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Ad server OpenX takes a big step toward mobile advertising

Most pro­fes­sion­als hold­ing media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies like to keep an eye on any straws in the wind in their cor­ner of Adland; and one rather large straw – ad-inde­pen­­dent ad serv­er OpenX – has just tak­en a sig­nif­i­cant step to beef up its mobile-fac­ing oper­a­tions. Keep­ing up with the mobile stam­pede  OpenX was found­ed in 2008 and now has offices in New York, Lon­don, Tokyo and Munich, as well as its orig­i­nal home­town of Pasade­na, LA. When a com­pa­ny like this decides to hire four mobile exec­u­tives one after the oth­er, which OpenX did over the last cou­ple of months, it’s a fair bet that it’s gear­ing up to cap­i­tal­ize on the grow­ing poten­tial of mobile adver­tis­ing. This week, the com­pa­ny announced the names of its newest mobile-ded­i­­cat­ed recruits. Rob Kramer becomes VP of Engi­neer­ing, Mar­tin Price becomes Senior Direc­tor of Prod­uct, Jin Yu becomes Chief Archi­tect and Lau­ra Buch­man becomes VP of Pub­lish­er Solu­tions. All four roles have been new­ly cre­at­ed, so our ear­li­er bet seems a safe one. The company’s Pres­i­dent, John Gen­try, told AdAge: “The mobile adver­tis­ing mar­ket is still nascent, but the oppor­tu­ni­ty it presents is immense. We’re excit­ed to wel­come these tal­ent­ed…

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Mobile advertisers target TV programming above all for their ads, says new report

The month­ly Score­card for Mobile Adver­tis­ing reach and Tar­get­ing (S.M.A.R.T) Report from mobile adver­tis­ing com­pa­ny Mil­len­ni­al Media is becom­ing required read­ing for any­one with media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies; and the lat­est edi­tion, which cov­ers trends in 2012, shows that mobile ads placed around TV pro­gram­ming are soar­ing in pop­u­lar­i­ty amongst adver­tis­ers. The report, which uses data from Mil­len­ni­al Media’s own cam­paigns and plat­forms, gives reg­u­lar snap­shots of the major trends in mobile adver­tis­ing – not just where mar­keters are putting their mobile adver­tis­ing dol­lars, but how con­sumers are respond­ing. And the lat­est shows TV pro­gram­ming to be far and away the most pop­u­lar enter­tain­ment cat­e­go­ry amongst brands deploy­ing mobile adver­tis­ing cam­paigns (oth­er enter­tain­ment cat­e­gories include motion pic­ture releas­es, videogam­ing, video stream­ing ser­vices, books and mag­a­zines, DVD releas­es, music, and con­certs, events and attrac­tions). The rise of enter­tain­ment in mobile adver­tis­ing  Enter­tain­ment in Mil­len­ni­al Media’s third largest plat­form was pipped to the post by retail and con­sumer goods. And in 2012 it leapt by 91 per­cent on the pre­vi­ous year, with TV pro­gram­ming attract­ing 27 per­cent of the ad spend (books and mag­a­zines, the sec­ond most pop­u­lar entrain­ment cat­e­go­ry, cap­tured 17 per­cent). Third place in enter­tain­ment went to motion…

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Swiping — the move which could revolutionize mobile advertising

