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NY’s Greats: the Warby Parker of men’s sneakers?

New York’s Greats is on course to become the War­by Park­er of mens footwear after break­ing $100,000 in sales in June. You don’t need to be a sea­soned ecom­merce ana­lyst to appre­ci­ate that an ecom­merce start­up that launched less than a year ago is going places when it hits sales like this so soon. It’s also on course for a run rate of $1.6 mil­lion by the end of the year. Social media savvy ecom­merce You might, though, need to con­sult your inner ecom­merce ana­lyst to under­stand its appeal. Con­ceived by footwear indus­try vet­er­ans Ryan Baben­zien and Jon Busce­mi, the com­pa­ny launched in August 2013 with the aim of deliv­er­ing high qual­i­ty men’s sneak­ers (it’s the first footwear com­pa­ny to be “Born in Brook­lyn,” accord­ing to its web­site). With 20 years of expe­ri­ence in the indus­try behind them, Baben­zien and Busce­mi fig­ured they could not only do that, but do it with a bar­gain price tag, too. If your inner ecom­merce ana­lyst is won­der­ing how much the start­up has spent on mar­ket­ing so far, the answer is sur­pris­ing: zilch. Its co-founders have been social media-savvy from the out­set, active­ly post­ing “man-cen­tric” imagery on Insta­gram (only 20 per­cent of which con­sist…

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Birchbox follows Warby Parker, Bonobos, with new bricks-and-mortar store alongside its ecommerce site

Most savvy ecom­merce ana­lysts are aware that ecom­merce has been under­go­ing a makeover of late: the way to go, after estab­lish­ing an online pres­ence, appears to be com­bin­ing web-based ecom­merce stores with the bricks-and-mor­­tar vari­ety. And New York-based sub­scrip­tion beau­ty prod­uct start­up Birch­box has just decid­ed to take that par­tic­u­lar bull by the horns as it turns four years of age. As report­ed in the New York Times, a new per­ma­nent retail store is mov­ing out of the plan­ning stage and is due to open on West Broad­way in Manhattan’s SoHo shop­ping dis­trict very short­ly (prob­a­bly May). Growth poten­tial Co-founders Katia Beauchamp (31) and Hay­ley Bar­na (30), who became friends and found­ed Birch­box while stu­dents at Har­vard Busi­ness School, say the new ini­tia­tive has less to do with in-store rev­enues than with the growth poten­tial a bricks-and-mor­­tar store can offer. As Ms. Beauchamp puts it: “We are not focused on prof­itabil­i­ty, we are focused on hyper­growth. We like the idea of build­ing a store along with the busi­ness.” The per­spic­u­ous ecom­merce ana­lyst will rec­og­nize that Birch­box is fol­low­ing a length­en­ing line of suc­cess­ful ecom­merce star­tups which, hav­ing enjoyed con­nect­ing with real life cus­tomers via pop-up shops, decid­ed to acquire per­ma­nent…

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New York’s Jack Erwin – Startup aims to be Warby Parker of top quality fashion footwear for men

The first com­pa­ny most ecom­merce man­agers will prob­a­bly think of when they hear the phrase “high-end fash­ion, mod­est price tag” is New York’s ris­ing eye­wear fash­ion out­fit War­by Park­er; but fel­low Big Apple neigh­bor Jack Erwin is plan­ning to do for men’s fash­ion footwear what WB did for glass­es. And it’s just raised $2 mil­lion in Series A fund­ing to help it on its way. Tech-com­merce fusion The source of the fund­ing is intrigu­ing, as the more sea­soned ecom­merce man­ag­er will spot imme­di­ate­ly. The round was led by Crosslink Cap­i­tal, with par­tic­i­pa­tion from Men­lo Ven­tures and Shas­ta Ven­tures. These investors aren’t neat­ly cat­e­go­riz­able as fun­ders of fash­ion wear. They’re more asso­ci­at­ed with tech­nol­o­gy invest­ment, and may well have been attract­ed to Jack Erwin’s plan to apply dis­tri­b­u­tion tech­niques that have been suc­cess­ful­ly tried and test­ed by oth­er tech­nol­o­­gy-fash­ion hybrids (like, indeed, War­by Park­er, who picked up a prince­ly $60 mil­lion from investors impressed by that fusion in Decem­ber last year). Found­ed last year by Ariel Nel­son and Lane Ger­son, the com­pa­ny cre­at­ed and rapid­ly sold 3,000 pairs of shoes in its ini­tial for­ay into the ecom­merce space. The aver­age price per high-qual­i­­ty, sar­to­ri­al­ly vogu­ish pair is $200 – sub­stan­tial­ly low­er…

