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Fuse Li-Fi and LED Fabrics together and you get the Future of Media?

What could the Future of Media look like if you fuse Li-Fi and LED Fabrics together?

So if you recall not too long ago I had written about Li-Fi or light fidelity and how it was a game changer. Well it so happens that the inventor Professor Harald Haas has recently presented a TED talk showcasing a prototype example of how his “light internet” would work. I’ll reiterate again what this is, “broadband transmission using the Visible Light Spectrum or VLS. This is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, just like radio waves, is safe, practical to use and multi-functional”. So with standard-off-the-shelf LED’s (light-emitting diode), numerous tests were made and it appears that LED lighting fixtures can transmit wireless data at very competitive high speeds.

I definitely recommend that you watch the TED talk here:

A commercial product started shipping several months ago as Haas has launched a commercial venture called pureLiFi. The product, Li-Flame, turns standard LED fixtures into wireless Internet access points.

Let’s take this idea a little further. You know we’ve also been following wearable tech like Disney’s EM-Sense, but what would happen if the clothes you wore on your body was a Li-Fi hotspot or hub? Well you know that the applications can only be guessed at but researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have created a fiber-like LED that can be directly knitted or woven to fabric itself. Professor Choi, head of the research team at the School of Electrical Engineering at KAIST says “We hope we can lower the barrier of wearable displays entering the market.”

The researchers say they can control the thickness of the strands to within hundreds of thousandths of a nanometer. That’s super fine if you haven’t gathered. LED fibers could be mass-produced as easily as nylon or polyethylene fiber is produced today. “This technology will eventually allow the production of wearable displays to be as easy as making clothes,” said Seon-Il Kwon, of the Engineering team.

But if LED’s can be used to transmit high volumes of data, to include streaming HD video and people start wearing LED fabric display clothing, that means everyone everywhere would be sending volumes of data that can’t even be comprehended by the human mind. We are talking mobile server hubs and networks criss-crossing everywhere transferring copious data to everyone! Take it a step further and make every piece of attire a part of the blockchain, you begin to not even understand what the future could look like in just 10 years minimum. Your T-shirt could become a priceless piece of human technological society!

The major factor to walk away from this is Media is undergoing a huge sea-change that is based on one of the most fundamental physical components electronic light. What would and could you do with this information? Think about it.

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