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Coming here soon? The UK mobile advertising explosion

All who work assid­u­ous­ly in media jobs at U.S. mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies can only pray that devel­op­ments in the UK will be repli­cat­ed state­side. Across the pond, the mobile adver­tis­ing mar­ket is poised to dou­ble in 2013, break­ing even last year’s record growth high-point. Smart­phone explo­sion  So says a new report from eMar­keter, which fore­casts that the UK’s 2012 peak of £526 mil­lion ($811.25 mil­lion) will vir­tu­al­ly dou­ble this year to £1 bil­lion ($1.54 bil­lion). Mobile phones adver­tis­ing in par­tic­u­lar appears to have accel­er­at­ed the growth – smart­phones are used more wide­ly in the UK than any­where else in the world. The growth has been phe­nom­e­nal. Mobile adver­tis­ing spend in the UK was esti­mat­ed by the Inter­net Adver­tis­ing Bureau to be a rel­a­tive­ly mea­ger £203 mil­lion ($313 mil­lion). eMarketer’s VP of Com­mu­ni­ca­tions, Clark Fredrick­sen, said, “On a broad lev­el, British con­sumers are adapt­ing to smart­phones and tablets faster than expect­ed. As more con­sumers spend more time on their phones and increase the amount of mon­ey they spend on phones and tablets, that audi­ence becomes increas­ing­ly valu­able to adver­tis­ers. Com­pa­nies will invest in adver­tise­ments for mobile dis­play for­mats as con­sumers spend more time on their phones, with mobile expect­ed to over­take…

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Mobile video viewing is soaring says Ooyala

Video ana­lyt­ics giant Ooy­ala has inter­est­ing news for mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies: video view­ing is migrat­ing to mobile big-time. Ooyala’s Glob­al Video Index for Q1 2013, which crunched data from 200 mil­lion users in 130 coun­tries, makes for dis­rup­tive read­ing for the tele­vi­sion indus­try, too, espe­cial­ly tra­di­tion­al cable firms, which have been curi­ous­ly resis­tant to the rise of inter­net stream­ing. A mobile video explo­sion The Index shows that 10 per­cent of online video is now being viewed from tablets and smart­phones – a fig­ure which has big impli­ca­tions for mobile adver­tis­ing cam­paigns and for tra­di­tion­al cable com­pa­nies. The lat­ter sim­ply haven’t tapped the wire­less mar­ket at all. But tablets are the real star of the sto­ry: video view­ing on these babies soared by a third com­pared with Q1 2012. If any­one in mobile adver­tis­ing still cleaves to the con­ven­tion­al wis­dom that peo­ple watch­ing online video like their sequences short and sweet, they’re in for a sur­prise. Over a half of the video con­tent viewed on mobile devices was long-form (i.e., more than ten min­utes in dura­tion). The days of short YouTube snip­pets are fad­ing – 25 per­cent of the video con­tent viewed on tablets was 60 min­utes or longer in dura­tion.…

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Heyzap morphs from social gaming network to ‘significant player in mobile advertising’

When Y Com­bi­­na­­tor-incu­­bat­ed social gam­ing net­work Heyzap began intro­duc­ing mobile adver­tis­ing back in March with the launch of a new soft­ware devel­op­ment kit, the jury was out on whether the plan had legs. But those with doubts who hold media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies might need to start tuck­ing into their hats today, as news emerges that Heyzap’s ads are now run­ning in 800 games – more than dou­ble the 350 reg­is­tered in March. The rise and rise of Heyzap’s mobile adver­tis­ing The soft­ware allows pub­lish­ers and devel­op­ers to intro­duce Heyzap ads to their games, effec­tive­ly turn­ing the startup’s social net­work into an ad net­work. Devel­op­ers can use it to pro­mote their games in Heyzap’s gam­ing offer­ings or to make more mon­ey. Upon its launch, the ads pro­gram attract­ed atten­tion from big names in the gam­ing world, run­ning ads from Zyn­ga, Storm 8, Com2Us and Tiny­Co. Over the last six months, Heyzap claims that its ad income has soared to the point where it’s now become the main source of the firm’s over­all rev­enue, allow­ing it to start expand­ing its cur­rent 25-strong work­force. Co-founder Jude Gomi­la says that Heyzap is now “a sig­nif­i­cant play­er in mobile adver­tis­ing.” He went…

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YouTube’s mobile advertising revenues treble in six months

We like to give as much space as pos­si­ble to up-and-com­ing firms on these pages; but every now and then, one of Adland’s Goliaths gen­er­ates news that just can’t be ignored. Like YouTube, for instance: its VP of Sales, Lucas Wat­son, has just announced that mobile adver­tis­ing rev­enues at the video-shar­ing site have tripled in the last six months alone. Pro­mo­tion­al spend­ing has been chan­neled into mobile as nev­er before to keep up with the bur­geon­ing uptake of hand-held devices amongst YouTube’s 1 bil­lion glob­al vis­i­tors: around a quar­ter of them now use mobile gad­gets to access the site, Wat­son revealed. A bur­geon­ing mar­ket No one work­ing in mobile adver­tis­ing will be sur­prised at this: eMar­keter Inc. recent­ly pro­ject­ed U.S. mobile video-ad sales to rise to $2.69bn by 2017, a 10-fold expan­sion on 2012 dri­ven by faster wire­less con­nec­tions and the expo­nen­tial uptake of smart­phones and tablets. While Wat­son was a lit­tle cagey about spe­cif­ic fig­ures, Wedge Part­ners Corp. ana­lyst Mar­tin Pykko­nen esti­mates that YouTube accounts for 10 per cent of Google’s total rev­enue. Crunch­ing the num­bers fur­ther, he fig­ures that mobile adver­tis­ing sales con­tributed to around 20 to 25 per cent of YouTube’s total rev­enue for Q2 2013. With…

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Mobile ads will be smarter as Vivaki announces partnership with Adelphic

Hot on the heels of its recent appoint­ment of Michael Collins, the for­mer CEO and founder of mobile mar­ket­ing agency Joule, as its new chief exec­u­tive, mobile adver­tis­ing start­up Adel­ph­ic is to part­ner with Vivaki’s Audi­ence on Demand (AOD) unit, one of the biggest agency trad­ing desks on Madi­son Avenue, to launch a new mobile audi­ence tar­get­ing plat­form. Smart pre­dic­tive mod­el­ing This is quite some turn of events for the start­up, which was launched in 2010 by co-founders Jen­nifer Lum and Changfeng Weng (both erst­while col­leagues at the Apple-owned mobile adver­tis­ing net­work Quat­tro). It quick­ly raised $2 mil­lion in seed fund­ing and scooped a whop­ping $10 mil­lion in Series A fund­ing led by Google Ven­tures in Decem­ber last year. The com­pa­ny impressed investors with its slick data min­ing tools, which ana­lyze 30 dif­fer­ent sig­nals simul­ta­ne­ous­ly in order to pin­point a visitor’s loca­tion, time of vis­it, age and gen­der. Unsur­pris­ing­ly, it’s been deliv­er­ing appre­cia­bly improved cam­paign results for mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies and brands as a con­se­quence. But Viva­ki has clear­ly also been impressed by Adelphi’s smart pre­dic­tive mod­el­ing tech­nol­o­gy. While ad tar­get­ing is tak­ing off in the world of mobile phones adver­tis­ing, with oth­er sim­i­lar out­fits like AdMo­bius also com­ing on…

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