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The Career Intelligence™ Authority is a pro­fes­sion­al’s great­est resource for find­ing the newest media jobs, bud­ding com­pa­nies, hir­ing con­nec­tions, and tech­no­log­i­cal­ly advanced prod­ucts that can help to jump-start a career. If you’ve been search­ing for mobile mar­ket­ing jobs, mobile devel­op­er jobs, mobile adver­tis­ing jobs, or mobile appli­ca­tion devel­op­ment jobs, has the resources to get you con­nect­ed. For those who cur­rent­ly have mobile jobs or mobile devel­op­ment jobs, we have the lat­est infor­ma­tion on new prod­ucts that will help you excel in your field. Here, you can find up-to-date infor­ma­tion about the lat­est advance­ments in mobile mar­ket­ing made by the largest com­pa­nies such as Inmo­bi, Jump­tap, Adfon­ic, Cus­tomer Mag­net­ism, Res­o­lu­tion Media, Blue Moon Works, Red Door Inter­ac­tive, Infuse Cre­ative, Mobile­Mox­ie, mobileStorm, Punch­kick Inter­ac­tive, WASP Mobile, and much more. We also pro­vide infor­ma­tion about up and com­ing mobile adver­tis­ing com­pa­nies that could be the next big suc­cess includ­ing com­pa­nies such as Addic­tive Mobil­i­ty, a mobile agency that tar­gets social media, 5thFinger, 12snap, and 2ergo, a mobile mar­ket­ing agency that is com­plete­ly dig­i­tal and focus­es its efforts on using new media plat­forms to sell prod­ucts and ser­vices. Keep read­ing for arti­cles about some of the best mobile mar­ket­ing com­pa­nies through­out the world. You can also search for a spe­cif­ic mobile mar­ket­ing com­pa­ny or mobile adver­tis­ing jobs by click­ing here or enter­ing a com­pa­ny name in the field below.

Mobile advertising startup TapSense sets it sights on wearables

Mobile adver­tis­ing start­up TapSense has announced that its mobile ad exchange will now sup­port wear­able apps, start­ing with Peb­ble. There can’t be many peo­ple with media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies who haven’t noticed the pro­gres­sive rise of wear­able gad­gets. And TapSense fig­ures that can only mean one thing: anoth­er fron­tier for mobile adver­tis­ing to con­quer. The smart­phone as hub But the ads TapSense will run won’t actu­al­ly appear on the Peb­ble itself; instead, app devel­op­ers will be helped to tar­get ads at Android and iOS users who also own the smart­watch. The ads will link direct­ly to the rel­e­vant pro­mot­ed apps on offer in the Peb­ble app­store, so that wear­able app devel­op­ers can use TapSense to pro­mote their offer­ings through the same kinds of ads that oth­er mobile devel­op­ers use. Vis­i­tors to the Peb­ble store can down­load apps onto their smart­phones, where­upon they sync with their smart­watch­es. Accord­ing to TapSense’s CEO and founder, Ash Kumar, the lat­est devel­op­ment rep­re­sents a new mod­el in which smart­phones become hubs for wear­able gad­gets. As he points out, “the wear­ables mar­ket will remain frag­ment­ed for some time.” In a mar­ket where no sin­gle device dom­i­nates, the hub con­cept becomes impor­tant. If and when…

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GeoMarketing startup Yext heads for IPO and international expansion

Yext, the New York-based ‘Geo­Mar­ket­ing’ com­pa­ny, appears to be head­ing for an IPO after rais­ing a wal­lop­ing $50 mil­lion in Series F. Prod­uct man­agers who think the word “Geo­Mar­ket­ing” sounds cool but feel baf­fled about what it means should read on. Essen­tial­ly, Yext’s Soft­­ware-as-a-Ser­vice capa­bil­i­ties allow busi­ness­es or stores to con­trol their list­ings in local search­es. Syn­chro­niz­ing across local search­es Take the case of a drug­store chain: it might have 60 dif­fer­ent stores in a city, each one with slight­ly dif­fer­ent con­tact infor­ma­tion, open­ing hours, etc. As things stand, they’ll each be list­ed slight­ly dif­fer­ent­ly in Google search, Foursquare, Yelp and oth­er loca­tion data­bas­es. Yext’s plat­form lets busi­ness­es con­trol the con­tent of all those assort­ed list­ings from a sin­gle dash­board. The start­up launched as a pay-per-call adver­tis­ing com­pa­ny in 2009, but mor­phed over the ensu­ing cou­ple of years to focus instead on devel­op­ing its unique Geo­Mar­ket­ing soft­ware (the ad busi­ness was sold to IAC’s Grid Media). And even the most hard-head­­ed prod­uct man­ag­er will con­cede that the shift of empha­sis has proven a big suc­cess. Yext now han­dles data for over 300,000 active loca­tions and it saw a hand­some $34 mil­lion in rev­enue in 2013, a spec­tac­u­lar 116 per­cent high­er…

