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NY’s Tremor Video goes on an appointments spree

business development jobs in chicago

Things are moving fast at Tremor Video: it’s made a flurry of new appointments and launched a new campaign on video viewability standards. Hiring spree Product managers with an interest in ad tech may recall that we last visited Tremor Video here in April, when it launched a new automated cross-screen optimization service for agencies wanting the best ROI on their video ads. This week, the video ad tech startup has been extending its reach with some important new appointments and a pro-bono educational campaign aimed at enlightening the ad industry on the Media Rating Council’s new video viewabilty standards. On Tuesday, the company announced that it had appointed erstwhile Yahoo director Sue Hunt to a newly-created role as Head of Programmatic for its European operations. She brings a glittering list of achievements with her, having also worked for three years as the EMEA director of ad exchange Right Media. In her new role, Ms. Hunt will take on the task of developing partnerships between her new employer and agency trading desks all over Europe. Another day, another appointment: on Tuesday, Tremor announced the appointment of Jay Baum as VP of Agency Business Development. He’ll have his feet under a…

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Chartbeat sets out to improve native advertising with new metrics suite

Chartbeat sets out to improve native advertising with new metrics suite

New York ad tech startup Chartbeat is unveiling a new product to add to its real-time analytics arsenal, a development which should persuade even the most skeptical product manager that it’s serious about its aim to improve the metrics for gauging how well native advertising is doing. Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile believes that a major reason why native advertising has so far failed to live up to its billing as “this great new hope for publishing” can be stated in six words: “So much of native is bad.” Beyond impressions This is where it gets interesting for tech product managers: Haile believes that much of that badness is down to poor measurement. Typically, advertisers will only see how many impressions their sponsored content has received on a publisher’s website, and maybe how many times a post has been shared on social media. But counting eyeballs tells advertisers nothing about how good the content was. So the new Paid Content service sets out to change all that, and product managers presiding over it will be negotiating with both advertisers and publishers, because both are likely to want to use it. With easy-on-the-eye graphics, it shows not only the standard eyeball count but how many visitors…

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Competitive Intelligence startup TrackMaven gets a big helping hand in its quest to become market leader

Product managers in the tech sector might spare a thought for the plight of the contemporary digital marketer trying to make the best fist of content marketing. It’s not only grown in significance over the last few years through its ability to tap new revenue channels, it’s grown in complexity, too. The number of channels marketers must create engaging content within has burgeoned, climbing above 20 in the last three years alone. And this is exactly where competitive intelligence startup TrackMaven comes to the rescue. Smart aggregation Founded by Acceleprise General Manager Allen Gannet in September 2013, TrackMaven is designed to solve the complexity headache for digital marketers with finite budgets, pulling together into one dashboard all the relevant data from earned, paid and owned media channels. Digital marketers get to see not only what their rivals are up to across 15 channels, but what’s working for them, too. But product managers familiar with the competitive intelligence market will be aware that there are plenty of tools out there crunching first-party analytics and social listening data (what people say about the brands they come across as opposed to what the brands say about themselves). TrackMaven goes further: marketers not only…

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Contently renews its fight against cheesy content marketing with $9 million cash injection

Remember those content farms that flooded search engines with low-grade, link-baited content marketing? Well, thanks to rapid changes in digital advertising and publishing business models, they’ve become a good deal less prevalent than they used to be. But as well-informed a tech product managers will be aware, New York-based tech startup Contently has singlehandedly played a major part in that war on cheesy content since its launch in 2011. And, having just snagged $9 million in Series B funding, it’s well positioned to continue the battle with renewed fortitude. Two business models in one With its army of freelance journalists and its software platform, Contently joins brands and marketers with talented freelancers to produce truly engaging, top-quality native content created for today’s digital-savvy consumers since 2011. As its co-founder and CEO, Shane Snow, puts it, Contently “is a mix between two business models, a software technology company and a talent management company.” That mix has certainly proven a hit with investors, as the recent hefty round testifies. But any product manager with more than a passing acquaintance with native advertising will know what’s turned them on: when content marketing is handled intelligently, it’s proven very effective. An all round hit?…

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San Francisco startup Dekko launches ‘magical’ virtual reality racing game

It’s probably no secret that most product managers think augmented reality is a clever idea, but one marred by an overly clunky user interface; it’s been around for a while but its day just hasn’t really come. One San Francisco startup, though, may be bringing that day forward rapidly with its excitingly addictive racing game, replete with virtual cars zooming around tabletops. Magical fun Conventional wisdom amongst many product managers in the tech industry is that augmented reality is currently just a tad too cumbersome to catch on in a big way. To get that virtual item overlaid on a real world scene, you have to get your smartphone or tablet out and pan those cameras around until it looks right through the device’s viewfinder. But as Google Glass draws closer, that could all be about to change. Dekko, for one, is a company that thinks that virtual reality’s Big Day is just around the corner. Skeptical product managers might like to know that it’s just scooped an additional $1.3million in funding on top of the $1.9million it raised last Fall. And it’s not alone in taking this bullishly optimistic view – investors seem to think something’s in the air…

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