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Do you need Coding School to Survive the Media Melee?

Do you need Coding School to survive?

How many of you feel like the only way to get a job in media nowa­days is to have a cod­ing school back­ground? If this is the case, don’t feel like you’re wrong, there are cur­rent­ly hun­dreds of cod­ing schools pop­ping up every­where for the sheer rea­son that find­ing pro­gram­mers is get­ting hard­er and hard­er to find. Some of the rea­sons for this is the real­ly good ones want to get paid lots and lots of mon­ey or they want very flex­i­ble work and won’t jive with your work envi­ron­ment. Take for instance One Month founder Mat­tan Grif­fel, who orig­i­nal­ly built One Month, an online cod­ing school because he was frus­trat­ed after unsuc­cess­ful­ly search­ing for a coder to build out a start­up idea. The Flat­iron School offers a 12 weeks of full-time, inten­sive instruc­tion (plus pre-work) “designed to turn you into a web devel­op­er” for a $10,000 tuition fee. Avi Flom­baum states “The way I got seri­ous about tech­nol­o­gy in high school wasn’t’ through build­ing things. It was through hack­ing and lock-pick­­ing and crack­ing Wi-Fi pass­words and mak­ing free phone calls,”. But even Flat­iron School’s adult pro­gram­ming class­es are run less like math class­es than cre­ative writ­ing class­es. Stu­dents build…

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Stacking Containers in the Cloud has never been easier thanks to Docker

Stacking Containers in the Cloud has never been easier thanks to Docker

Some­times it feels like we’re writ­ing the same arti­cle again and again because it’s always about some tech com­pa­ny rais­ing a gazil­lion dol­lars. Well, there is noth­ing new here, except that this two year old com­pa­ny is aggres­sive­ly try­ing to dom­i­nate a mar­ket. Dock­er, who, Work at DOCKER? A light­ning pro­duc­er of soft­ware for man­ag­ing appli­ca­tions on a glob­al basis. They’ve cre­at­ed a sig­na­ture appli­ca­tion con­tain­er tech­nol­o­gy, and they are doing every­thing in their pow­er to make sure all the oth­er kids in the play­ground have to go home ear­ly. Dock­er has seen four injec­tions of mon­ey since incep­tion and this most recent one of $95 mil­lion should real­ly allow them to blow past all their com­peti­tors, such as Core­OS, anoth­er upstart. So we’re look­ing at a total of close to $160 mil­lion in fund­ing. Last Sep­tem­ber in 2014 the com­pa­ny was val­ued at close to $400 mil­lion, this year it’s pos­si­ble it’s val­ue could be a bil­lion dol­lars. Think­ing about sub­mit­ting those resumes now, or lat­er? Ben­jamin Gol­ub, Docker’s chief exec­u­tive said Dock­er still hasn’t spent all of the mon­ey from its sec­ond round of financ­ing, let alone the $40 mil­lion it raised in its third round of fund­ing last…

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Handy.com Needs Developers to Clean Your House

Woah - Handy.com looking to blow up with your help!

It should be of great inter­est to know about Handy.com, espe­cial­ly if you’re look­ing to find a media job. Handy has hit over $1 mil­lion in book­ings per week. Take a look at the list of avail­able posi­tions on their site. They want Android, iOS, Front End and Ruby on Rails devel­op­ers. This is a grow­ing glob­al com­pa­ny, cur­rent­ly in 25 cities here in the U.S. They are a mobile clean­ing and home repair book­ing ser­vice, and it is tak­ing off. Umang Dua, the chief oper­at­ing offi­cer says “we’ve gone from about $3 mil­lion in run rate to $52 mil­lion in run rate,.. over 200,000 appli­ca­tions to the site for poten­tial clean­ers and handy­men, and has over 5,000 active pro­fes­sion­als who com­plete at least one job in a month”. All of this in a mat­ter of two years. Want to help them grow their pres­ence, become the Handy Brand Team Man­ag­er? Since con­sumers are get­ting more acquaint­ed with the idea of book­ing things from their mobile phones and that man­dat­ed back­ground checks on both the nation­al and coun­ty lev­el are done for their ser­vice providers, Handy pro­fes­sion­als are thor­ough­ly vet­ted. At present 85% of the company’s mon­ey comes from clean­ing,…

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Etsy Finds the Elusive Female Engineer

Etsy Finds the Elusive Female Engineer

Female engi­neers are hard to find. “…good female engi­neers are being stalked like the last ante­lope on the African veldt” accord­ing to Fastcolabs.com. Imag­ine a com­pa­ny known to some as a dude fest but where 80% of the cus­tomers are female?  Sounds like they could use more of a diver­si­fied staff.  For Etsy it became more of a neces­si­ty giv­en the com­po­si­tion of their cus­tomers.  The chal­lenge was real as women hold only 25% of engi­neer­ing and com­put­er relat­ed jobs and in tech that num­ber is even low­er.  Women engi­neers do have their pick of where to work and are very focused on find­ing the com­pa­ny with the best cul­ture. Etsy not only found a way to up their quo­tient of women engi­neers but increased their recruit­ing suc­cess by over 500%.  Read more at Find­ing the Female Engi­neers at Fastcolabs.com.

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