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INTERVIEW: Could “Small Data” be the key to Social Media, Victor Pineiro at Big Spaceship thinks so?

INTERVIEW: Could "Small Data" be the key to Social Media, Victor Pineiro at Big Spaceship thinks so?

Roy Weissman of MediaJobs.com spoke with Victor Pineiro from Big Spaceship on a wide range of important Social Media issues in the industry today.  Especially those involving advertising and how to gauge success for your social media outreach endeavors. Listen in or read along as Roy Weissman talks with Victor about why he believes that “Small Data” is critical to social media. You can listen to the interview as well as read it below: Roy:                       My name is Roy Weissman from MediaJobs.com, and we’re talking with Victor Pineiro, the Vice President of Social Media at Big Spaceship. Victor oversees the agency’s social media and content team. Over the course of his tenure at Big Spaceship, he was the lead copywriter and strategist for Skittles during its first three years on Facebook and Twitter. His clients have included Google, Crayola, Wrigley, Lucas Film, Sonos and Chobani. Victor was listed in Business Insider’s 30 most creative people in social media, and he’s a frequent contributor to Ad Age, Digiday, Fast Company and Mashable. Welcome, Victor. Victor:                   Thank you. Thanks for having me. Roy:                       It’s a pleasure. One thing I want to mention, could you tell us a little bit about Big Spaceship? How…

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Is Pinterest trying to take the Internet by Storm with the click of a Button?

Is Pinterest trying to take the Internet by Storm with the click of a Button?

Marketers make note! Pinterest recently unveiled that it will be launching “buyable pins” later this month, here’s how it works: Rich Pins are pins which have much more information than a normal link, for instance a step by step infographic on oven cleaning will get a new button that allows users to purchase ovens directly from retail partners like Macy’s, Nordstroms and so on in order to stock Pinterest with millions of products. Users will see prices, be able to select specific types of a product, and then they can tap the button to buy the product. Which is then shipped directly to you. Pinterest is using Shopify (jobs at Shopify) and Demandware (jobs at Demandware) right out of the gate with Stripe handling its payments, and collaborating with companies like Braintree and Apple to “make sure Pinterest never touches credit card information.” They claim there isn’t any fee for buyers and merchants which they says will include working with tens of thousands of local brands. Buyable Pins show up in all of Pinterest’s features, like recommendations and search. Users can pay with a credit card or with Apple Pay. It appears that this is just a tip of the Iceberg…

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Bored with anonymous recommendations? Go personal with Snoox

The recommendations sector has a new arrival with the launch of Snoox, the online service that gathers advice from close friends. Creative business development associates, chief technology officers and product managers will find the unique slant offered by Snoox intriguing. Rather than Googling ratings for a product, vacation or restaurant, say, from an army of strangers, the new startup confines your feedback to your closest and most trusted friends. As its founder Guy Poreh puts it, “We all have our go-to friends who we ask for advice in real life, which was the inspiration behind Snoox.  You would no sooner stand in the middle of a subway car and ask a group of strangers for a recommendation for the best Italian restaurant in Manhattan, expecting a response that you can trust.  Instead, the most influential recommendations come from our real friends.” LiveStar meets Pinterest Snoox is, loosely speaking, a fusion between recommendations services like Stamped and LiveStar with Pinterest, placing the most relevant advice on a web page. But there’s a difference, too.  Users are invited to write recommendations only for services or products they have directly and personally experienced.  On joining Snoox, they simply connect their Facebook accounts, whereupon…

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Is the World Ready for a New Micro-Blogging Platform? The Answer Could Be Obvious.

What happens when you cross Pinterest and WordPress?  . Obvious is the latest company to offer its own blogging platform.   Medium is designed to allow people to choose the level of contribution they prefer and is substantially visual.  Obvious Corp still has much to prove following the launch of Medium, a very visual web publishing platform. Can an impressive pedigree guarantee success in a crowded market? Or do you still need to offer an innovative product to tempt users away from their existing tools? Obvious Corp. is about to find out. Backed by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone plus the rest of the Obvious crew, Medium could democratize content distribution. The way Twitter’s retweets gave anyone with 140 characters of brilliance a way to spread across the web, Medium could do the same for longer thoughts. While you can’t ignore the heritage it’s abundantly clear that Medium is a next generation blogging tool, its play for the CMS could be viewed as a smart one following the recent ‘laissez faire’ attitude adopted by the larger web publishing companies. It cannot be argued that the task of taking on the big boys – WordPress for example currently powers 16%…

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How The Fancy will Challenge Pinterest

When is a picture worth a $1,000 dollars?  When its on The Fancy. The new social site The Fancy is also trying to prove they could be worth a lot of money. According to Business Insider, Apple is in talks to acquire the fast-growing social commerce site backed by the co-founders of Twitter and Facebook. Already being called an archrival to Pinterest, but with a far smaller group of active members, The Fancy works in a similar way. It is a photo-sharing website that, according to it’s about page is, “part store, blog, magazine and wishlist. It’s a place to discover great stuff, to curate a collection of things you love, to get updates on your favorite brands and stores and to share your discoveries.” While Pinterest ranked 16th on Alexa with 10 million active users so far in 2012, The Fancy doubled it’s users in two months to 500,000, making it the second largest social scrapbooking / picture sharing sites online. While Pinterest clearly dwarfs The Fancy at the moment, some believe a David and Goliath battle is about to occur between the two startups. How The Fancy can Challenge Pinterest According to Forbes.com, there is one main feature…

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