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Is Virtual Reality going to make your dreams come true?

So what has been the largest trend that we have real­ly been notic­ing the last two months at

Why it’s vir­tu­al real­i­ty media con­tent of course!

So we may be on the cusp of a par­a­digm shift of engage­ment and inter­ac­tiv­i­ty that will change the world. If you thought the inter­net was already chang­ing things, imag­ine when all con­tent will invade your sens­es vir­tu­al­ly. The real world may start to pale in com­par­i­son.  What do you do when your kids are talk­ing about man­u­al­ly installing solar pan­els in the deserts of Africa or going through the stom­ach and intestines of a whale shark all while sit­ting in their school classroom?

Well this could be hap­pen­ing right now some­where in the U.S. thanks to a com­pa­ny called zSpace, find out about them here.

How about when you decide to go to that trade show in Salt Lake City Utah and you get to the hotel and just want to relax; per­haps you’d enjoy tak­ing a lazy vir­tu­al tour of a cozy qui­et beach in the Grand Cay­mans from the com­fort of your room. Maybe even a love­ly evening with a very appeal­ing and respon­sive Avatar. Take a look at this arti­cle on Marriot’s new Sam­sung pow­ered VR expe­ri­ences.

Let’s not for­get about all those folks who just love a killer work­out or final­ly try­ing to get ripped but can’t seem to get past that thresh­old. Why not have your train­er watch you from afar or review a work­out and cri­tique it lat­er for a whole heck of a lot less than hir­ing a train­er at the gym. Why not even it have it ana­lyzed by a pro­fes­sion­al you admire. The work­out inter­face would even tell you as you do your exer­cis­es that you’re doing it wrong and show you where your prob­lem points are. Yup the Vir­tu­al Per­son­al train­er is here. See for your­self.

So real­ly what are you going to do when machines can record your dreams and allow you to revis­it them vir­tu­al­ly after you’ve for­got­ten them. How about being able to down­load 3D objects that where in your dreams and have them 3D print­ed so you can keep it some­where close. How are you going to face your par­ents and tell them you don’t go to a job any­more, you just sit on the porch and work remote­ly through Vir­tu­al Reality?

VR is here and it is not leav­ing, it is going to accel­er­ate and gob­ble the world, are you ready?

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