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Will Comcast Actually Buy Time Warner Cable or Will this be Charter’s Wake up Call?

Will Comcast Actually Buy Time Warner Cable or Will this be Charter's Wake up Call?

I don’t believe this deal will hap­pen the way its cur­rent­ly struc­tured and here’s why. First off, there are too many volatile vari­ables in this deal in its cur­rent form;  the all stock price, soft­en­ing equi­ties mar­ket and oth­er very moti­vat­ed buy­ers in the mar­ket. I believe that this is only the first move in a larg­er plan. Time Warn­er Cable is uti­liz­ing a very smart strat­e­gy to max­i­mize the sale price for the com­pa­ny; wit­ness that Rob Mar­cus, the CEO, is a for­mer Merg­ers and Acqui­si­tion attor­ney. So the bat­tle for Time Warn­er Cable has come to an end, or has it? Yes­ter­day Com­cast announced a $45.2 bil­lion dol­lar deal to pur­chase Time Warn­er Cable, rep­re­sent­ing a share pur­chase price of $158.82 per share. This is a sig­nif­i­cant increase from Char­ter Cable’s pre­vi­ous offers of $132.50 per share. But there is a big dif­fer­ence. Char­ter’s offer was sub­stan­tial­ly cash and Com­cast’s is com­plete­ly a stock deal. Also, we’re now talk­ing about a major anti-trust review. Even with a sell off of 3 mil­lion sub­scribers Com­cast would still con­trol 30% of the indus­try nation­wide. Giv­en the lack of com­pe­ti­tion in each mar­ket this does not sound like a slam dunk. A year ago Com­cast…

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Out of stealth at last: Black Pearl Systems morphs into Lyve Minds, the “cloud in your living room”

When it emerged back in June that for­mer Apple exec­u­tive Tim Buch­er was assem­bling a killer team of tech wiz­ards for his new Sil­i­con Val­ley start­up Black Pearl Sys­tems, any savvy prod­uct man­ag­er could tell you that some­thing excit­ing was in the off­ing. But what, exact­ly, that some­thing was remained a mys­tery – until now. Solv­ing unsolved prob­lems Black pearl Sys­tems has just come out of stealth with a new name – Lyve Minds – and a new prod­uct, Lyve­Home, which helps users access and back up their per­son­al videos and pho­tos whether they’re at home on their desk­tops or on the hoof on their smart­phones. Ini­tial­ly, Buch­er and his team were, well, stealthy about what they were devel­op­ing, but GigOM jour­nal­ist Janko Roettgers helped sate the curios­i­ty of intrigued prod­uct man­agers by work­ing out that the new firm was build­ing mobile-media shar­ing tech­nol­o­gy for the Android OS and that its like­ly name would be Lyve. Buch­er has now revealed that Lyve Minds aims to solve a hith­er­to unsolved prob­lem: how to let users store and share as many videos and movies as they like on their mobile devices. Only a small num­ber of peo­ple back up their per­son­al media…

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INTERVIEW: Mplifyr Bringing Big Loyalty Programs to Businesses for a Small Cost

Mplifyr Bringing Big Loyalty Programs to Businesses for a Small Cost

Can you cre­ate a low cost busi­ness incen­tive pro­gram before you fin­ish your morn­ing cof­fee?  How about one that pro­vides reward points that can be used at major com­pa­nies includ­ing Unit­ed and Delta Air­lines? Roy Weiss­man of MediaJobs.com spoke with James Duchenne from Mpli­fyr who has built a do it your­self plat­form for busi­ness­es to cre­ate their own loy­al­ty pro­gram. James explains the need for his ser­vice: “Most com­pa­nies that do not have the funds at the moment, what they’re try­ing to do is they’re try­ing to find the cheap­est, sort of solu­tion out there, because their com­peti­tors have some sort of pro­gram active. It’s sort of work­ing, but they’re try­ing to com­pete with that and offer the same ben­e­fits to the same cus­tomer pool with­out real­ly think­ing about the con­se­quences of loy­al­ty.” Accord­ing to Duchenne loy­al­ty pro­grams are quick­ly becom­ing an impor­tant ele­ment of most busi­ness­es and are valu­able in attract­ing and retain­ing cus­tomers. Lis­ten in or read along as Roy Weiss­man talks with James about why he believes that Mpli­fyr will com­mand the lead in its mar­ket niche. You can lis­ten to the inter­view as well as read it below:   Roy:   My name is Roy Weiss­man…

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Johannes Leonardo faces the future with three major talent infusions

As sea­soned art direc­tors and account man­agers know well, year’s end is often a time when up-and-com­ing shops decide to draft in new tal­ent to help them real­ize their growth ambi­tions. And New York’s Johannes Leonar­do, a bou­tique agency co-found­ed in 2007 by vet­er­an cre­atives Jan Jacobs and Leo Pre­mu­ti­co, is gear­ing up for the chal­lenges ahead with three major new appoint­ments. A tal­ent infu­sion The agency, which won the Small Agency of the Year Sil­ver Award from AdAge in 2011 and the AdAge “Cam­paign of the Year” award for its “Project: Brief” cam­paign for Google last year, has fast estab­lished itself as an agency with uncon­ven­tion­al­ly orig­i­nal cre­ative out­put. That sug­gests its cre­ative flair is mar­ried to its busi­ness acu­men rather suc­cess­ful­ly – account man­agers are every bit as impor­tant as art direc­tors in up-and-com­ing agen­cies like this. Michael Duda, 42, will leave his cur­rent role as man­ag­ing part­ner at the mar­ket­ing con­sul­tan­cy and invest­ment fund Con­sigliere Brand Cap­i­tal to become Johannes Leonardo’s first Chief Exec­u­tive (he’ll also join Jacobs and Pre­mu­ti­co as a part­ner). Duda has an impres­sive back­ground in Adland, hav­ing been part­ner and chief cor­po­rate strat­e­gy at New York’s pres­ti­gious Deutsch agency (part of the Inter­pub­lic…

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10 Best Media Job Employment Agencies

10 Best Media Job Employment Agencies

Find­ing a media job that suits you can be made a lot eas­i­er by mak­ing use of the ser­vices of a media job employ­ment agency. Their spe­cial­i­ty is obvi­ous­ly geared towards find­ing lucra­tive posi­tions for would be media job tak­ers, and then offer­ing them to the world of media job seek­ers. These agen­cies can often get spe­cial pref­er­ence from adver­tis­ing or media busi­ness­es to host their media job adver­tise­ments exclu­sive­ly. 10 of the best media job employ­ment agen­cies for you to use are list­ed below: Jour­nal­ism Jobs.com – www.journalismjobs.com – Their web­site offers an inter­ac­tive expe­ri­ence where you can find media jobs, search for links to oth­er media web­sites, inves­ti­gate more into media job salaries as well as read media relat­ed arti­cles. Media Bistro – www.mediabistro.com – This employ­ment agency offers a wide selec­tion of media jobs right across the indus­try spec­trum, as well as addi­tion­al advice regard­ing media job employ­ers, how to apply for media jobs and how to use your skills to the best of your abil­i­ty. They also have a facil­i­ty that assists you in con­struct­ing your resume. I Want Media – www.iwantmedia.com/jobs – This media com­pa­ny is anoth­er that has an inter­ac­tive media job web­site that…

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