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Simulmedia Reimagines TV with Programmatic Advertising

Simulmedia Reimagines TV with Programmatic Advertising

Every­one wants to find a way to approach TV adver­tis­ing the same way pro­gram­mat­ic does for online adver­tis­ing. It appears Simul­me­dia has fig­ured out a con­cept that could make it pos­si­ble, Simul­me­dia has been a com­pa­ny look­ing to dis­rupt the indus­try for some time now and they are pret­ty sure this web-like data tar­get­ing is going do the trick. The Simul­me­dia Audi­ence Net­work has a reach of 110 mil­lion TV homes through­out 84 nation­al cable net­works and tra­di­tion­al pay TV pro­gram­ming dis­trib­u­tors. They can ana­lyze TV’s sec­ond-by-sec­ond activ­i­ty for over 50 mil­lion view­ers, this way the can fig­ure out the best matrix for extend­ing the reach of cam­paigns to spe­cif­ic tar­get groups. The notion is if you spend a mil­lion bucks on their ser­vice for a month, they will guar­an­tee a high­er Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Dave Mor­gan CEO of Simul­me­dia states “If we fall short on ROAS, we will make good on the per­cent of the bench­mark that we fall short, in the form of future media cred­its.” They say they will work direct­ly with the adver­tis­er to fig­ure out the best solu­tions and out­comes. If you want to track the num­ber of peo­ple who are shop­ping and…

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Sr. New Product Manager — Simulmedia — Manhattan, NY

Sr. New Product Manager - Simulmedia - Manhattan, NY

Simul­me­dia is seek­ing a Sr. New Prod­uct Man­ag­er in Man­hat­tan. Simul­me­dia is the leader in help­ing adver­tis­ers and agen­cies take a dig­i­tal approach to reach their fine­ly tar­get­ed audi­ences on lin­ear TV at nation­al scale. The Simul­me­dia Audi­ence Net­work reach­es 110 mil­lion house­holds across the US through part­ner­ships with over 75 nation­al cable net­works and the top mul­ti­chan­nel video pro­gram­ming dis­trib­u­tors (MVPDs). Based on a pro­pri­etary analy­sis of sec­ond-by-sec­ond activ­i­ty for over 50M peo­ple, Simul­me­dia deter­mines the best options to extend the reach of cam­paigns to spe­cif­ic tar­get audi­ences, and places adver­tis­ing across those dis­parate TV net­works. They take tremen­dous pride in main­tain­ing a high bar for employ­ees and fos­ter a strong team envi­ron­ment. They have a cul­ture that attracts and nour­ish­es inno­v­a­tive peo­ple, and empow­ers them to take big risks. While they work “start­up hard” the belief in let­ting loose via Hap­py Hours, team activ­i­ties, and an unlim­it­ed vaca­tion pol­i­cy. Apply Here What are you going have to accom­plish as the Sr. New Prod­uct Man­ag­er? Do you have a curios­i­ty, with a com­pul­sion to learn? For begin­ners, iden­ti­fy facts, trends, and insights as they emerge in the tele­vi­sion and media mar­ket­ing busi­ness­es. Col­lab­o­rate with Sales to devel­op busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties.…

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Simulmedia, the New York startup that makes TV ads smarter gets a big boost

Art direc­tors inter­est­ed in cre­at­ing effec­tive TV adver­tis­ing cam­paigns might do well to take a look at the activ­i­ties of Man­hat­­tan-based start­up Simul­me­dia, the com­pa­ny on a mis­sion to make TV adver­tis­ing more like online adver­tis­ing. Found­ed just four years ago by its now-CEO Dave Mor­gan, this young firm is clear­ly doing some­thing seri­ous­ly right, hav­ing just raised a whop­ping $25 mil­lion in Series D fund­ing in a round led by Valiant Cap­i­tal and R&R Ven­tures. An art director’s quandary: how to make TV ads more effec­tive?  Simul­me­dia has now raised a total of $59 mil­lion since its launch in 2009 so there’s lit­tle doubt that investors think its busi­ness aims are high­ly viable. Mor­gan, a vet­er­an of the Big Apple’s tech scene who also found­ed the pio­neer­ing ad-tech firms Real Media and Taco­da, sums up the issue Simul­me­dia is tack­ling like this: “TV still deliv­ers, at a macro lev­el, great results for adver­tis­ers. But it’s a real­ly blunt instru­ment that hasn’t improved in 30 years.” So what, the intrigued art direc­tor may be won­der­ing, does Simul­me­dia pro­pose as a solu­tion? Well, most TV ad view­ing met­rics come cour­tesy of Nielsen’s 45,000-strong pan­el. But Simulmedia’s pan­el dwarfs that num­ber: thanks…

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