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Master of Content for Vimeo, take the job as the Content Partnership Manager!

Master of Content for Vimeo, take the job as the Content Partnership Manager!

At Vimeo, your job as the con­tent part­ner­ship man­ag­er is to han­dle the onboard­ing and man­age­ment of all of our Video on Demand con­tent providers – such as dis­trib­u­tors, pro­duc­ers, film­mak­ers and media com­pa­nies — and with our con­tent inges­tion part­ners. You will be the mas­ter of under­stand­ing and explain­ing video for­mats, meta­da­ta spec­i­fi­ca­tions, and the Vimeo Video on Demand Pro inter­face for our con­tent part­ners, while also man­ag­ing their film releas­es on the VOD plat­form. In addi­tion, you will be relied upon to man­age the rela­tion­ships with our con­tent inges­tion part­ners to ensure a smooth, effi­cient and trou­ble-free con­tent inges­tion process for both the con­tent provider and Vimeo. Apply Here Who is the ide­al Con­tent Part­ner­ships Man­ag­er for Vimeo? Get going by man­ag­ing the on-board­­ing of con­tent providers once they have signed a deal with their Con­tent Acqui­si­tion team — aid­ing with any ques­tions, issues and con­cerns of the con­tent providers to ensure a time­ly and effi­cient upload and launch of their film(s). Own the sched­ule of con­tent deliv­ery for all signed con­tent providers to ensure that con­tent is deliv­ered and pub­lished on time. Man­age the rela­tion­ship of the con­tent providers through­out their rela­tion­ship with Vimeo on Demand –…

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Introducing Niche: the social media startup that connects top-ranking content creators to brands

You don’t have to be a vet­er­an con­tent man­ag­er to appre­ci­ate that when a social media start­up bags $550,000 dol­lars in seed fund­ing less than six months after being found­ed, it’s like­ly to be pret­ty darned hot. And that’s the rep­u­ta­tion that New York-based Niche is clear­ly very hap­py to be build­ing. Tal­ent meets brands Co-found­ed in June this year by Dar­ren Lacht­man and Rob Fish­man (erst­while social media edi­tor at The Huff­in­g­ton Post), Niche con­nects its com­mu­ni­ty of influ­en­tial, pop­u­lar social media cre­ators with lead­ing brands to help the lat­ter “super­charge their social pres­ences”. The more ques­tion­ing con­tent man­ag­er may be won­der­ing how Niche can stand out from the crowd when more estab­lished out­fits like Adly have been mak­ing mon­ey from cele­bri­­ty-fueled social media mar­ket­ing cam­paigns for some years now. But to date, Niche cre­ators between them reach a 75 mil­lion-strong col­lec­tive audi­ence. Impres­sive stuff. Cre­ators get a pro­file that pulls togeth­er all their accounts and con­tent from oth­er social net­works. They also get ana­lyt­ics which show them what con­tent is engag­ing peo­ple (and what isn’t). All for free of course; and they get to make some mon­ey if they take part in mar­ket­ing cam­paigns. The ana­lyt­ics gives valu­able…

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Facebook’s New 12 Member Marketing Fraternity

  12 com­pa­nies have just been award­ed exclu­sive mem­ber­ship in a club with almost 1 Bil­lion con­stituents. On Thurs­day, Sep­tem­ber 20th, Face­book award­ed the 12 best social mar­ket­ing tool and ser­vice providers with a new title of “Strate­gic Pre­ferred Mar­ket­ing Devel­op­er,” like a mem­ber­ship to an exclu­sive online mar­ket­ing fra­ter­ni­ty. The 12 con­tent man­ag­er com­pa­nies in this club will be the first mar­ket­ing com­pa­nies brands go to when sort­ing through the Pre­ferred Mar­ket­ing Devel­op­er (also known as the PMD) direc­to­ry of 300 B2Bs to find trust­ed Face­book Page and Ads opti­miza­tion providers. Along with the exclu­sive sPMD title, mem­ber com­pa­nies will also receive a spot on the sPMD coun­cil, ear­ly access to Face­book prod­ucts and extra sup­port from dif­fer­ent teams at Face­book, mak­ing mem­ber­ship both lucra­tive and hon­orary. Com­pa­nies on the sPMD Coun­cil The fol­low­ing com­pa­nies are part of the 12 mem­ber Strate­gic Pre­ferred Mar­ket­ing coun­cil: Adobe AdPar­lor Alche­my Social / Tech­light­en­ment Brand Net­works Glow Graph­Ef­fect Ken­shoo Nani­gans Sales­force Social­Code Spruce Media 77 Agency All of these 12 sPMD com­pa­nies will offer every­thing from adver­tis­ing, appli­ca­tions, insights and pages to the com­mu­ni­ty man­ag­er of each brand’s Face­book page, among oth­er types of use­ful mar­ket­ing advice. What This Means for sPMD…

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Zuckerberg sets mobile optimization as Facebook’s top priority

Facebook’s Mark Zucker­berg has come out fight­ing after a three-month silence in which the social net­work­ing giant’s share val­ue has tum­bled alarm­ing­ly. Speak­ing at the Techcrunch Dis­rupt con­fer­ence on Wednes­day, Zucker­berg can­did­ly addressed the fraught issue of his company’s fal­ter­ing efforts to grasp the mobile net­tle. A mobile-pro­pelled freefall Recent reports have high­light­ed the nerve-shred­d­ing $157 mil­lion loss Face­book suf­fered since its IPO in May; dur­ing the same peri­od, the net worth of the com­pa­ny plunged by $50 bil­lion.  These knuck­­le-whiten­ing declines are at least in part con­nect­ed to Facebook’s fail­ure to devel­op a robust mobile plat­form — a short­com­ing that has cost the com­pa­ny dear­ly giv­en that 955 mil­lion of its users rou­tine­ly access their Face­book pages through mobile devices. Face­book wants to emu­late the spec­tac­u­lar growth rate shown by social news site Red­dit, but Zucker­berg is shrewd enough to know that he’s got a lot of con­vinc­ing and reas­sur­ing to do.  Need­less to say, every con­tent man­ag­er, com­mu­ni­ty man­ag­er and social media man­ag­er will be intrigued about his views on the way for­ward with regard to mobile tech­nol­o­gy. While he didn’t pull any rab­bits out of the hat, he didn’t dis­ap­point either, open­ly stat­ing that Facebook’s top pri­or­i­ty…

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