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Learn More About 2014’s Fastest-Moving Pre-IPO Adtech Startups

Adtech star­tups in the pre-IPO phase are prov­ing to be a hot com­mod­i­ty among investors, with star­tups like Rubi­con Project show­ing healthy stock increas­es from day one. As the adtech sec­tor grows, so does inter­est from investors. Find­ing the next big thing in terms of pre-IPO adtech star­tups involves a set of met­rics which bal­ance rev­enues and the num­ber of employ­ees against investor fund­ing and rep­u­ta­tion, while also deter­min­ing which com­pa­nies are ripe for IPO entrance.   Rec­og­niz­able Names in Adtech Star­tups Pin­ter­est, one of the Big Three in social media is launch­ing its Ads API, which their imme­di­ate peers Face­book and Twit­ter both did in the months lead­ing up to their IPOs. Cur­rent­ly, Pin­ter­est is respon­si­ble for up to one quar­ter of all incom­ing traf­fic to e‑commerce and online retail­ers’ sites. Oth­er like­ly can­di­dates include Flur­ry, and InMo­bi, which is among the largest non-pub­­lic mobile ad busi­ness­es in the world. With an esti­mat­ed rev­enue of $372 mil­lion, rough­ly 900 employ­ees and a total ven­ture fund­ing of $216 mil­lion, InMo­bi is also less like­ly to be prof­itable than some of the hot pre-IPO adtech star­tups for 2014. Flur­ry CEO Simon Kha­laf is open­ly dis­cussing an IPO, telling Busi­ness Insid­er, “I…

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Content and native advertising analyzer SimpleReach’s day has come

Mea­sur­ing the effec­tive­ness of native adver­tis­ing looks set to get more effi­cient as ana­lyt­ics start­up Sim­pleReach bags a huge Series A round. Analy­sis and pre­dic­tion Job­bing busi­ness devel­op­ment man­agers will know that for most clients, an ad’s capac­i­ty to dri­ve online adver­tis­ing sales is the bot­tom line. The cre­ative team’s native adver­tis­ing may be beau­ti­ful­ly sub­tle, the dis­plays pithy and snazzy, but agen­cies still need to be able to bring some­thing to the table these days to show how effec­tive they’ve been. That’s where NYC-based start­up Sim­pleReach comes in. Found­ed in 2010, it raised $1.6 mil­lion in seed fund­ing in 2012 and has just closed a Series A round total­ing $9 mil­lion. Its tech­nol­o­gy not only tells clients how suc­cess­ful­ly their con­tent is going down on social media and pub­lish­er web­sites; it pre­dicts which native adver­tis­ing will real­ly take off, too. Every arti­cle gets a score rang­ing between 0 and 99 – an indi­ca­tor of how much social traf­fic it’ll bring to a client’s site. Agen­cies and mar­keters can then pro­mote those arti­cles through ads on Twit­ter, Face­book, LinkedIn, Nati­vo, Stum­ble­Upon, TripleLift and Out­brain. If our job­bing busi­ness devel­op­ment man­ag­er remains skep­ti­cal about SimpleReach’s capa­bil­i­ties, plen­ty of oth­ers aren’t. The…

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Advertising Media Jobs Are on the Rise

