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Introducing Uni Messenger — the service that lets you message your friends on different social networks from one app

Imag­ine this: you’re a busy social media man­ag­er with friends scat­tered across a raft of dif­fer­ent social net­works and you’d like to be able to chat pri­vate­ly with all of them from one place with­out the headache of reg­is­ter­ing sep­a­rate accounts on each net­work. Sound like an impos­si­ble day­dream? Not so, accord­ing to the founders of the new cross-plat­­form mobile mes­sag­ing app Uni Mes­sen­ger. Found­ed in June, the start­up is the brain­child of Colum­bia Com­put­er Sci­ence grad David Hun­ing and Joe Huaqiao Chiu, who’d been devel­op­ing a cross-plat­­form social media com­mu­ni­ca­tions solu­tion while based in Chi­na in 2011. The firm now employs almost a dozen part-timers and eight full-timers at its San Fran­cis­co office. Reach­ing every­one from one app The new app is due to be launched next month and has been devel­oped for the Android OS (at least to begin with). It will seam­less­ly com­bine all the social net­work­ing con­tacts of its users into a sin­gle easy-to-access address book – yup, that means Twit­ter, Face­book, LinkedIn, Ten­cent Wei­bo, Sina Wei­bo, VK, Mixi and Cyworld (sup­port for Google+ is in the pipeline). OK, so in that respect, it’s not too dis­sim­i­lar from oth­er social address book apps like Addappt, Brew­ster…

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