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Fusion on Snapchat Discover Channel — You Know Nothing about Content!

Fusion on Snapchat Discover Channel - You Know Nothing about Content!

Fusion a TV net­work start­ed by ABC and Uni­vi­sion is on its way to grow­ing in an unex­pect­ed out­let, that being Snapchat’s Dis­cov­er chan­nel. Since Jan­u­ary of 2015 they’ve been up to some inter­est­ing things and are now on to adding five more orig­i­nal shows exclu­sive­ly on the Snapchat Dis­cov­er chan­nel. They are try­ing to fig­ure out what peo­ple are inter­est­ed in and what they’d like to watch. Fig­ur­ing out on which media plat­forms, like TV, YouTube, Insta­gram or Snapchat is impor­tant to them. In Feb­ru­ary they had run a 7 episode show called Out­post which they’ve already picked up for a sec­ond sea­son start­ing on April 22. For the new shows, they are aim­ing for unscript­ed and an inter­na­tion­al audi­ence, oh and did we men­tion the chan­nel isn’t avail­able here in the U.S. yet? The episodes run between 2–3 min­utes and will have at least 6 episodes to view. Fusion is def­i­nite­ly seek­ing spon­sors for these shows but isn’t mak­ing it a neces­si­ty to release the con­tent. Boris Gart­ner, strat­e­gy offi­cer for Fusion said, “One of the great things we’re doing with Snapchat is test­ing for­mats and types of con­tent”. One of these cool exper­i­ments is each of the…

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¿Habla Espanol? The Top Companies in Hispanic Media

There is a $1 tril­lion His­pan­ic media mar­ket to be claimed in the US in the next few years. Who’s going to walk away from the table with the largest slice of the pie? As Jeff Berovi­ci and Dorothy Pomer­antz wrote for Forbes Mag­a­zine dat­ed August 6, 2012, “His­pan­ics, now under­served by adver­tis­ers, will be the most impor­tant U.S. growth mar­ket through mid cen­tu­ry if cur­rent trends con­tin­ue.” A pop­u­la­tion growth rate esti­mat­ed to approx­i­mate an increase of 170 per­cent, will soon result in Lati­nos mak­ing up every one in three Amer­i­can res­i­dents with a medi­an age of 27 years old, or the “per­fect age” for whom adver­tis­ers tar­get. The con­clu­sion of these sta­tis­tics is obvi­ous: the His­pan­ic media and con­sumers are the next goal for any com­pa­ny capa­ble of read­ing a spread­sheet. The Top Com­pa­nies in Tele­vi­sion The big dog in His­pan­ic tele­vi­sion is Uni­vi­sion and has been since its found­ing in 1962. Now so large as to be an umbrel­la of tele­vi­sion media busi­ness­es, it includes Tele­fu­tu­ra, Glav­i­sion and three new net­works already start­ed in the first half of 2012. Accord­ing to Berovi­ci and Pomer­antz’s piece for Forbes Mag­a­zine, Uni­vi­sion was the sole tele­vi­sion sta­tion to broad­cast nation­al­ly…

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