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Technology Savvy Product Manager for Google in New York

Imag­ine being the Prod­uct Man­ag­er for Google in New York and man­age the next Gmail or YouTube?  You would be the go to prod­uct expert for prod­ucts that could poten­tial­ly be used by mil­lions of peo­ple world­wide.  Plus, if you need help you’ll be able to call on the smartest of the smartest engi­neers, mar­keters and finan­cial types.

We’re talk­ing about becom­ing a Prod­uct Man­ag­er for Google, one of the largest com­pa­nies in the world.

At Google, they put their users first. From inno­v­a­tive soft­ware prod­ucts like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, StreetView to pio­neer­ing mobile devices like the Android, Google build’s prod­ucts that orga­nize the world’s infor­ma­tion and make it uni­ver­sal­ly acces­si­ble to their users. The Prod­uct Man­age­ment team works close­ly with the engi­neers to guide prod­ucts from con­cep­tion to launch. As part of the Prod­uct Man­age­ment team, you bridge the tech­ni­cal and busi­ness worlds as you design ser­vices that Google’s cus­tomers love. You’ll work with Googlers from Engi­neer­ing, Sales, Mar­ket­ing, and Finance, to name just a few. You have a bias toward action and can break down com­plex prob­lems into steps that dri­ve prod­uct devel­op­ment at Google speed. As a Prod­uct Man­ag­er, you will be part of shap­ing Google’s next moonshot.

Apply HERE

So who is the ide­al Google Prod­uct Manager?

You’ll need at least a Bachelor’s of Sci­ence degree in Com­put­er Sci­ence or relat­ed field and/or equiv­a­lent prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence.  If you’ve got an MBA, MS or Phd, that’s even better!

No new­bies please! They want to see at least 3 years and opti­mal­ly close to 5 years of expe­ri­ence includ­ing Prod­uct Man­age­ment or design expe­ri­ence with a focus on soft­ware prod­ucts and tech­nolo­gies.  You should be knowl­edge­able across mul­ti­ple func­tion­al areas such as prod­uct man­age­ment, engi­neer­ing, UI, sales, cus­tomer sup­port, finance or marketing.

Google needs take charge types so you should have excel­lent prob­lem-solv­ing, orga­ni­za­tion­al and ana­lyt­i­cal skills, with the abil­i­ty to evolve prod­uct strat­e­gy based on research, data and indus­try trends.

Apply HERE

So let’s hear why Google thinks they’re a great place to work at:

“One of the many rea­sons Google con­sis­tent­ly brings inno­v­a­tive, world-chang­ing prod­ucts to mar­ket is because of the col­lab­o­ra­tive work we do in Prod­uct Man­age­ment. With eyes focused square­ly on the future, our team works close­ly with cre­ative and pro­lif­ic engi­neers to help design and devel­op tech­nolo­gies that improve access to the world’s infor­ma­tion. We’re respon­si­ble for guid­ing prod­ucts through­out the exe­cu­tion cycle, focus­ing specif­i­cal­ly on ana­lyz­ing, posi­tion­ing, pack­ag­ing, pro­mot­ing and tai­lor­ing our solu­tions to all the mar­kets where Google does business.”


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