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Social media is no longer just a hob­by – it’s an oppor­tu­ni­ty for busi­ness­es to estab­lish mean­ing­ful rela­tion­ships with cus­tomers and clients. Com­pa­nies need mar­ket­ing-mind­ed indi­vid­u­als to fill social media mar­ket­ing jobs and use their online exper­tise to build the brand. The explo­sion of web­sites like Face­book, Twit­ter, Tum­blr and Pin­ter­est has giv­en busi­ness­es more ways than ever to pro­mote prod­ucts, start con­ver­sa­tions, and mon­i­tor brand rep­u­ta­tion. Knowl­edge is pow­er, and your flu­en­cy in social media could mean big bucks in social media man­ag­er jobs. If you know how to take data from plat­forms and ana­lyze its mean­ing for a brand or a busi­ness then you could be very valu­able in today’s media job mar­ket. Social media jobs focus on deliv­er­ing valu­able insights about cus­tomer engage­ment and expe­ri­ence. A great social media man­ag­er cre­ates a whole new way to expe­ri­ence a prod­uct or brand. The posi­tion takes a peo­ple-per­son with great com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills and com­put­er flu­en­cy. New media chan­nels are pop­ping up all the time, and the vic­to­ry goes to those who lever­age these new chan­nels into their over­all mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy. Are you a social media pro? Why not use our social media job search to find the best oppor­tu­ni­ties. With spe­cial­ties like Media Inte­gra­tion, Social Engage­ment, Social Out­reach, and Media Mar­ket­ing, you can find a social media job that enhances and builds your skills.

Introducing Niche: the social media startup that connects top-ranking content creators to brands

You don’t have to be a vet­er­an con­tent man­ag­er to appre­ci­ate that when a social media start­up bags $550,000 dol­lars in seed fund­ing less than six months after being found­ed, it’s like­ly to be pret­ty darned hot. And that’s the rep­u­ta­tion that New York-based Niche is clear­ly very hap­py to be build­ing. Tal­ent meets brands Co-found­ed in June this year by Dar­ren Lacht­man and Rob Fish­man (erst­while social media edi­tor at The Huff­in­g­ton Post), Niche con­nects its com­mu­ni­ty of influ­en­tial, pop­u­lar social media cre­ators with lead­ing brands to help the lat­ter “super­charge their social pres­ences”. The more ques­tion­ing con­tent man­ag­er may be won­der­ing how Niche can stand out from the crowd when more estab­lished out­fits like Adly have been mak­ing mon­ey from cele­bri­­ty-fueled social media mar­ket­ing cam­paigns for some years now. But to date, Niche cre­ators between them reach a 75 mil­lion-strong col­lec­tive audi­ence. Impres­sive stuff. Cre­ators get a pro­file that pulls togeth­er all their accounts and con­tent from oth­er social net­works. They also get ana­lyt­ics which show them what con­tent is engag­ing peo­ple (and what isn’t). All for free of course; and they get to make some mon­ey if they take part in mar­ket­ing cam­paigns. The ana­lyt­ics gives valu­able…

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New York-based startup Branch revamps its ‘Potluck’ link-sharing, content-encouraging app

Social media man­agers famil­iar with these pages will know that we report­ed back in July on Potluck, a new link-shar­ing app from the team behind the New York-head­­quar­tered social con­ver­sa­tion ser­vice Branch. We can now report that the app has been launched in its sec­ond incar­na­tion, shift­ing the ser­vice in the direc­tion of a news and mes­sag­ing hybrid. Encour­ag­ing shy lurk­ers As social media man­agers who read our ear­li­er arti­cle will be aware, Potluck began life as a link-shar­ing ser­vice where peo­ple could share their inter­est­ing find­ings. But it was designed to break the internet’s “1 per­cent rule” – the rule that only 1 per­cent of a social media site’s vis­i­tors will be con­tent cre­ators, with the rest act­ing as view­ers (“lurk­ers”). Potluck ver­sion 2.0 con­tin­ues in this vein, encour­ag­ing lurk­ers out of their shy­ness by let­ting them post com­ments about a shared link. And Potluck’s empha­sis was always on the mes­sage, not the mes­sen­ger. But what’s new? For one thing, the user inter­face has been re-vamped to make it much more mes­sag­ing-friend­­ly. Giv­en that the start­up has built up a very engaged com­mu­ni­ty on a short space of time, that’s a nat­ur­al next step. Con­ver­sa­tions in the new app…

