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Five screens TV, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, look out Marketers, Future is here!

Five screens TV, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, look out Marketers, Future is here!

There is so much unbe­liev­able and inter­est­ing con­tent out there nowa­days that adver­tis­ers are going crazy try­ing to fig­ure out ways to cap­i­tal­ize on all of it. Cur­rent­ly there isn’t a stan­dard met­ric for a mor­ph­ing view­ing indus­try. There needs to be a sin­gle-source mea­sure­ment for every pos­si­ble con­tent inter­face, tablet, mobile, stream­ing, etc., with­out it mar­keters are going to have a hell of time.

Adver­tis­ing is in a dire need to rede­fine what TV is. TV net­works throw back at least %50 of their rev­enue to pro­duce orig­i­nal pro­gram­ming, they real­ize that stream­ing is huge for their TV audi­ences and brands. Let’s not for­get how the new prac­tice of binge TV watch­ing has set record break­ing results for new pro­grams and sport events. Net­works have kept on top of the chang­ing medi­ums for view­ing the mate­r­i­al, wher­ev­er and when­ev­er and by doing so have seem surges in view­er­ship. Stream­ing is a brand builder for TV, it cre­ates fans, new and old, gets peo­ple engaged, espe­cial­ly when adding social net­work­ing into the fray.

Mind you a lot of these stream­ing ser­vices don’t do the adver­tis­ing thing, but mar­keters always seem to fig­ure out way to sneak in there. It’s crit­i­cal to see that the device is not the con­tent.
TV view­ers are pur­su­ing their favorite con­tent on the best avail­able device. In doing so, view­ers extend TV’s reach across today’s full range of video-view­ing devices and con­duits.  It’s a sea change, evo­lu­tion, not rev­o­lu­tion. In the ear­li­er days TV opened with spon­sor­ships, well now the next fron­tier of cre­ativ­i­ty in adver­tis­ing could be opt-in ads to dynam­ic ads to ads that aren’t ads at all.

Think about the fact that Google keeps increas­ing its adver­tis­ing rev­enue even though they are mak­ing less mon­ey per ad. The pric­ing-ver­sus-sup­ply trend is a prob­lem the com­pa­ny has tried to fix. Why is this? CFO Patrick Pichette, who is leav­ing Google says it’s Youtube’s fault. Peo­ple can just click past the ads. Although “We are expe­ri­enc­ing strength in mobile search, and the [prices per ad click] in our core search busi­ness are con­tin­u­ing to grow year-over-year,” Mr. Pichette said.

How about the fact that Face­book now claims to aver­age 4 bil­lion video views a day. Last Sep­tem­ber they only claimed a bil­lion. YouTube no longer reports its total dai­ly video views, but the Google-owned video ser­vice said in Jan­u­ary 2012 that it had notched 4 bil­lion dai­ly video views. Well then, guess who’s catch­ing up? Face­book announced on Thurs­day a brand­ed-video pro­gram called Anthol­o­gy that will have pub­lish­ers and dig­i­tal video pro­duc­ers includ­ing The Onion, Elec­tus Dig­i­tal, Oh My Dis­ney, Vice, Vox Media, Tastemade and Fun­ny or Die. They are all cre­at­ing videos for adver­tis­ers in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Facebook’s Cre­ative Shop. These would run as ads on the social net­work.

When you try to pic­ture what’s hap­pen­ing here, it could make Face­book big­ger than Youtube as the go-to des­ti­na­tion for dig­i­tal-video adver­tis­ing. Hence, putting a major dent in Google’s rev­enues. The whole rea­son mar­keters would look to Face­book as an out­let is because Face­book has all the data on what their peo­ple already watch and want to watch. Com­pa­nies can you use this data to their advan­tage.

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