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Making Job Search Easier by Finding the Great Companies First

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Get the Marketing job you want with these key facts.

Get the Marketing job you want with these key facts.

How many of you have grad­u­at­ed with a B.S. in mar­ket­ing so you could go out and plan pro­mo­tion­al cam­paigns, study con­sumer behav­ior and buy media time – things you learned in col­lege? Then to final­ly get that job inter­view and be asked “how good are you at sell­ing”, and think back that sales train­ing was nev­er part of the cur­ricu­lum. Well don’t feel bad because a good num­ber of col­leges focus only on tra­di­tion­al mar­ket­ing the­o­ries which don’t tend to see much light of day until you’ve been in the game long enough and sure as hell not in your first entry lev­el job. Accord­ing to sta­tis­ti­cians, col­lege place­ment offi­cers and com­pa­ny recruiters over 25,000 stu­dents earned an under­grad­u­ate degree in mar­ket­ing last year. Rough­ly 5 peo­ple of that mas­sive total actu­al­ly got a job doing mar­ket­ing. The rea­son being com­pa­nies don’t tend to hire mar­keters with­out sales expe­ri­ence. Doing sales is how you acquire the street cred for a job in mar­ket­ing. Com­pa­nies have his­tor­i­cal­ly staffed their mar­ket­ing depart­ments with expe­ri­enced sales­peo­ple. Advice from a GE recruiter. “Any intern­ships or actu­al sales expe­ri­ence you can gain dur­ing school will give you an edge.” The prob­lem is sales and…

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The 5 Highest Paying Marketing Positions in Los Angeles

5 highest paying marketing positions in los angeles

Although mar­ket­ing posi­tions are avail­able through­out the coun­try, mar­ket­ing posi­tions in Los Ange­les, Cal­i­for­nia, are typ­i­cal­ly in high­est demand. For that rea­son, salaries are gen­er­al­ly high­er com­pared to oth­er large met­ro­pol­i­tan cities. Accord­ing the gov­ern­ment Bureau of Labor Sta­tis­tics, in 2013, Mar­ket­ing Man­ag­er Posi­tions were the 16th high­est pay­ing job in Los Ange­les at $138,020. With­out ques­tion, mar­ket­ing offers tremen­dous oppor­tu­ni­ties, as well as job sta­bil­i­ty. Not only is mar­ket­ing at the heart of all busi­ness­es, regard­less of size or indus­try, it plays a vital role in a company’s suc­cess. While there are many dif­fer­ent mar­ket­ing posi­tions to con­sid­er in Los Ange­les, the over­all respon­si­bil­i­ty involves iden­ti­fy­ing, antic­i­pat­ing, and sat­is­fy­ing the client’s require­ment from a posi­tion of prof­itabil­i­ty. Best Com­pa­nies for Mar­ket­ing Posi­tions Accord­ing to Forbes Mag­a­zine, some of the top pay­ing com­pa­nies for Mar­ket­ing Pro­fes­sion­als are locat­ed in Cal­i­for­nia. Top­ping the list is Cul­ver City based tech­nol­o­gy secu­ri­ty firm Syman­tec where the aver­age base salary for mar­ket­ing pro­fes­sion­als is $153,860. The tech indus­try is well rep­re­sent­ed with top mar­ket­ing comp plans at Intu­it and Salesforce.com where each pro­vide mar­ket­ing pro­fes­sion­als with aver­age base salaries well above the $100,000 mark. By under­stand­ing the client, you will add val­ue in the way…

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Robots haven’t killed us all yet and Yieldbot is hiring for a Director Of Marketing

Robots haven’t killed us all yet and Yieldbot is hiring for a Director Of Marketing

Yield­bot is look­ing for a Direc­tor of Mar­ket­ing. After a decade of start-up suc­cess and thought lead­er­ship in SEO, SEM and Land­ing Page Opti­miza­tion, Jonathan Mendez real­ized many of the same oper­at­ing prin­ci­ples of search index­ing and land­ing page opti­miza­tion could be applied to cre­ate a rev­o­lu­tion­ary oper­at­ing sys­tem for pre­mi­um dis­play and web-based mobile adver­tis­ing. Yield­bot has cre­at­ed rev­o­lu­tion­ary tech­nolo­gies to extract the real-time “intent” of web­site vis­i­tors, serv­ing as the foun­da­tion of our unique dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing plat­form – the first and only such plat­form to rival the per­for­mance of search, with­out the need for third-par­­ty cook­ies. Yieldbot’s abil­i­ty to cap­ture, orga­nize and acti­vate the real-time con­sumer intent of the click-stream has cre­at­ed a new cur­ren­cy. A cur­ren­cy bought and sold on a per­for­mance basis on Yieldbot’s  “Intent Stream™,” the real-time flow of con­sumer intent through 2 bil­lion month­ly pre­mi­um page views. They make use of bleed­ing edge big data, real-time stream­ing and ana­lyt­ics tech­nolo­gies to process bil­lions of page view, impres­sion and click events, feed­ing into our advanced ana­lyt­ics and real-time machine learn­ing com­po­nents to dri­ve unri­valed per­for­mance. Apply Here Who is the ide­al Direc­tor of Mar­ket­ing? The Direc­tor of Mar­ket­ing is both an oper­a­tional and strate­gic posi­tion at…

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Elite Business Tech Hybrid Growth Marketing Manager wanted to dominate universe at Knewton

Elite Business Tech Hybrid Growth Marketing Manager wanted to dominate universe at Knewton

Knew­ton is look­ing under every rock to find the best Growth Mar­ket­ing Man­ag­er for employ­ment at its head­quar­ters near Union Square in New York. Knew­ton was rec­og­nized as one of the top 25 best places to work by Crain’s New York Busi­ness. Staff love the free din­ner every week­night in the office, all-day snacks, full bar, and let’s not for­get the free month­ly MetroCards/PATH cards. FREE metro­cards! How can you beat that? Apply Here Knew­ton was found­ed in 2008 and has offices in New York City and Lon­don; rais­ing over $100M to date from investors such as Accel, Atom­i­co, Besse­mer, First­Mark Cap­i­tal, First Round Cap­i­tal, Founders Fund, and GSV Cap­i­tal. They are recruit­ing for a Growth Mar­ket­ing Man­ag­er to join the team at their Man­hat­tan HQ. This role will report to the Direc­tor of Mar­ket­ing and will be respon­si­ble for attract­ing and retain­ing users on Knew­ton’s free con­sumer prod­uct, a learn­ing tool in pri­vate beta run­ning on Knew­ton’s own adap­tive learn­ing plat­form. This role will be a hybrid mar­keter + prod­uct man­ag­er (aka “growth hack­er”) and will involve heav­i­ly col­lab­o­ra­tion with oth­er mar­keters, prod­uct man­agers, and team man­agers. The role may evolve into a team lead over­see­ing a cross-func­­tion­al growth team includ­ing front-end…

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