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Nextt aims to lead the third wave of social media: from virtual to private face-to-face sharing in the real world

Savvy social media man­agers like to keep abreast of new devel­op­ments in case the next big thing comes along; and per­haps Wis­­con­sin-based start­up Nextt is poised to fit that bill hand­some­ly. From vir­tu­al to real expe­ri­ences Co-founder and CEO Mark McGuire explains that Nextt isn’t pri­mar­i­ly about build­ing up a mas­sive tribe of vir­tu­al fol­low­ers you hard­ly know, but hon­ing in on a few spe­cial friends you’d like to share expe­ri­ences with soon in the real world. And the empha­sis is on soon – hence the name of the com­pa­ny. But sea­soned social media man­agers might well ask, “Can a start­up real­ly change entrenched user behav­ior wed­ded to vir­tu­al shar­ing only?” McGuire clear­ly thinks so. He iden­ti­fies two suc­ces­sive social media waves: the Face­book and LinkedIn wave, which was all about cap­tur­ing social or pro­fes­sion­al his­to­ry, and the Twitter/Snapchat wave, which was all about shar­ing one’s in-the-moment cur­rent sta­tus. With Twitter’s IPO, it’s not undu­ly fan­ci­ful to sur­mise that that wave may now be crest­ing. Nextt aims to help peo­ple escape from the pres­sure to share in vir­tu­al form a suc­ces­sion of tran­sient present expe­ri­ences; instead, it helps you plot a near future involv­ing joint activ­i­ties in the real world…

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360i clinches lead global agency role with Estee Lauder’s Clinique

In the wake of a keen­ly com­pet­i­tive review, New York-head­­quar­tered mar­ket­ing and adver­tis­ing agency 360i (part of the Dentsu ad net­work) has clinched the cov­et­ed role of glob­al lead dig­i­tal agency for Estee Lauder’s pres­ti­gious Clin­ique brand. While the busi­ness devel­op­ment man­ag­er who over­saw that lit­tle con­sol­i­da­tion may not have stopped pop­ping cham­pagne corks just yet, the agency has a big task ahead of it. Until now, Clin­ique has tend­ed toward a some­what frag­men­tary mar­ket­ing and adver­tis­ing strat­e­gy glob­al­ly, using dif­fer­ent agen­cies in dif­fer­ent coun­tries. But its Senior VP of Mar­ket­ing, Agnes Laud­er, told AdAge mag­a­zine that that’s chang­ing: as a glob­al brand, it wants a more “dis­ci­plined and strate­gic” alter­na­tive now – and 360i has been hired to play a piv­otal role in devel­op­ing “a glob­al strat­e­gy that sets Clin­ique apart.” Mul­ti-plat­­form, mul­ti-coun­try  So, if you were that cel­e­brat­ing busi­ness devel­op­ment man­ag­er, how would you advise your cre­atives to pre­serve the brand’s unique­ness while giv­ing it a glob­al voice? The agency is well placed to exe­cute cam­paigns across all social net­works, includ­ing Twit­ter, Pin­ter­est and Insta­gram (social is one of its spe­cialisms) but the strat­e­gy will need to encom­pass dig­i­tal, cre­ative and media in its scope. But hey, that’s…

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A change of focus for New York-based social app developer Albumatic — and a change of name: introducing

Social media man­agers mon­i­tor­ing new social ideas might like to know that New York-based pho­­to-shar­ing start­up Albu­mat­ic has a new name – and a new direc­tion. Head­winds and new ideas  Launched in Feb­ru­ary this year, Albu­mat­ic (now re-named orig­i­nal­ly focused on build­ing apps designed to cap­ture and share events as they hap­pened. If a bunch of friends decide to do a rock gig in a garage, Albu­mat­ic let them pho­to­graph it and instant­ly share it with oth­er near­by Albu­mat­ic users. They could then come over and take their own shots for shar­ing. Social media man­agers who think this is a pret­ty neat idea may be sur­prised that the startup’s co-founder, Adam Lud­win, and his team sensed from the out­set that there were “head­winds” imped­ing the chances of the app explod­ing into a major hit. So they start­ed devel­op­ing a new one and came up with a pho­­to-shar­ing app that inte­grates with mes­sag­ing firm Kik’s new “Cards” plat­form. And there’s more to come – Albumatic/ has already built three apps which inte­grate with Cards, but the team is plan­ning to build more apps for a range of oth­er mes­sag­ing plat­forms. The next big thing? A mea­sure of the suc­cess of…

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