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Find a Media Job Resource Page

Searching for a job is not easy.  The good news is that today there are a many resources you can use to make your job search more productive and effective.

We have gathered some of those resources below.

Compete with Less People for Jobs:

1.  Look for great companies with lots of money that no one ever heard of.  You can find many of these companies on  We feature lots of great companies that are “under the radar” Many have raised millions of dollars and/or have a thriving business that is growing.

Check out some of the companies we have featured on

You can also use the search func­tion in the tool­bar above or browse our cat­e­gories for more:

  1. Adver­tis­ing
    1. Sup­ply Side: Brook­lyn agency for cool clothes
    2. Tapad: mobile retar­get­ing plat­form (for­mer thumb­play founder)
    3. Palate: ad agency just for food – top restaurants
    4. Uber­me­dia (LA) loca­tion based mobile targeting
    5. Medi­alets: adver­tis­ing tech­nol­o­gy firm- grow­ing fast!

    Search for jobs hereAdver­tis­ing Jobs in New York City

  2.  Ecom­merce:
    1. The­Fan­cy (53m raised) shop­ping via images‑a new way to buy
    1. Julep: social media beau­ty site based on per­son­al rec­om­men­da­tions and social con­nec­tions —SEATTLE

    Search for jobs hereEcom­merce Jobs in New York City

  3. Trends:
    1. Pic­tures: 380 bil­lion on smart­phones in 2011, 500B this year:
    2. 1 mil­lion new jobs due to mobile by 2015: mar­ket­ing jobs
    3. Glob­al Mobile Ad Rev­enue explod­ing: up 83% in 2012 vs 2011.


  4. Tech­nol­o­gy jobs:
    1. Learn cod­ing at Gen­er­al Assembly
    2. Learn cod­ing at Code Acad­e­my
    3. Search for Jobs hereDevel­op­er Jobs in New York City


  5. Social Media Jobs:
    1. Rebel­mouse (AOL, wall st jour­nal, time) for­mer CTO Huff­in­g­ton Post, Paul Berry
    2. Search for jobs hereSocial Media Jobs in New York City


It’s all who you know…so get to know some people:

Top Influ­encers to com­mu­ni­cate with: fol­low them first, learn about their inter­ests, then build a con­ver­sa­tion: demon­strate that you know some­thing and have good ideas

  1. Jason Gold­berg,   8034 followers
  2. Top Ven­ture Cap­i­tal­ist: Fred Wil­son:   Twit­ter    283,000 fol­low­ers
  3. News­Corp Chair­man: Rupert Mur­doch @rupertmurdoch    452,000 followers
  4.  Bill Gross    101,000 followers
  5. Fash­ion: Karen Blan­chard: @KarenBritChick  Brook­lyn 10k fol­low­ers
  6. Top nyc tech influ­encers:
  7. Gary Vayn­er­chuk@garyvee   almost 1m followers

Hash­tags: track events, con­ver­sa­tions and conferences:

1. #for­tunetech   For­tuneTech Brain­storm­ing Event for Top Executives

Mee­tups and events:

  1. NY Tech meetup:
  2. Mon­godb meetup
  3. Ama­zon Web Ser­vices meetup
  4. Star­tup­grind: Chet Kano­jia, Founder of Aereo on 8/14/13 6–9pm


NY Incu­ba­tors:  Here are 2 in NYC: at least 10 more in NYC

  1. Tech­stars NYC
  2. Dreamitven­tures


Read good web­sites:

  6. Star­tup­beat