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Ily is taking Family Mobile Phones to the Next Level.

Ily is taking Family Mobile Phones to the Next Level.

Always for­get­ting to call Grand­ma on her birth­day, or just to check in real quick to see how her colonoscopy went? Com­ing soon is a brand new item cre­at­ed just for per­son­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion between fam­i­ly mem­bers. Ily is a con­nect­ed device made for your home which includes smart­phone apps and was devel­oped by New York start­up Insen­si, CEO and founder Ilan Abehas­sera came up with the idea because “When I was work­ing in Cal­i­for­nia for Jive (jobs at Jive), I was trav­el­ing a lot,… and I real­ized that it was hard to stay in touch with my kids. And then I thought about their grand­par­ents as well.”  Ily is tak­ing Fam­i­ly Mobile Phones to the Next Lev­el. This gave Ilan all the incen­tive he need­ed to design a device that every­one could use safe­ly, with lit­tle fric­tion, and to com­mu­ni­cate with your long-dis­­­tance fam­i­ly mem­bers. The Ily will run you $200 and should be placed in a kitchen or liv­ing room, make note, it isn’t a tablet so you shouldn’t be drag­ging it around with you. It’s an all in one com­mu­ni­ca­tion box that is prac­ti­cal for all fam­i­ly mem­bers, from kids to grand­par­ents. The inter­face has an 8‑inch touch­screen,…

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Mobile advertising startup TapSense sets it sights on wearables

Mobile adver­tis­ing start­up TapSense has announced that its mobile ad exchange will now sup­port wear­able apps, start­ing with Peb­ble. There can’t be many peo­ple with media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies who haven’t noticed the pro­gres­sive rise of wear­able gad­gets. And TapSense fig­ures that can only mean one thing: anoth­er fron­tier for mobile adver­tis­ing to con­quer. The smart­phone as hub But the ads TapSense will run won’t actu­al­ly appear on the Peb­ble itself; instead, app devel­op­ers will be helped to tar­get ads at Android and iOS users who also own the smart­watch. The ads will link direct­ly to the rel­e­vant pro­mot­ed apps on offer in the Peb­ble app­store, so that wear­able app devel­op­ers can use TapSense to pro­mote their offer­ings through the same kinds of ads that oth­er mobile devel­op­ers use. Vis­i­tors to the Peb­ble store can down­load apps onto their smart­phones, where­upon they sync with their smart­watch­es. Accord­ing to TapSense’s CEO and founder, Ash Kumar, the lat­est devel­op­ment rep­re­sents a new mod­el in which smart­phones become hubs for wear­able gad­gets. As he points out, “the wear­ables mar­ket will remain frag­ment­ed for some time.” In a mar­ket where no sin­gle device dom­i­nates, the hub con­cept becomes impor­tant. If and when…

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Grab a time-out in downtown New York with the new Breather app

In a city where it’s hard to escape the hub­bub of cof­fee shops and office pol­i­tics, a lit­tle peace and qui­et can be price­less. That’s the idea behind a new start up called Breather, which will short­ly begin offer­ing pri­vate rooms for rental across New York. Founder and CEO, Julian Smith, says Breather aims to offer, “peace and qui­et on demand,” and pro­vide mod­ern, styl­ish loca­tions for users to catch a nap, or get on with some work free from dis­trac­tions. The small rooms are also designed with the needs of an account man­ag­er, or small busi­ness own­er in mind, who may want to hold infor­mal meet­ings with clients away from the office. An app for a dis­­­trac­­tion-free nap Breather revolves around an iOS or Android app, which allows users to instant­ly find pri­vate spaces close to them on the map, and eas­i­ly book some down­time. Con­tain­ing desks, couch­es and high-speed Wi-Fi con­nec­tions, the rooms are elec­tron­i­cal­ly unlocked through the press of a but­ton with­in the app, and users’ cred­it cards are auto­mat­i­cal­ly charged for the exact amount of time they spend in the rooms. Breather’s ded­i­cat­ed team main­tains the spaces, and the staff mem­bers rate how tidy users leave…

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BetterDoctor app sees entrepreneurs take ‘vendetta’ against healthcare system mobile

Find­ing a doc­tor at short notice can real­ly hurt — that’s why a group of entre­pre­neurs from San Fran­cis­co have tak­en it upon them­selves to cre­ate a mobile app that pro­vides a pain free solu­tion. At a time when ‘Oba­macare’ has been dom­i­nat­ing head­lines, co-founder Ari Tul­la says the app was designed to be some­thing of a ‘vendet­ta against the bro­ken health­care sys­tem.’  The Bet­ter­Doc­tor app helps indi­vid­u­als imme­di­ate­ly locate physi­cians close to their loca­tion, and hands the pow­er back to the patients by sort­ing the med­ical pro­fes­sion­als list­ed using a com­plex rank­ing algo­rithm. Diag­no­sis – rapid growth The start-up is backed by $2.6 mil­lion of fund­ing from Soft­TechVC, 500 Star­tups and Bur­rill & Co, and now has the details of over one mil­lion physi­cians in its data­base, cov­er­ing 60 dif­fer­ent med­ical pro­fes­sions.  Found­ed by for­mer Nokia employ­ees, Ari Tul­la and Tapio Tolva­nen — with sim­plic­i­ty and ease of use at the fore­front of their minds — the iPhone and Android apps have expe­ri­enced star­tling growth, after launch­ing in Sep­tem­ber with just 5,000 doc­tors signed up to the data­base.  Four mil­lion peo­ple have used the site to find the per­fect health pro­fes­sion­al for their needs, with one mil­lion now using…

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Introducing Uni Messenger — the service that lets you message your friends on different social networks from one app

Imag­ine this: you’re a busy social media man­ag­er with friends scat­tered across a raft of dif­fer­ent social net­works and you’d like to be able to chat pri­vate­ly with all of them from one place with­out the headache of reg­is­ter­ing sep­a­rate accounts on each net­work. Sound like an impos­si­ble day­dream? Not so, accord­ing to the founders of the new cross-plat­­form mobile mes­sag­ing app Uni Mes­sen­ger. Found­ed in June, the start­up is the brain­child of Colum­bia Com­put­er Sci­ence grad David Hun­ing and Joe Huaqiao Chiu, who’d been devel­op­ing a cross-plat­­form social media com­mu­ni­ca­tions solu­tion while based in Chi­na in 2011. The firm now employs almost a dozen part-timers and eight full-timers at its San Fran­cis­co office. Reach­ing every­one from one app The new app is due to be launched next month and has been devel­oped for the Android OS (at least to begin with). It will seam­less­ly com­bine all the social net­work­ing con­tacts of its users into a sin­gle easy-to-access address book – yup, that means Twit­ter, Face­book, LinkedIn, Ten­cent Wei­bo, Sina Wei­bo, VK, Mixi and Cyworld (sup­port for Google+ is in the pipeline). OK, so in that respect, it’s not too dis­sim­i­lar from oth­er social address book apps like Addappt, Brew­ster…

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