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Mobile attribution measurement startup AppsFlyer launches AppsFlyer for Agencies

Mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies have a new mea­sure­ment tool to play with in the shape of AppsFlyer’s new offer­ing, “Apps­Fly­er for Agen­cies.” An inte­grat­ed solu­tion for a frag­ment­ed mar­ket  Any­one with media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing will know how dev­il­ish­ly com­pli­cat­ed it is to mea­sure user attri­bu­tion in this frag­ment­ed mar­ket; now, New York’s Apps­Fly­er has a dig­i­tal, last-mile solu­tion for them. The startup’s mar­ket­ing VP, Ran Avra­hamy, told Ven­ture­Beat jour­nal­ist John Koet­si­er that many agen­cies had been “left behind” in the brand stam­pede to mobile adver­tis­ing, large­ly because of “the lack of tools to oper­ate in this fast-grow­ing, frag­ment­ed mar­ket.” The fig­ures speak for them­selves: few­er than half of mar­keters present­ly use agen­cies to help gen­er­ate mobile app installs, and the chief rea­son is that agen­cies sim­ply haven’t had the exper­tise at their dis­pos­al – or the tools – to pro­duce the results. AppsFlyer’s answer? Here’s how its CEO Oren Kaniel described it in a recent press release: “Apps­Fly­er sim­pli­fies mobile mar­ket­ing for agen­cies, free­ing them from com­plex inte­gra­tions and mul­ti­ple SDK updates. We allow them to focus on their growth tar­gets with the best tools designed espe­cial­ly for the mobile envi­ron­ment.” It has to be said that anoth­er big…

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‘Placed’ location analytics start-up coming to New York

New York’s busi­ness world is to have a new play­er after Seat­­tle-based loca­tion ana­lyt­ics start­up ‘Placed’ raised $10 mil­lion and decid­ed to open an office in the Big Apple. From loca­­tion-based ads to store vis­its Since its launch in 2011, Placed has been steadi­ly build­ing a rep­u­ta­tion as a lead­ing light in the world of mobile ad intel­li­gence. Last year, it launched Placed Attri­bu­tion, a plat­form that tracks whether local­ly served mobile ads actu­al­ly end up in per­son­al vis­its to a vendor’s bricks-and-mor­­tar store. You don’t need to be a sea­soned tech prod­uct man­ag­er to appre­ci­ate that this bridges the online world with the offline, phys­i­cal world. And since it also lets brands, agen­cies, ad net­works and pub­lish­ers know whether peo­ple actu­al­ly make pur­chas­es upon vis­it­ing the store, it gives one of the most com­pre­hen­sive insights into the con­nec­tion between ads and offline behav­ior avail­able. Placed Attri­bu­tion is based on the startup’s cen­tral prod­uct, Placed Ana­lyt­ics, which uses a pan­el of 175,000 opt­ed in users to map local activ­i­ty, iden­ti­fy trends and work out which groups are most like­ly to vis­it which retail­er (it cov­ers no few­er than 175 mil­lion con­sumer loca­tions). Even the most bat­­tle-hard­ened prod­uct man­ag­er would agree…

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AR mobile advertising startup Blippar joins forces with Layar to extend Augmented Reality’s reach

Does Aug­ment­ed Real­i­ty have a future in mobile adver­tis­ing? While some cyn­ics in the tech world have their doubts, New York-head­­quar­tered Blip­par begs to dif­fer – and to push the tech­nol­o­gy fur­ther in mobile adver­tis­ing, it’s just acquired Nether­­lands-based AR com­pa­ny Layar, whose plat­form extends across a slew of appli­ca­tions from adver­tis­ing to edu­ca­tion (Layar was found­ed in 2009, two years before Blip­par, and has raised $17 mil­lion in invest­ment). Join­ing forces to change the mobile adver­tis­ing world Right now, Blip­par is being a lit­tle coy about the acqui­si­tion, inform­ing TechCrunch jour­nal­ist Ingrid Lun­den, “We can­not com­ment on mar­ket spec­u­la­tion at this stage, but Blip­par is ded­i­cat­ed to grow­ing the glob­al mar­ket­place for immer­sive, engag­ing con­tent, and part of this strat­e­gy may include acqui­si­tions lat­er in the year.” But its founder and CEO, Ambar­ish Mitra, ver­bal­ly con­firmed that it’s a done deal, due to be offi­cial­ly announced on June 19th. Layar’s CEO Quintin Schev­er­nels start­ed vis­it­ing Blippar’s NY office a few months back to dis­cuss, in Mitra’s words, “how we could work togeth­er to bring our vision to hun­dreds of mil­lions of peo­ple.” By join­ing, the R&D fire­pow­er of the two star­tups will effec­tive­ly dou­ble and the poten­tial exists for…

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