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WealthFront on that Product Lead, Email Marketing Search, are you the ONE?

WealthFront on that Product Lead, Email Marketing Search, are you the ONE?

Wealth­front is look­ing for a Prod­uct Lead in Palo Alto, Email Mar­ket­ing to over­see their entire email pro­gram for exist­ing Wealth­front cus­tomers as well as for inbound lead gen­er­a­tion and lead nur­tur­ing to dri­ve cus­tomer acqui­si­tion. Can you write com­pelling copy for emails that reflects the brand and effec­tive­ly com­mu­ni­cates with their cus­tomers? Is “man­ning up” to own the entire email life­cy­cle for exist­ing Wealth­front cus­tomers and act as the prod­uct man­ag­er on a day-to-day basis to facil­i­tate our email mar­ket­ing efforts a thing you do?

They’re seek­ing to lever­age data to deter­mine what the types of emails to send to cus­tomers and opti­mize our email pro­grams based on per­for­mance to dri­ve busi­ness objec­tives and cus­tomer expe­ri­ence objec­tives. On top of that, con­duct A/B tests of emails to improve email per­for­mance and con­tin­u­ous­ly exper­i­ment with dif­fer­ent approach­es.

Set­up advanced Mar­ke­to lead nur­tur­ing cam­paigns and exe­cute end-to-end demand gen cam­paigns from tar­get iden­ti­fi­ca­tion to post-cam­paign report­ing. Man­age prospect, part­ner and cus­tomer data­base activ­i­ties includ­ing list uploads, tar­get seg­men­ta­tion, and touch cadences. Estab­lish deep knowl­edge of cus­tomer email per­for­mance and be the go-to resource for all email relat­ed con­sid­er­a­tions for their busi­ness.

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Who is the ide­al Prod­uct Lead for Wealth­front?

The ide­al can­di­date is data dri­ven and holds expe­ri­ence in cre­at­ing, exe­cut­ing and opti­miz­ing email mar­ket­ing pro­grams for large con­sumer inter­net com­pa­nies. The ide­al can­di­date will also have expe­ri­ence work­ing with mar­ket­ing automa­tion tools such as Mar­ke­to, cre­at­ing mar­ket­ing automa­tion cam­paigns, land­ing pages, lead scor­ing and man­ag­ing inte­gra­tion between Mar­ke­to and oth­er CRM prod­ucts.

Cre­ate emails, land­ing pages, forms and reports with­in Mar­ke­to, ensure inbound leads are being record­ed and tracked prop­er­ly for report­ing pur­pos­es. Some tech­ni­cal skills with knowl­edge of HTML, CSS, and SQL. Desired tech­ni­cal or quan­ti­ta­tive degree(s) in com­put­er sci­ence, applied math­e­mat­ics, physics, engi­neer­ing, eco­nom­ics or finance. Min­i­mum 3–5 years’ of B2B or B2C mar­ket­ing oper­a­tions expe­ri­ence, prefer­ably at a large con­sumer inter­net or SaaS. 1–3+ years of Mar­ke­to expe­ri­ence or relat­ed mar­ket­ing automa­tion tools is a must.

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What does Wealth­front have to say about what they offer?

Wealth­front takes the guess­work out of sound, long-term invest­ing through effort­less automa­tion. Wealth­front man­ages a per­son­al­ized online invest­ment account for you that is ful­ly diver­si­fied and peri­od­i­cal­ly rebal­anced – acces­si­ble any­time and any­where from your desk­top, tablet or phone. We sup­port the fol­low­ing types of accounts:

Indi­vid­ual, joint, trust & LLC tax­able accounts
Tra­di­tion­al, Roth, SEP retire­ment accounts (IRAs)
401(k) rollover accounts
501© accounts for non-prof­it insti­tu­tions

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