Advertising Media Jobs Are on the Rise

Adver­tis­ing media jobs are abun­dant nowa­days due to the emer­gence of many Inter­net-based media com­pa­nies and oth­er alter­na­tive options for infor­ma­tion replac­ing the old prac­tice of read­ing news papers and mag­a­zines alone. The new age adver­tis­ing jobs are full of cre­ative tal­ent that is able to think out­side of the tra­di­tion­al print media box Adver­tis­ing media jobs deal with set­ting up appro­pri­ate ban­ner ads with the help of their clien­t’s bud­get for the objec­tive of pro­mot­ing spe­cif­ic con­tent per­tain­ing to the prod­uct or ser­vice offered by the clien­t’s busi­ness. This is achieved by com­mu­ni­cat­ing with sig­nif­i­cant net­works and spe­cial con­tent pro­mo­tion providers. With the pres­ence of online medi­um like online news­pa­pers and mag­a­zines; writ­ers, edi­tors, pho­tog­ra­phers and oth­er adver­tis­ing peo­ple have found this new genre and inno­v­a­tive envi­ron­ment as an expo­sure to what is con­sid­ered as the lat­est trade in the adver­tis­ing world. This new envi­ron­ment also brings about anoth­er mile­stone when it comes to adver­tis­ing media options, giv­ing addi­tion­al room for growth for those who are crav­ing for career improve­ment.  This push­es them to go with the present-day flow of tech­nol­o­­gy-dri­ven changes. With this in mind, it is expect­ed that more and more adver­tis­ing media jobs will sprout up in the job mar­ket to…

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Introducing Ming, New York’s brand new strategic action-based advertising agency

Art direc­tors, account man­agers and oth­ers hold­ing media jobs in online adver­tis­ing agen­cies might not be famil­iar with the con­cept of a “strate­gic, action-based cre­ative com­pa­ny oper­at­ing in the ‘new to next’ space, but they’re about to find out with the open­ing of brand new agency in New York that proud­ly adopts this phrase as its self-def­i­n­i­­tion. New agency, new ideas Ming (full name “Ming Util­i­ty and Enter­tain­ment Group”) has just opened its doors on Peck Slip in down­town New York, thanks to the col­lab­o­ra­tive efforts of sea­soned Adland mavens Linus Karls­son (erst­while CCO of Glob­al brands at McCann-Erick­­­son), Bri­an Di Loren­zo (McCann’s Chief pro­duc­tion Offi­cer) and Tara DeVeaux (for­mer­ly Exec­u­tive VP/Account Man­ag­er at BBDO). The trio will serve as Ming’s Chief Cre­ative Offi­cer, CEO and Pres­i­dent, respec­tive­ly. The com­pa­ny was fif­teen years in the mak­ing, Mr Karls­son recent­ly told AdAge mag­a­zine. Back then, he and Mr DiLoren­zo were work­ing in Min­neapo­lis for Fal­lon and found them­selves talk­ing about start­ing a new com­pa­ny over a restau­rant meal. They’d been deeply inspired by some of the cre­ative ideas pour­ing out of Fal­lon at the time, like their work on Bud­dy Lee for Lee Jeans, Brawny, Timex and BMW Films. As Mr…

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New York’s digital advertising startup Adcade launches its new cross-device platform: Adscript

There are prob­a­bly more than a few busi­ness devel­op­ment man­agers out there in dig­i­tal Adland who are becom­ing a lit­tle twitchy about what the Apple-dri­ven death of Flash will mean for online adver­tis­ing sales (and cam­paigns more gen­er­al­ly). But New York ad tech start­up Adcade has a clear propo­si­tion for those who are begin­ning to feel ner­vous: let Flash go and get over it. Roll over, Flash As sea­soned busi­ness devel­op­ment man­agers will be all too aware, adver­tis­ers who’d got­ten used to Flash were forced to work around its fail­ure to oper­ate on mobile devices; five years ago, you may recall, the first iPhone was launched with its promi­nent absence of sup­port for Adobe Flash. What looked like an omis­sion then was to turn into a death-blow: Flash’s mobile dreams were, frankly, pole-axed at birth, lead­ing the Inter­net Adver­tis­ing Bureau to issue an open let­ter urg­ing adver­tis­ers to shift from Flash to HTML5. Adcade’s CTO Buzz Wig­gins (an ex-Googler) not­ed the effects on dig­i­tal adver­tis­ing, “The first ini­tial reac­tion,” he said, “was to frag­ment and use some tech­nol­o­gy for desk­tops and use dif­fer­ent plat­forms for mobile devices.” But there’s an alter­na­tive to using a slew of dif­fer­ent plat­forms: stick to…

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