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Instagram and Tumblr look back on 2012 as a year of social media success

nstagram and Tumblr look back on 2012 as a year of social media success

Twit­ter and Face­book may be the behe­moths of the social media world, but star­tups Insta­gram and Tum­blr enjoyed a very agree­able year in 2012, give or take a few banana skins along the way. Despite dark fore­bod­ings amongst some pun­dits that the social media bub­ble was set to burst (suc­cess sto­ries always seems to attract prophets of doom), Instagram’s stratos­pher­ic rise since its hum­ble 2010 launch is an inspi­ra­tion for every for­ward-look­ing con­tent man­ag­er, social media man­ag­er and com­mu­ni­ty man­ag­er.   Instagram’s TOS dis­as­ter was just a wob­ble The heart-stop­ping wob­ble induced by its change in terms of ser­vice in Decem­ber has turned out to be nowhere near as bad or as endur­ing the as the New York Post sto­ry which broke it implied.  App­Starts data does show a some­what alarm­ing dip in Insta­gram users in Decem­ber, but it was entire­ly tran­sient and ral­lied back to nor­mal lev­els with­in days. The bulk of 2012 turned out to be very promis­ing for a start­up ini­ti­at­ed by such a tiny team. Fol­low­ing Facebook’s $1 bil­lion acqui­si­tion in April, Instagram’s user num­bers had sailed passed the 100 mil­lion mark by the fall. It’s set to be one of the first social media star­tups…

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Making Yourself Irresistible on LinkedIn

If 86 per cent of those recruit­ing tal­ent using social media do so on LinkedIn, then it’s a good idea to make your pro­file as attrac­tive as pos­si­ble – par­tic­u­lar­ly if you’re look­ing for media jobs. Of all of the social net­works out there, LinkedIn is undoubt­ed­ly the most cru­cial when it comes to enhanc­ing your career or grow­ing your busi­ness, as it allows busi­ness­peo­ple to con­nect to, and net­work with their peers and peo­ple who can help them achieve their career goals. Sim­ply hav­ing a pres­ence on LinkedIn and par­tic­i­pat­ing in groups can attract recruiters and free­lance clients, so imag­ine what can be achieved if you explore LinkedIn’s func­tion­al­i­ty in more depth. By pol­ish­ing your pro­file you can make your­self instant­ly more appeal­ing to poten­tial employ­ers, but that’s a bit of a giv­en. Delve a bit deep­er and you can har­ness the pow­er of groups to com­mu­ni­cate with like-mind­ed indi­vid­u­als – you can even speak to peo­ple you’re not direct­ly con­nect­ed to with­out the need for an intro­duc­tion and you can use the myr­i­ad of inte­grat­ed apps to pull in infor­ma­tion from across the web to keep your posts and pro­file as up-to-date and rel­e­vant as pos­si­ble. Pro­file Pow­er!…

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Make Yourself the Most Valuable Candidate: Building your Reputation on LinkedIn

If you’re on a seri­ous job hunt, it’s cru­cial that you’re using LinkedIn’s numer­ous tools to grow your rep­u­ta­tion — par­tic­u­lar­ly if you’re on the look­out for tech­nol­o­gy or media jobs. Using the groups func­tion is a great way of devel­op­ing and increas­ing your net­work, while LinkedIn Answers can help posi­tion you as an expert in your field and show that when it comes to your sec­tor, you real­ly know your stuff. Using Groups to Boost Your Pro­file Per­haps the sim­plest and most effec­tive way of giv­ing your rep­u­ta­tion and pro­file a boost is by using the Groups func­tion. There are over a mil­lion groups on LinkedIn and these range in type from groups rep­re­sent­ing busi­ness sec­tors, per­son­al inter­ests, job-relat­ed groups, Col­lege and Uni­ver­si­ty groups, groups that rep­re­sent trade organ­i­sa­tions and groups ded­i­cat­ed to new busi­ness. Those mem­bers using a free LinkedIn account can join up to 50 groups and in doing so are able to inter­act with oth­er mem­bers as if they were first degree con­nec­tions. There’s no need for a rec­om­men­da­tion or to send an unso­licit­ed InMail. By join­ing the group LinkedIn recog­nis­es that you share com­mon inter­ests and there­fore allows you to make con­tact direct­ly. This func­tion…

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Taking Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level

With­out doubt, LinkedIn is the most pop­u­lar social net­work­ing tool for busi­ness­peo­ple, but is your pro­file work­ing as hard as it could be? We all know that get­ting a great pro­file in place is cru­cial, but there are a range of tools you can use to real­ly enhance your pres­ence. Mak­ing Your Pro­file Work for You By claim­ing your van­i­ty URL you can instant­ly add a more pro­fes­sion­al feel to your LinkedIn pro­file. This can also be opti­mized to dri­ve more traf­fic to your pro­file. You can also add a pro­file badge to your per­son­al web­sites and blogs so vis­i­tors can click straight through to your LinkedIn pro­file and it’s well worth mak­ing your anchor text more appeal­ing so you get more clicks through to your web­sites. Ensure your pro­file is sprin­kled lib­er­al­ly with key­words. By mak­ing the copy in your pro­file key­word rich, you can make sure you come up in the search results when­ev­er someone’s look­ing for a new employ­ee or an expert. You can also cre­ate a com­pa­ny pro­file too, if it’s appro­pri­ate. By cre­at­ing a busi­ness pro­file you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to cre­ate not one, but two net­works and you can cross-pol­le­nate – gath­er­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties from…

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If You’re a Jobseeker Is LinkedIn Premium Worth Your Money?

If you’re on the look­out for a new job, is LinkedIn Pre­mi­um a wor­thy invest­ment, or should it be left to the recruiters and cold callers? We all know that if you’re look­ing for media or tech­nol­o­gy jobs – in fact any jobs – then LinkedIn is the place to be, and its pre­mi­um ser­vice claims to offer both ready access to poten­tial employ­ers that may be out­side of your net­work, and the abil­i­ty to con­tact peo­ple direct using the InMail func­tion. But is upgrad­ing to the Pre­mi­um ver­sion a wise invest­ment? Chances are if you’re look­ing for a new job then you’re prob­a­bly strapped for cash so every pen­ny you spend on your search has to work hard for you. Let’s have a look at the stats: In the first quar­ter of 2012 LinkedIn post­ed rev­enue of around $188 mil­lion. This means turnover’s grown 101 per cent year-on-year and in that same quar­ter it grew its mem­ber­ship by a cool 15 mil­lion. The com­pa­ny is rapid­ly approach­ing rev­enue of $1 bil­lion and is enjoy­ing a con­ser­v­a­tive growth rate of about 70 per cent. In that stel­lar first quar­ter of 2012 it revealed Pre­mi­um account rev­enues of $37.9 mil­lion –…

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