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So what do you do when the machines live in your back pocket? Wealthfront, that’s questionable.

So the word on the street is machines (robots) will be tak­ing over our jobs very soon. If this is the case why not speed things up and let them into your wal­lets now. The real­i­ty is, it doesn’t real­ly seem like you have much of a choice either way, and there are bil­lions of dol­lars of invest­ment mon­ey being thrown at the devel­op­ment of auto­mat­ed invest­ing plat­forms. On a per­son­al lev­el, less “financiers” and “legal aids” in white shirts and ties fill­ing up the Man­hat­tan sky­scrap­ing Jun­gle is fine with me. Maybe we’ll rent those emp­ty offices to the homeless.

On a lighter note, finan­cial advi­so­ry start-up Wealth­front went from $700 mil­lion in assets to a bil­lion in a four month peri­od, even typ­ing a state­ment like this makes my jaw hurt. The goal is to engage young investors who innate­ly detest human con­tact and are appealed by the idea of auto­mat­ed effi­cien­cy where their mon­ey is concerned.

So what does this all mean for your mon­ey? The com­pa­ny was built on the shoul­ders of a pre­vi­ous com­pa­ny called KaCh­ing that went nowhere and died a sad death. CEO Adam Nash says the rea­son for the cre­ation of the Wealth­front con­cept is, “what peo­ple real­ly want­ed was a sim­ple, trans­par­ent and low cost way to take care of their long term invest­ments.” A dif­fer­ent firm doing the same type of busi­ness, Sig­Fig CEO Mike Sha states, “we think that tech­nol­o­gy can help all those folks get a much health­i­er port­fo­lio at a much low­er cost.”

Well what do you guys think, good busi­ness sense or gen­uine altru­ism? Here’s what Wealth­front has to say about that, the com­pa­ny wrote. “We hope that by focus­ing on Mil­len­ni­als the way Schwab focused on Baby Boomers, we can con­tin­ue our rapid growth to $10 bil­lion, $100 bil­lion, and beyond.” Charles Schwab, the finan­cial pow­er­house has even decid­ed to spend tons to devel­op their own plat­form. Schwab CEO Walt Bet­tinger in a press release explained “Schwab Intel­li­gent Port­fo­lios address­es a grow­ing demand for afford­able, objec­tive, sophis­ti­cat­ed and con­ve­nient invest­ment advice”. By doing this, they’ve made all the small­er guys look legit.

Of course when I say small­er guys, what I real­ly mean is the microchips in every device on the plan­et, yes there are indi­vid­u­als at the helms of these com­pa­nies swin­dling each oth­er out of mil­lions and bil­lions of dol­lars all the while your devices are slow­ly plot­ting to take over and spend our hard earned mon­ey on very expen­sive cigars.

For those of you who dis­like oth­er humans, and want to work in tech savvy finance field, look at work­ing for them here.

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