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Disney and Carnegie Mellon is redefining Big Data with EM-Sense.

Disney and Carnegie Mellon is redefining Big Data with EM-Sense.

We’ve all grown up hear­ing and expe­ri­enc­ing the “Mag­ic of Dis­ney”, but what does that real­ly mean? Well thanks to their lat­est mag­ic com­pa­nies will know every­thing and we mean every­thing about you, like what you’re hold­ing in your hands at this very moment. No cameras,

Strap, Wearable Technology and the Future of Marketing.

Strap, Wearable Technology and the Future of Marketing.

Steve Caldwell’s wife bought him a Peb­ble smart­watch for Christ­mas in 2013. “Being a geek at heart, I start­ed writ­ing apps for it,” he said, which led to “think­ing through things like app mon­e­ti­za­tion for wear­able devel­op­ers and ad net­works for wear­ables.” Months after that

What are the five Highest-Paying Marketing Jobs in New York?

When hir­ing one of the high­est paid mar­ket­ing agents in the coun­try, what two key skills do HR hir­ing man­agers look for? One thing recruiters look at is skills. Mike Stein­erd, Direc­tor of Recruit­ing at Indeed, says soft skills are most mean­ing­ful for hir­ing companies.

MentAd knows who your customers are with intense Audience Modelling.

MentAd knows who your customers are with intense Audience Modelling.

Audi­ence mod­el­ling has become more gran­u­lar and Palo Alto (jobs in Palo Alto), Cal­i­­for­­nia-based Men­tAd announced recent­ly it has raised $4.7 mil­lion. Their approach to this Pre­dic­tive ana­lyt­ics fund­ing is “your next cus­tomer will be sim­i­lar to the last,” for find­ing would-be cus­tomers or bring­ing back former

Volta is making Money and Saving the World.

Volta is making Money and Saving the World.

If new tech­nol­o­gy excites you then you’re not alone Scott Mer­cer and Michael Menen­dez have thought about what thrills them and it turns out that EV and mar­ket­ing is what gets their blood pump­ing. These two had found­ed San Fran­­cis­­co-based Vol­ta Indus­tries back in 2010.

marketing jobs in new york

Vice President Marketing Jobs In New York

What does the Vice Pres­i­dent Mar­ket­ing do? If you can think of any aspect of mar­ket­ing, the vice pres­i­dent has a say in it. The Vice Pres­i­dent Mar­ket­ing orga­nizes mar­ket­ing plans at a com­pa­ny, inject­ing them­selves into the entire process. They might ini­tial­ly con­tact mar­ket researchers

5 highest paying marketing positions in los angeles

The 5 Highest Paying Marketing Positions in Los Angeles

Although mar­ket­ing posi­tions are avail­able through­out the coun­try, mar­ket­ing posi­tions in Los Ange­les, Cal­i­for­nia, are typ­i­cal­ly in high­est demand. For that rea­son, salaries are gen­er­al­ly high­er com­pared to oth­er large met­ro­pol­i­tan cities. Accord­ing the gov­ern­ment Bureau of Labor Sta­tis­tics, in 2013, Mar­ket­ing Man­ag­er Posi­tions were the

Content and native advertising analyzer SimpleReach’s day has come

Mea­sur­ing the effec­tive­ness of native adver­tis­ing looks set to get more effi­cient as ana­lyt­ics start­up Sim­pleReach bags a huge Series A round. Analy­sis and pre­dic­tion Job­bing busi­ness devel­op­ment man­agers will know that for most clients, an ad’s capac­i­ty to dri­ve online adver­tis­ing sales is the bottom