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Create 1 Million Meals a Month at Blue Apron

So what com­pa­ny has dou­bled its sales since ear­ly May, you guessed it Blue Apron. Why is that? Humans are lazy! Blue Apron is a com­pa­ny that puts togeth­er var­i­ous meals each week, and sends the per­fect por­tions of each ingre­di­ent to users for their own cook­ing and learn­ing plea­sure. This com­pa­ny has man­aged to raise $58 mil­lion in investor mon­ey and announced that it has sur­passed 1 mil­lion meals/month. At $10/meal, that puts Blue Apron’s year­ly rev­enue run rate at $120 million.

Blue Apron launched a new e‑commerce site and just opened this super huge ware­house in New Jer­sey of all places to do their fulfillment.

CEO Matt Salzberg loves to cook. Yet, trips to his local super­mar­ket left him dis­ap­point­ed — where were the fresh ingre­di­ents, fresh pro­duce that just begged to be eat­en? And so, Blue Apron was born.

Salzberg states “the only thing we cur­rent­ly sell on the web­site, that isn’t food, is our sea­son­al cook­book,… peo­ple love them, and what we’ve learned is that Blue Apron is inte­grat­ed into our cus­tomers dai­ly lives as a brand they engage with and trust, and they want to buy things from us.”

Blue Apron is cre­at­ing an envi­ron­ment where you are repli­cat­ing their process exact­ly, basi­cal­ly mak­ing you cat­tle but also allow­ing you to learn how to cook. It’s a curat­ed expe­ri­ence, they’ll sell all the kitchen tools and acces­sories their very own chefs use in their test kitchens, such as a great non-stick pan or the ulti­mate chef’s knife. Blue Apron is even work­ing with part­ners to devel­op exclu­sive tools and prod­ucts, like a new knife the com­pa­ny devel­oped with Korin, which will be avail­able at launch.

All the prod­ucts will be browse able on the site and of course they will work spe­cif­ic prod­ucts direct­ly into the recipes so you’ll feel unsure of the out­come if you don’t buy it. It’s a bril­liant strat­e­gy (a real mon­ey-mak­er). Prod­ucts pur­chased from the Blue Apron Mar­ket that exceed $75 will get free shipping.

I’m not gonna beat around the bush, all the online arti­cles make this com­pa­ny seem fan­tas­tic, if you’re in New York and look­ing for a great place to thrive, send your resume to Blue Apron.

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