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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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ISEBOX — a Start Up making Storing and Controlling your Media from the Cloud painless.

ISEBOX - a Start Up making Storing and Controlling your media painless.

Look­ing for a job is very com­pet­i­tive. If you are only apply­ing to jobs online you will encounter sub­stan­tial com­pe­ti­tion. At MediaJobs.com our objec­tive is to make it as easy as pos­si­ble to find a job at a great com­pa­ny and with the least amount of com­pe­ti­tion. At MediaJobs.com we have estab­lished our mis­sion of Find­ing the Great Com­pa­nies First. In keep­ing with our mis­sion we have cre­at­ed this inter­view series with some of the newest star­tups in the New York City mar­ket area.   We encour­age you to learn about some of the newest com­pa­nies and think about what might be a good fit for you. What is the name of your com­pa­ny and who are the founders?  ISEBOX: Marc de Leuw and Sal­va­tore Salpi­etro How did the idea for your start-up come about?  Marc’s pre­vi­ous com­pa­ny was a creative/ video agency in Lon­don. They got sick and tired of fig­ur­ing out how to send the client video con­tent, and watch­ing the client scratch their head on what to do with the cool videos they cre­at­ed, and strug­gle send­ing them out one by one to the press rather than hav­ing an easy view­ing and mul­ti­me­dia con­tent shar­ing plat­form. Of the key peo­ple involved what is…

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NY ad analytics startup Dstillery looks to international expansion

New York’s ad ana­lyt­ics start­up Dstillery is look­ing beyond the U.S. in a bold expan­sion plan after rais­ing $24 mil­lion in Series C fund­ing. Dis­till­ing data The com­pa­ny began life in 2008 as Media6Degrees and adopt­ed its new moniker in Sep­tem­ber last year. Prod­uct man­agers with an inter­est in ad tech might quick­ly work out why: announc­ing the change of name last year, the firm’s CMO Eliz­a­beth Hell­mann said that it cap­tured “the essence of our core tech­nol­o­gy — dis­till­ing moun­tains of data to pro­duce pure brand-lean­ing audi­ences.” The lat­est cash injec­tion has almost dou­bled the startup’s total fund­ing to date (it raised $17 mil­lion in Series B back in 2010, when the total stood at $28 mil­lion. It’s now $52 mil­lion). As it hap­pens, the com­pa­ny hadn’t actu­al­ly intend­ed to raise any more mon­ey. It was approach­ing prof­itabil­i­ty and things were just fine and dandy. But then it saw a big oppor­tu­ni­ty open­ing up on the mobile side of the busi­ness and decid­ed it need­ed some cash to embrace it. Busi­ness savvy prod­uct man­agers would prob­a­bly agree that, in this con­stant­ly evolv­ing mar­ket­place, stand­ing still isn’t an option. Dstillery’s tech­nol­o­gy can iden­ti­fy core con­sumer behav­ior sig­nals from an immense…

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Meet Flurry, the mobile analytics startup that matches the right advertisers to the right publishers

As any­one with expe­ri­ence of media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies can tell you, if a mobile ana­lyt­ics com­pa­ny can raise just south of $65 mil­lion by its eighth year of exis­tence, it’s got a pret­ty hot prod­uct on offer. And hav­ing raised a fur­ther $12.5 mil­lion in Decem­ber, mobile ana­lyt­ics start­up Flur­ry has joined that select band, bring­ing its invest­ment total to a prince­ly $63.3 mil­lion. From apps to ana­lyt­ics With offices in New York, San Fran­cis­co, Chica­go, Lon­don and Mum­bai, and employ­ing 150 peo­ple, Flur­ry began life in 2005 as a hum­ble app devel­op­er. Cre­ative geek­i­ness can be a heady mix: the firm soon began shift­ing its focus to ana­lyt­ics for mobile adver­tis­ing and it real­ly hasn’t looked back since. Flur­ry works like this: it sucks in data from over 1.2 bil­lion tablets and smart­phones every month, cap­tur­ing in excess of 1.3 tril­lion in-app actions con­duct­ed by those device users dur­ing the month. As big data ana­lyt­ics go, this fete is lit­tle short of humon­gous. Today, over 400,000 apps rely on Flurry’s ana­lyt­ics (every month, 20,000 new ones sign up) and the firm works with 125,000 com­pa­nies (chiefly game and app devel­op­ers). An inge­nious mar­ket­place Ear­li­er in 2013,…

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Customers stay keen as startup offers analytics alternative

E‑commerce man­agers look­ing for extra insight into their web­sites’ per­for­mance may be inter­est­ed to learn of recent devel­op­ments at Keen IO. Hav­ing scooped a cred­itable $2.35 mil­lion in fund­ing, the com­pa­ny is now offer­ing cus­tomers a toolk­it that enables report­ing through build­ing cus­tomized ana­lyt­ics prod­ucts. In essence it works like this: Keen IO’s appli­ca­tion pro­gram­ming inter­face (API) pro­vides a range of func­tions that help devel­op­ers refine and pro­file all the dis­parate infor­ma­tion that’s fly­ing round at the back­end. Cus­tomers can source, store and visu­al­ize it in any way they want, which should mean that com­pa­nies have a degree of extra flex­i­bil­i­ty that’s dif­fi­cult to attain with out-of-the-box solu­tions. If his recent remark that you “can’t rely on out-of-the-box parts for every­thing” is any­thing to go by, co-founder and CEO Kyle Wild obvi­ous­ly thinks so. He went on to out­line exact­ly why: “One of my favorite exam­ples is a smart­watch. Nobody is going to make an out-of-the-box smart­watch ana­lyt­ics prod­uct, it’s just too frag­ment­ed.” Very cred­itable, but e‑commerce ana­lysts with their fin­gers on the pulse will be won­der­ing exact­ly how much time and mon­ey this approach can save their orga­ni­za­tion. The answer, accord­ing to Wild, is that many cus­tomers check in…

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Networked Insights crunches big data like candy and gives insights in the now for advertisers

Networked Insights crunches big data like candy and gives insights in the now for advertisers

Busi­ness devel­op­ment man­agers keen to boost their agency’s online adver­tis­ing sales suc­cess­es might look to Chica­go for advice on the best data to use.  For­get stale data from focus groups or TV rat­ings sur­veys from Nielson.Co.  Net­worked Insights, a young ad tech com­pa­ny based in the city’s West Loop, uses “data in the now” to help agen­cies and adver­tis­ers make fast deci­sions about the direc­tion of a cam­paign. From math to mar­ket­ing Com­pa­ny founder and CEO Dan Neely hatched his idea sev­en years ago while liv­ing in Madi­son, Wis­con­sin.  An actu­ary with a degree in risk man­age­ment, Mr. Neely has brought his love of data to Deloitte and helped launch the inter­net insur­ance firm Esurance before set­ting up Net­work Insights, which uses cut­ting edge tech­nol­o­gy to whiz like light­ning through data aris­ing from ven­dors on more than 80 mil­lion con­ver­sa­tions every week.  Then it cat­e­go­rizes and stores the data it’s col­lect­ed, giv­ing clients a clear pic­ture in the here-and-now of what their clients think about their prod­ucts, where they’re chat­ting about it and what else they’re inter­est­ed in.  You don’t need to be a top-lev­­el busi­ness devel­op­ment man­ag­er to know that this kind of data is gold-dust. Last year in…

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