Any­one with any expe­ri­ence of media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies can con­firm the exis­tence of a stub­born dif­fi­cul­ty in this cor­ner of Adland: mobile adver­tis­ing spend might be ris­ing rapid­ly, but gar­ner­ing met­rics to assess its effi­ca­cy is an exceed­ing­ly tricky busi­ness. But one mobile adver­tis­ing expert has prof­fered some sim­ple yet poten­tial­ly ground-shift­ing advice for the cre­ators of mobile dis­play ads: for­get tap­ping, switch to swip­ing. Why mobile adver­tis­ing should swi­peable, not tap­pable Writ­ing in the online mar­ket­ing news source Mar­ket­ing Land, Matthew Rob­les (the VP of Prod­uct Man­age­ment at the dig­i­tal adver­tis­ing agency Van­tage Local), puts his fin­ger on an all too fre­quent draw­back for mobile phones adver­tis­ing cam­paigns: the fin­ger itself. Or the fat fin­ger, to be more pre­cise. Many mobile ads get tapped acci­den­tal­ly by users whose fin­gers are too big to nav­i­gate the screen accu­rate­ly, a phe­nom­e­non which not only irri­tates the user to hell, but cre­ates over-val­u­a­­tion of irrel­e­vant ads (click-cen­tric mar­keters wrong­ly inter­pret taps as a sign of engage­ment and end up over-buy­ing the ads). Rob­les iden­ti­fies a major issue for mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies: “The prob­lem isn’t that ads don’t work on mobile; it’s that the desk­top mod­el of “click or hov­­er-to-engage”…

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BetterDoctor app sees entrepreneurs take ‘vendetta’ against healthcare system mobile

Find­ing a doc­tor at short notice can real­ly hurt — that’s why a group of entre­pre­neurs from San Fran­cis­co have tak­en it upon them­selves to cre­ate a mobile app that pro­vides a pain free solu­tion. At a time when ‘Oba­macare’ has been dom­i­nat­ing head­lines, co-founder Ari Tul­la says the app was designed to be some­thing of a ‘vendet­ta against the bro­ken health­care sys­tem.’  The Bet­ter­Doc­tor app helps indi­vid­u­als imme­di­ate­ly locate physi­cians close to their loca­tion, and hands the pow­er back to the patients by sort­ing the med­ical pro­fes­sion­als list­ed using a com­plex rank­ing algo­rithm. Diag­no­sis – rapid growth The start-up is backed by $2.6 mil­lion of fund­ing from Soft­TechVC, 500 Star­tups and Bur­rill & Co, and now has the details of over one mil­lion physi­cians in its data­base, cov­er­ing 60 dif­fer­ent med­ical pro­fes­sions.  Found­ed by for­mer Nokia employ­ees, Ari Tul­la and Tapio Tolva­nen — with sim­plic­i­ty and ease of use at the fore­front of their minds — the iPhone and Android apps have expe­ri­enced star­tling growth, after launch­ing in Sep­tem­ber with just 5,000 doc­tors signed up to the data­base.  Four mil­lion peo­ple have used the site to find the per­fect health pro­fes­sion­al for their needs, with one mil­lion now using…

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One the way up? Manhattan mobile phones advertising startup appoints Kingcoms Charity Sabater

Any­one with enough expe­ri­ence of media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies will be aware that, by the time that a start­up has appoint­ed its first VP of nation­al sales, its prospects will be look­ing promis­ing. And, just five months after being found­ed, Man­hat­­tan-based mobile phones adver­tis­ing start­up Lock­et, which we fea­tured on these pages in August, has just done pre­cise­ly that. From Can­dy Crush to Mobile Phones Adver­tis­ing  Char­i­ty Sabater, erst­while senior direc­tor of ad sales at online gam­ing meg­a­site King.com (the com­pa­ny behind the addic­tive­ly pop­u­lar mobile game Can­dy Crush), is step­ping into the new role and, accord­ing to Lock­et co-founder and CEO Yun­ha Kim, will be charged with the task of attract­ing more big brands into the pro­gram. Locket’s unique approach to mobile phones adver­tis­ing involves pay­ing users of its app when they engage with the ads it places on their Android lockscreens. OK, at one cent per ad engage­ment, no one gets to be a mil­lion­aire, but after a few months there’ll be enough to cash out a lit­tle wind­fall, make a small dona­tion to a char­i­ty or add a lit­tle to a gift card. Users can even vote on brands they’d like to get ads from.…

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