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All posts by Cathy Murphy

Can Social Media Save the TV Star?

Can Social Media decide the fate of TV Shows? Not yet, but maybe some day. While a lot of social media buzz for an upcom­ing show should at least pique the inter­ests of adver­tis­ers, this atten­tion has­n’t always result­ed in high rat­ings for the next hit show.

The Top 5 Companies Fighting for Likes on Facebook

How like­able do you need to be to obtain over 100,000 Likes per day?  As they say…things go bet­ter with Coke! In our social media-dom­i­­nat­ed age, a brand just wants to be liked. Or more specif­i­cal­ly, have their page “liked” on Face­book, which has become one

Twitch Makes Videogames the New Sports

Can a Video game get high­er rat­ings than the Super Bowl? This may soon become a real­i­ty. Coun­tries like Korea and Japan have already been fea­tur­ing video game tour­na­ments as enter­tain­ment, with peo­ple reg­u­lar­ly flock­ing to phys­i­cal venues, tele­vi­sions and their com­put­ers to watch the world’s

The Coming Wave of Mobile Internet

Will cel­lu­lar phones become the com­put­er of choice for most peo­ple?  With 6 bil­lion phones vs 1.2 bil­lion com­put­ers the ques­tion may have already been answered. There are sev­en bil­lion peo­ple in the world yet there are only 1.2 bil­lion com­put­ers, accord­ing to All Things