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Why You Want to Work at Amazon

Why You Want to Work at Amazon

After reading the recent New York Times article  Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace  it occurred to me that the article wasn’t really about Amazon being a difficult place to work but rather the story of Amazon being the place to be to prepare for tomorrow’s workplace. In the not too distant future most companies will be run by computers.  Yes there will still be people managing the computers but most of the work will be done by the machines, which will replace many of the current employees. Amazon is one of the most advanced companies in the world regarding automation of business processes and decision making. Based on the New York Times article it appears that Amazon has already implemented many processes that future companies will be managed by. While many tech companies appear to be moving in this direction,  I believe Amazon has advanced the most towards the future company employment world. Data and algorithms drive much of the decision making at the company.  Virtually all the pricing and product display decisions you see on the Amazon website are solely made by algorithms. Amazon is where you could be trained to be the next generation executive. At Amazon…

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Elite Business Tech Hybrid Growth Marketing Manager wanted to dominate universe at Knewton

Elite Business Tech Hybrid Growth Marketing Manager wanted to dominate universe at Knewton

Knewton is looking under every rock to find the best Growth Marketing Manager for employment at its headquarters near Union Square in New York. Knewton was recognized as one of the top 25 best places to work by Crain’s New York Business. Staff love the free dinner every weeknight in the office, all-day snacks, full bar, and let’s not forget the free monthly MetroCards/PATH cards. FREE metrocards! How can you beat that? Apply Here Knewton was founded in 2008 and has offices in New York City and London; raising over $100M to date from investors such as Accel, Atomico, Bessemer, FirstMark Capital, First Round Capital, Founders Fund, and GSV Capital. They are recruiting for a Growth Marketing Manager to join the team at their Manhattan HQ. This role will report to the Director of Marketing and will be responsible for attracting and retaining users on Knewton’s free consumer product, a learning tool in private beta running on Knewton’s own adaptive learning platform. This role will be a hybrid marketer + product manager (aka “growth hacker”) and will involve heavily collaboration with other marketers, product managers, and team managers. The role may evolve into a team lead overseeing a cross-functional growth team including front-end…

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Are you agile enough to be the Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer for CityGrid Media?

Are you agile enough to be the Sr. Ruby on Rails Engineer for CityGrid Media?

CityGrid Media is looking for a smoking gun Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer to join their team in West Hollywood. CityGrid is the largest content and ad network for local, aggregating more than 800K paying advertisers and enhanced listings and content for 18M merchants to help them grow their businesses while reaching more than 140M unique users across 250 web and mobile sites. The Senior Ruby on Rail Engineer will be an important part of the InsiderPages team as well as building out their new site. With a strong belief in agile software development, ideal candidates will participate in daily stand-ups, and feel comfortable participating in product ideation, design and planning discussions. With a passion for working with highly technical stacks and the latest web services technologies Apply Here So who is the ideal Sr. Ruby on Rails Engineer? In order to get this job you have to actually know what this stuff means: Object oriented fundamentals (OOA, OOP, OOD), TDD and BDD frameworks including Jasmine, RSpec, Cucumber or equivalent. Full application stack from the application core to the database layer, Javascript frameworks, particularly JQuery or Backbone. Then top that off with a passion for Open Source technologies and hands on…

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Growth Hacker-Product Marketer Champion Wanted For Constant Contact’s Emerging Businesses Team

Champions are winners, which is exactly what Constant Contact is looking for in a Growth Hacker to spearhead their emerging businesses team. Constant Contact’s exciting product line and team for emerging businesses is their newest endeavor to offer innovative growth tools to small and medium sized businesses. That is why they need a champion as their Growth Hacker and Product Marketer to ensure that this new team is successfully introduced to the business community.                     APPLY HERE   Publicly-Traded Global Company Still Has Small Business Attitude Constant Contact may have the look of a large company with over 600,000 global clients and its publicly-traded stock, yet this inspiring company still believes in a sense of community within its team. From humble beginnings in an attic back in 1995, this SaaS pioneer has grown by leaps and bounds, especially since 2005. However, the goal is still the same; to empower small and medium-sized business’ growth through innovative marketing tools. Part of Constant Contacts charm is that they nurture their employees to stay “loose” and come together as a team. For this new emerging businesses team, they are looking for a product marketer…

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Honest Buildings Needs Growth Hacker and User Acquisition Manager To Reach Billion Dollar Goal

Honest Buildings Needs Growth Hacker and User Acquisition Manager To Reach Billion Dollar Goal

Being the Growth Hacker for a company handling over $200 million in commercial real estate transactions takes a person with tenacity and excellent marketing experience. Honest Buildings  is looking for just that type of person to spearhead their growth and branding initiatives as their Growth Hacker and User Acquisition Manager. For the right candidate, this position offers a chance to work with an innovative team that is striving to move their company toward the billion-dollar mark in the near future. APPLY HERE   Honest Buildings Is The Online Marketplace For Commercial Real Estate Projects Commercial real estate development is a competitive and high stakes industry, making it essential to find the right talent to get projects done quickly and professionally. Honest Buildings is leading the way in providing an online hub for real estate decision makers to find vendors to get their project completed. Forging connections between these decision makers and architects, engineers, contractors and other professionals in commercial real estate is what Honest Buildings does best. APPLY HERE Honest Buildings has made connecting qualified contractors with real estate developers easy. This company is quickly becoming the go-to place to find vetted professionals to get a project done on schedule. Matt Cassin, founder…

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