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New York ecommerce phenomenon Warby Parker on the keys to success

You don’t need to be a vir­tu­oso ecom­merce ana­lyst to appre­ci­ate that if an ecom­merce start­up man­ages to bag $60 mil­lion in Series C fund­ing just three years after its launch, bring­ing its total invest­ment to $116m, it’s prob­a­bly got a pret­ty hot busi­ness mod­el. And that’s exact­ly what New York eye­wear start­up War­by Park­er has achieved. An ecom­merce suc­cess sto­ry  It gained a well-deserved rep­u­ta­tion for rad­i­cal­ly rethink­ing the retail mod­el soon after its launch in 2010, allow­ing cus­tomers to try on eye­wear in their own homes before pur­chase. And despite their slob­ber­ing­ly gor­geous high-fash­ion and clas­sic-retro designs, War­by Parker’s prices knock spots off most bricks-and-mor­­tar retail­ers. It’s even cre­at­ed an inter­est on mon­o­cles of all things; it sold 574 of them last year. But that was also the year it dou­bled its staff to 300, which won’t come as a sur­prise to ecom­merce ana­lysts when they see that it’s man­aged to dou­ble its sales every year since its launch. In an inter­view with Digi­day, War­by Park­er co-CEO Dave Gilboa under­lined the impor­tance of free ship­ping for the start­up. Increas­ing num­bers of pur­chasers just won’t buy online unless it’s avail­able. Gilboa said: “Ama­zon and Zap­pos have trained cus­tomers to…

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INTERVIEW: Seeing Clearly in an $18 Billion Market Puts Coastal in the Lead

Seeing Clearly in an $18 Billion Market Puts Coastal in the Lead

At Mediajobs.com we pride our­selves in mak­ing your job search eas­i­er by find­ing the great com­pa­nies first and we are excit­ed about this inter­view with Roger Hardy, founder and CEO of Coastal.com, the first com­pa­ny to sell pre­scrip­tion eye­wear online. As a $200 mil­lion dol­lar pub­lic com­pa­ny, with over 10 years expe­ri­ence, in an $18 bil­lion plus mar­ket, Coastal is well posi­tioned for sig­nif­i­cant growth.  Accord­ing to the Nation­al Eye Insti­tute, 64% of peo­ple wear glass­es in the US which rep­re­sents over 200 mil­lion peo­ple. Lis­ten as Roger explains why the Wal-Mart, Cost­co, Pearl Visions and more will become far less dom­i­nant in this huge mar­ket. You can lis­ten to or read the inter­view below:         Roy:   My name is Roy Weiss­man from MediaJobs.com. Today we’re speak­ing with Roger Hardy, the founder and CEO of Van­­cou­ver-based Coastal.com. Coastal is the leader in dis­rupt­ing the estab­lished eye work plateau, which blows away the pack with out­stand­ing ser­vice. “A bet­ter way to buy for per­fect vision.” Wel­come Roger, how are you today? Roger:     Doing great, thank you Roy. Roy:   I appre­ci­ate you tak­ing the time to talk about Coastal.com. It’s inter­est­ing because we’ve all heard about,  I live in New…

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