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Resultly – Heralding the Advent of Web 3.0?

Want to search for media jobs quickly, without being bombarded with ads and irrelevant information? You’d better try Resultly. Imagine the scene: you’re sat at your laptop searching for information on the latest iPhone or you’re on the hunt for a new job. You want user reviews, features and prices; openings, company information or employee information, but first you have to sift through endless content that’s entirely irrelevant. This was the scenario that Resultly founder Ilya Berak found himself in late one night as he researched the latest technology. Berak explains: “I went to Google search like everyone else in the world, and looked up ‘specs on the Xoom’, but I didn’t find what I was looking for on the first page, plus I had to spend too much time typing more and more refined searches, including negative keywords to suppress the results I didn’t want, and clicking and pointing repeatedly, digging for the information.” Subsequent searches on Twitter, Craigslist, eBay and Digg proved equally frustrating and the whole exercise had taken him hours. This exasperating experience led to the birth of Resultly, an alerts engine that aims to take the pain out of Internet searches. Resultly – the Claims…

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After Hashable, LinkedIn’s CardMunch Could Be the Next Big Networking Tool.

Something has got the business world talking. Something that could see the rolodex consigned to the trash can once and for all. That thing is CardMunch, a startup that aims to take over where Hashable left off. Anyone working media jobs or within the tech world generally will no doubt have heard of CardMunch already. This nifty little app claims to do away with paper business cards once and for all by converting their printed content into digital information using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. All you need to do is take a snapshot of the card and CardMunch will do the rest. Perhaps the biggest coup for CardMunch though has been its acquisition by LinkedIn, which allows it to access the information of LinkedIn members. This means that when you snap or ‘munch’ a new card, CardMunch will pull that person’s contact and employment details, and even any shared contacts, straight in from LinkedIn. The app even keeps the photo of the card as a backup and will file contact automatically in an alphabetical list. Neat huh? A match made in heaven, CardMunch was bought by the networking giant for $2.4 million and now has access to its 150 million users,…

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Want to Know Where Your Charity Dollars Are Going? Try Bright Funds.

If you want to know what happens to the cash you give to non-profits and be able to manage your giving more effectively, San Francisco startup Bright Funds might just be able to help. Today’s tech-savvy, millennial philanthropist and particularly those in media jobs are demanding more from their donation experience. Not only do they want to be able to give online, they want to do it in a way that’s hassle-free, fast, and creative and can show them exactly where their money is going. It doesn’t sound like an easy task, but Rutul Dave and former OutServe founder Ty Walrod have tackled it head on and come up with Bright Funds, a charity fundraising platform that offers donors the chance to sample a ‘holistic’ method of giving, that’s also fully accountable. It can integrate seamlessly with social media feeds to provide information from your chosen charities so you can see whether your cash is making a difference, and employers can build it into their payroll system via the cloud so workers can give straight from their pay packet. Bright Funds Sets Itself Apart This ‘holistic’ approach to giving, combines the feel-good factor of charitable donation, with the management functionality…

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Celebrities are doing it for themselves. Or not.

Mariah has her chewing gum holder and J-Lo has an interior designer as part of her enrourage. Celebrities are known for not doing much for themselves and now they can have their social media managed for them by startup theAudience. If you’re in the market for media jobs, this is one company that’s going to offer media and tech jobs, and then some. Featuring a triumvirate of the tech world’s most respected entrepreneurs at the helm, new kid on the block theAudience aims to harness the power of social media and make it work for world-weary celebs who need to grow their fanbase and manage their social media output. However the company’s beginnings have been shrouded in mystery and they won’t even say who their clients are… What’s the Offer? Until recently little was known about theAudience other than it was founded by talent agent and brother of Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff, Ari Emanuel – himself immortalized in TV drama Entourage – and co-founder of DigiSynd Oliver Luckett who, through the company, managed the social media accounts of some of Disney’s biggest properties, including Cinderella. Together the pair managed to lure in Napster and Facebook originator…

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Chris Dixon’s Moving West. Should I Care?

The media has been full of stories regarding the move by Angel investor Chris Dixon, from his regular base in NYC, to Silicon Valley, but does it matter? For anyone looking for media jobs, it may be an indication of where the market’s going and that despite the best efforts of major cities to develop their own tech hubs; California is still where it’s at. Chris Dixon – the Man If you need a clue about where to put your hard-earned cash when it comes to tech startups, then Chris Dixon is the man to ask. Dixon is currently co-founder of Founder Collective and former CEO and founder of SiteAdvisor which was acquired by MacAffee, and Hunch, which was swallowed up by eBay. He’s a Harvard-educated serial investor who certainly seems to have an eye for a promising new venture having put money into Kickstarter, Skype, Dropbox, Foursquare, Knewton and Stripe, as well as others that are still in stealth mode. If he doesn’t know about it, then it’s probably not worth looking at. As well as an eye for potential success, Chris has also been a vocal supporter of New York’s tech scene. He’s heavily involved HackNY, a project…

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