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Don’t know how your video ad is performing? Check BrandAds Bridge and find out

Direct­ly address­ing the vexed ques­tion of whether the inex­orable rise of dig­i­tal video is actu­al­ly effec­tive in dri­ving online adver­tis­ing sales, ad met­rics start­up Bran­dAds has launched its first video mea­sur­ing prod­uct. Just about every­one with media jobs in inter­net adver­tis­ing, from busi­ness devel­op­ment mangers to advert­ing sales man­agers, would like to get their hands on some hard data about the effec­tive­ness of video ads. So, can the new prod­uct – Bran­dAds Bridge – mea­sure up? At last, some hard data on video for the hard-boiled busi­ness devel­op­ment man­ag­er Bran­dAds’ co-founder and CEO, Avi Brown, is aware that more agen­cies and brands want to know which of their ads are pay­ing off. And they’re skep­ti­cal about num­bers sup­plied by ad net­works and pub­lish­ers, who might just have a vest­ed inter­est in pre­sent­ing them in a very pos­i­tive light. To com­pound mat­ters, the data avail­able from third par­ties is very lim­it­ed: what busi­ness devel­op­ment man­ag­er can tell from a hand­ful of met­rics like com­ple­tions and clicks – data which isn’t usu­al­ly avail­able until sev­er­al hours after the ad has appeared – what’s real­ly work­ing? Bran­dAds was set up in 2011 to fix that. Bran­dAds Bridge, launched this month, takes the form…

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Is ad testing keeping pace with the online advertising revolution?

No expe­ri­enced busi­ness devel­op­ment man­ag­er would dis­pute that inter­net adver­tis­ing has seen explo­sive growth. In the 90’s, when the term “online adver­tis­ing sales” was still rel­a­tive­ly incom­pre­hen­si­ble and sta­t­ic ban­ner ads ruled the day, it was prob­a­bly impos­si­ble for most ordi­nary mor­tals to fore­see the Adland land­scape of 2013. We now live in an era in which what was unimag­in­able twen­ty years ago – flam­boy­ant­ly inter­ac­tive cross-plat­­form com­mer­cial expe­ri­ences – is com­mon­place. But has effec­tive­ness test­ing kept pace with adver­tis­ing inno­va­tion? Out­mod­ed method­ol­o­gy Writ­ing in iMe­dia Con­nec­tion, Life Street Media’s CEO and co-founder Mitchell Weis­man says the answer is, blunt­ly, “no.” We’re stuck in method­ol­o­gy that belongs to the era of Dawson’s Creek and Mel­rose Place. Gen­er­al­ly speak­ing, most mar­keters reserve a lit­tle inven­to­ry to set up test pan­els or sam­ple groups, who are then invit­ed to give their ver­dict on the new con­cepts con­tained in the inven­to­ry. This method is used on every­thing from TV show line-ups to the qual­i­ty of online ad cam­paigns. If you’re a busi­ness devel­op­ment man­ag­er and you rec­og­nize this prac­tice, Weis­man has some uncom­pro­mis­ing words. He writes: “Test­ing in this form is painful, slow and expen­sive. As a result, many ele­ments of ads that…

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Internet advertising spearheads global advertising market recovery

Hard­work­ing busi­ness devel­op­ment man­agers can take a well-deserved bow today, as news emerges that their efforts have helped posi­tion inter­net adver­tis­ing at the fore­front of a steady glob­al recov­ery in adver­tis­ing. So says the lat­est Adver­tis­ing Expen­di­ture Fore­cast from ZenithOp­ti­me­dia. The glob­al mar­ket is set to expand by 3.5 per­cent this year, 5.1 per­cent next year and 5.8 per­cent in 2015. Inter­net adver­tis­ing leads the way The main dri­ver of the growth in adspend is inter­net adver­tis­ing, the report reveals, and it’s expect­ed to play a lead role in the expan­sion expect­ed between 2014 and the fol­low­ing year. Job­bing busi­ness devel­op­ment man­agers are, it seems, doing more than their bit to push things along. Inter­net adver­tis­ing is pro­ject­ed to grow by 15 per­cent each year between 2012 and 2015 and will account for 66 per­cent of glob­al ad spend growth, the study pre­dicts. Dig­i­tal inno­va­tions such as the increase in local­iza­tion, grow­ing inte­gra­tion with mobile and more accu­rate mea­sure­ment of expo­sure to ads are pro­pelling the recov­ery, ZenithOp­ti­me­dia believes, along with the irre­press­ible rise of social media and online video, which will go on grow­ing by 30 per­cent a year. The move to mobile  The report fore­casts that mobile, too,…

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Internet advertising leads the way in the UK as ad spending soars to pre-recession levels

As every busi­ness devel­op­ment man­ag­er knows, online adver­tis­ing sales usu­al­ly get squeezed when com­pa­nies fear a down­turn — they cut their adver­tis­ing spend while the storm clouds gath­er and only start spend­ing again when the out­look improves. But if trends across the pond in the UK get mir­rored state­side, things are on the way up for adland. Busi­ness devel­op­ment man­agers across the UK are prob­a­bly hug­ging them­selves with jubi­la­tion right now: the British ad mar­ket has leapt back to lev­els not seen since before the melt­down of 2007 – and it’s on course to grow vig­or­ous­ly. Inter­net dri­ves the bounce-back Accord­ing to fig­ures com­piled by the trade body Warc and the Adver­tis­ing Asso­ci­a­tion, total adver­tis­ing expen­di­ture will grow by 2.7 per cent this year and by a pos­i­tive­ly jaun­ty 5 per cent in 2014. And inter­net adver­tis­ing is lead­ing the way, along with video-on-demand (VoD). How­ev­er, tra­di­tion­al print and TV media are also see­ing a resur­gence in ad spend­ing. Mar­ket­ing spend is wide­ly seen as a barom­e­ter for the wider econ­o­my. As AA Chief Exec Tim Lefroy puts it: “Adver­tis­ing does not just track GDP, it dri­ves it. The return to pre-reces­­sion lev­els of spend­ing will have an impact not…

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Mobile advertising will turn to apps and video in 2013, YuMe’s Ed Haslam predicts

How can mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies deliv­er the most effec­tive mobile adver­tis­ing cam­paigns in the age of screen frag­men­ta­tion? That’s a ques­tion at the fore­front of Ed Haslam’s mind. The senior VP of mar­ket­ing with San Fran­­cis­­co-based video ad-tech firm YuMe recent­ly vis­it­ed Lon­don for the Chang­ing Media Sum­mit, dur­ing which he squeezed in an inter­view with The Guardian news­pa­per. Why the three c’s mat­ter more than size Tech­nol­o­gy has brought us a pletho­ra of dif­fer­ent screen sizes and devices, from desk-top bound Goliaths to tablets to smart­phones. And recent research from YuMe sug­gests that screen size does mat­ter — as Haslam explains: “So larg­er screens are more emo­tion­al then small­er screens in terms of bio­met­ric mea­sure­ment.  But what mat­ters more is some­thing we call the three c’s, which are: clut­ter, cre­ative and con­text.  So while screen size mat­ters, what mat­ters a lot more is what is on the screen as it relates to adver­tis­ing effi­ca­cy.” There’s more to mobile adver­tis­ing than geolo­ca­tion and direct response cam­paigns (entic­ing users to respond in the moment), Haslam believes. Mobile devices, espe­cial­ly tablets, aren’t mere­ly func­tion­al, on-the-hoof gad­gets and can be used in a more “leaned back way”, some­thing brands are increas­ing­ly inter­est­ed in.…

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