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INTERVIEW: Mplifyr Bringing Big Loyalty Programs to Businesses for a Small Cost

Mplifyr Bringing Big Loyalty Programs to Businesses for a Small Cost

Can you create a low cost business incentive program before you finish your morning coffee?  How about one that provides reward points that can be used at major companies including United and Delta Airlines? Roy Weissman of MediaJobs.com spoke with James Duchenne from Mplifyr who has built a do it yourself platform for businesses to create their own loyalty program. James explains the need for his service: “Most companies that do not have the funds at the moment, what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to find the cheapest, sort of solution out there, because their competitors have some sort of program active. It’s sort of working, but they’re trying to compete with that and offer the same benefits to the same customer pool without really thinking about the consequences of loyalty.” According to Duchenne loyalty programs are quickly becoming an important element of most businesses and are valuable in attracting and retaining customers. Listen in or read along as Roy Weissman talks with James about why he believes that Mplifyr will command the lead in its market niche. You can listen to the interview as well as read it below:   Roy:   My name is Roy Weissman…

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Johannes Leonardo faces the future with three major talent infusions

As seasoned art directors and account managers know well, year’s end is often a time when up-and-coming shops decide to draft in new talent to help them realize their growth ambitions. And New York’s Johannes Leonardo, a boutique agency co-founded in 2007 by veteran creatives Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico, is gearing up for the challenges ahead with three major new appointments. A talent infusion The agency, which won the Small Agency of the Year Silver Award from AdAge in 2011 and the AdAge “Campaign of the Year” award for its “Project: Brief” campaign for Google last year, has fast established itself as an agency with unconventionally original creative output. That suggests its creative flair is married to its business acumen rather successfully – account managers are every bit as important as art directors in up-and-coming agencies like this. Michael Duda, 42, will leave his current role as managing partner at the marketing consultancy and investment fund Consigliere Brand Capital to become Johannes Leonardo’s first Chief Executive (he’ll also join Jacobs and Premutico as a partner). Duda has an impressive background in Adland, having been partner and chief corporate strategy at New York’s prestigious Deutsch agency (part of the Interpublic…

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10 Best Media Job Employment Agencies

10 Best Media Job Employment Agencies

Finding a media job that suits you can be made a lot easier by making use of the services of a media job employment agency. Their speciality is obviously geared towards finding lucrative positions for would be media job takers, and then offering them to the world of media job seekers. These agencies can often get special preference from advertising or media businesses to host their media job advertisements exclusively. 10 of the best media job employment agencies for you to use are listed below: Journalism Jobs.com – www.journalismjobs.com – Their website offers an interactive experience where you can find media jobs, search for links to other media websites, investigate more into media job salaries as well as read media related articles. Media Bistro – www.mediabistro.com – This employment agency offers a wide selection of media jobs right across the industry spectrum, as well as additional advice regarding media job employers, how to apply for media jobs and how to use your skills to the best of your ability. They also have a facility that assists you in constructing your resume. I Want Media – www.iwantmedia.com/jobs – This media company is another that has an interactive media job website that…

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Fledgling ad shop O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul clinches major account with WingStreet

Just three months after we reported the launch of fledgling ad shop O’Keefe, Reinhard & Paul (OKR&P), news is breaking that it’s just scooped its first mammoth-sized piece of business: it’s to be taken on by WingStreet, a massively successful unit of YUM! brands specializing in chicken wings. This is the kind of deal to make the account manager and art director responsible for seeing the project through very happy people: WingStreet’s deep fried chicken wings have gone down a storm in the Pizza Hut chain so the audience is likely to be huge. An account manager’s dream account So huge, in fact, that Pizza Hut forecasts that WingStreet chicken wings will shortly morph into a dedicated stand-alone chain because of its popularity on the Pizza Hut menu. That’s likely to be one helluva big account for the account manager who presides over it. The Virginia-based Martin Agency in Richmond previously held the WingStreet ad account, and it will continue to handle core advertising for Pizza Hut. But as any perspicuous art director or account manager can tell you, YUM!’s decision to bring new advertising talent into its chicken wings chain suggests that the fast-food leviathan foresees huge potential in…

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Baldwin& founder talks of life after the AdAge Small Agency of the Year Award

David Baldwin, founder of the startup ad shop Baldwin&, has been talking about the effects of winning AdAge’s “Small Agency of the Year” award last year.  As any art director or account manager can testify, the prize is a pretty impressive accolade for a shop that launched in 2009 with no clients to its name. A strong sense of self But the same art director or account manager will want to know what made Baldwin& stand out. Well, for one thing, this little shop from Raleigh, North Carolina has a strong sense of self. Shortly before winning the award, it received a call from a client offering it the chance to take over part of a big telecom account. But after a quick founders’ meeting, Baldwin and his team asked “Does this sound fun at all?” They decided it didn’t – and walked away. It also managed to strike a blow for the wider agency world. After being invited to take part in a pitch by a client recently, it argued that all participating agencies should be paid for the work they put into the presentations. They didn’t win the business that time – but they did get paid for…

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