stepped in: accord­ing to its CEO and co-founder, Bri­an Long, it was able to retar­get ads on mobile devices by using “large amounts of data cou­pled with sophis­ti­cat­ed sta­tis­ti­cal analy­sis.” An ecom­merce app, for instance, could be fed with retar­get­ed ads by Tap­Com­merce to encour­age lapsed cus­tomers to come back by tempt­ing them with new sales or pro­mo­tions. The new deal with Twit­ter is said to be worth $100 mil­lion, although the microblog­ging jug­ger­naut has so far declined to con­firm the price tag. But if that’s an accu­rate ball park fig­ure, you don’t need to be a sea­soned prod­uct man­ag­er to fig­ure out that TapCommerce’s plat­form was being eyed hun­gri­ly by the social net­work­ing giant, which has just announced new mobile app install…

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