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Sprinklr is Up Close and Personal in a Big Way

Sprinklr is Up Close and Personal in a Big Way

What if you could talk to millions of people one at a time and do it in less than 60 seconds.  Sprinklr is the world’s first personalized scalable social media platform.

Does anyone remember Tweetdeck? It was one of the first social media management platforms to be widely adopted by both individuals and businesses, way back long ago. Then they basically went under. In the last five years or so, social media management companies and software have boomed from a niche group to one f the driving forces in modern marketing and customer service operations. And the segment is growing more and more. But the focus has expanded exponentially.

Tweetdeck essentially let you post to Twitter and Facebook (before removing the Facebook functionality and falling flat) and monitor your feeds with filters. Revolutionary once, less than the most basic requirement today. Now social media management must be holistic in its approach, because social media has gone from being a subset of the online world to the center of it. Everything revolves around it. Like the eye of a hurricane.

Imagine the online world as that hurricane. Your emails, websites, social accounts, online software platforms, blogs, retailers, and so on, swirling around and around at supersonic speeds and being drawn ever downward toward the center that holds it all together. That center, the eye of the digital hurricane, is where Sprinklr holds court today.

Ragy Thomas started Sprinklr in his spare bedroom seven years ago as a social media management software platform for brands. In March of 2015 the company had grown to 700 employees. In mid-February 2016 that number had grown to around 1000. And last month it received a new round of funding to the tune of $105 million, raising its valuation to $1.8 billion, a 50% increase practically overnight. What’s more amazing is the company really didn’t even need the new funds, so they got it without the usual strings attached pressuring them to jump through hoops they aren’t ready to jump through yet.

Want to be more amazed? How about the corporate customers they’ve established to date, like Nike, McDonald’s, P&G, Forbes, and Microsoft just to name a few. Or how about the fact that they’ve been gobbling up startups for the past year, including Postano a few months ago. Would it impress you to know that Microsoft recently announced a strategic partnership with Sprinklr to integrate it into Office 365 and other products? Or that that partnership adds to their existing partnerships with IBM, SAP, Accenture, Deloitte, Capgemini, and Ernst & Young? And if not, what on earth would impress you?

Sprinklr is the darling of the social media management world for the world’s largest corporations right now, and it’s likely you haven’t heard of them. Starwood Hotels raves about their product and service and uses them to sort through more than 300,000 online comments every month, claiming that they’ve been able to reduce their time for generating monthly reports from a day down to about 20 minutes. That’s a lot of time and money saved.

It is therefore the opinion of Media Jobs that if social media management software, in any of it’s wide-reaching and ever expanding aspects, is what you’ve been dreaming of working with or on, checking for available jobs at Sprinklr might be time well spent.

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