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More sound innovation from music maestros Soundrop

Social media man­agers look­ing for inspi­ra­tion could well take a leaf from Soundrop, the bur­geon­ing inter­ac­tive “lis­ten­ing room” music ser­vice. After attract­ing $3 mil­lion in invest­ment last year and first com­ing to mar­ket as an app on Spo­ti­fy, Soundrop is look­ing to break down the beat in oth­er areas with its new web ver­sion. Cur­rent­ly avail­able only in beta, it allows music lovers to plug straight into pre-exist­ing music rooms that are cat­e­go­rized by genre, artists or ‘moods’, by using Spo­ti­fy’s relo­ca­tion to the web to break out the audio com­po­nent and link it up with videos post­ed to YouTube. That might seem like a healthy degree of inno­va­tion, but where Soundrop real­ly scores is in its acces­si­bil­i­ty.  Spo­ti­fy may cur­rent­ly be read­i­ly avail­able in 28 ter­ri­to­ries; but Soundrop has glob­al reach.  Wher­ev­er Spo­ti­fy fails to work, Soundrop kicks in and reverts to locat­ing music uploaded to YouTube and Vevo. Evo­lu­tion not rev­o­lu­tion While some may see this as bit­ing the vir­tu­al hand that feeds it, Soundrop CEO Inge-Andre Sand­vik is in no doubt that these devel­op­ments are advan­ta­geous for both par­ties. Soundrop is not about cre­at­ing a ser­vice that com­petes with Spo­ti­fy he says, it’s more about let­ting dif­fer­ent…

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Droga5 becomes Spotify’s first ad agency to boost US subscriber base

Stream­ing music giant Spo­ti­fy has just appoint­ed Droga5 to take care of its cre­ative duties, with a view to broad­en­ing its appeal from tech and music loy­al­ists to a more main­stream audi­ence. Droga5’s stratos­pher­ic suc­cess It’s some­times hard to remem­ber that Droga5, now one of the most suc­cess­ful U.S. adver­tis­ing agen­cies, is a rel­a­tive new­com­er to the indus­try, hav­ing been launched in 2006 by its founder and cre­ative chair­man, David Dro­ga. Since then, it’s won a glit­ter­ing array of awards, includ­ing six Cannes Lions, TED Ads “Worth Spread­ing” Award, and an Art Direc­tors Hall of Fame Award for Dro­ga him­self. Erin Clift, Spotify’s VP of Glob­al Mar­ket­ing and Part­ner­ships, explained her firm’s rea­son­ing in mak­ing the selec­tion: “We’re very excit­ed to work with Droga5. They are incred­i­bly tal­ent­ed, under­stand our goals and are pas­sion­ate about Spotify…and are the per­fect part­ner to help us con­nect music with a broad, main­stream audi­ence.” The new cam­paign: some edu­cat­ed guess­es The details of the new campaign’s roll­out are being kept under wraps by both Spo­ty 5 and Droga5, much to the frus­tra­tion of the inquis­i­tive adver­tis­ing copy­writer or account man­ag­er. But those in the know – exec­u­tives famil­iar with the campaign’s aims – it…

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Legimi unfurls its ambition to become the new Spotify for eBooks

Legimi unfurls its ambition to become the new Spotify for eBooks

Pol­ish start­up Legi­mi could be about to inau­gu­rate a high­ly pop­u­lar new busi­ness mod­el with its plan to become the “Spo­ti­fy for eBooks”. E‑commerce man­agers, web con­tent man­agers and e‑commerce ana­lysts alike may be intrigued by its new con­sump­tion mod­el for the eBook space. Why buy some­thing you’ll prob­a­bly only use once? Why not pay a mod­est sub­scrip­tion instead and read what­ev­er you like month in, month out? What’s new about the Legi­mi mod­el? The idea isn’t unprece­dent­ed – Ama­zon’s Kin­dle Own­ers’ Lend­ing Library, as its name implies offers a lend­ing ser­vice but it’s very lim­it­ed and light years away from being a “Spo­ti­fy for eBooks”. Legi­mi, by con­trast, ful­ly intends to har­ness the pow­er of the cloud to deliv­er a vir­tu­al­ly infi­nite reper­toire of read­ing mate­r­i­al for its sub­scribers, who can access the con­tent via smart­phones, tablets, desk­tops and inter­net-enabled TVs. The startup’s CEO and co-founder, Miko­laj Malaczyn­s­ki, explains his unique approach, “Our approach is dif­fer­ent; we pay the whole price of an eBook once an end-user exceeds its free sam­ple (approx­i­mate­ly 10 per­cent of the book). We have sta­tis­ti­cal­ly cal­cu­lat­ed the aver­age con­sump­tion for tablet users and smart­phone users, which is low­er than one book per month.” Accord­ing…

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One Eighth of Internet Users Make a Noise on SoundCloud

If you cre­ate music than you need to be on Sound­Cloud. When 180 mil­lion Inter­net users choose to share, upload, remix or lis­ten to music using your web­site, you know you must be onto some­thing. Sound­Cloud, estab­lished in Berlin in 2008, has just released the lat­est ver­sion of its music shar­ing ser­vice. Sim­ply called ‘Next’, this lat­est offer­ing is cer­tain to fill those on the look­out for media jobs, with hope as it hatch­es plans to make the shar­ing of sounds and music online even more intu­itive, as it adds improved rec­om­men­da­tions, search and dis­cov­ery and auto­mat­ic fol­lows gen­er­at­ed by the social media plat­forms they con­nect with. In fact it’s been so suc­cess­ful that over 10 hours of sounds are uploaded to the plat­form every minute of every day. Now that’s a lot of noise. This suc­cess has not gone unno­ticed – so far the com­pa­ny has attract­ed over $60 mil­lion in three rounds from investors includ­ing Klein­er, Perkins, Caulfield and Byers; GGV Cap­i­tal, Union Square Ven­tures and Doughty Han­son Tech­nol­o­gy Ven­tures. With fund­ing in place, the com­pa­ny is also poised and ready to take full advan­tage of the impend­ing shift to mobile brows­ing and expect mobile to become the…

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Songza Makes its First Trip Outside US and One Million Canadians Can’t Be Wrong

Free music stream­ing ser­vice Songza has offered it wares out­side the US for the first time and bagged itself a mil­lion new users in the process. Sounds impres­sive, but when you add to that the fact that these Songza con­verts have signed up in a lit­tle over two months then the fig­ures are real­ly rather star­tling and great news for any­one look­ing for music media jobs. It also snatched one mil­lion new users in just 10 days in the US fol­low­ing its iPad launch, and has accrued two mil­lion more since then. The $1.5 mil­lion the com­pa­ny attract­ed in out­side fund­ing in a round led by Amazon.com Inc., Deep Fork and Meta­mor­phic also inspires con­fi­dence. So what is it about Songza that makes it so attrac­tive? It’s a free music stream­ing ser­vice that oper­ates on a radio license and can pro­vide lis­ten­ers with per­son­al­ized playlists. So far, so Spo­ti­fy and Pan­do­ra. How­ev­er, when you add into the mix that Cana­da doesn’t have access to either Spo­ti­fy or Pan­do­ra then it per­haps begins to make a lit­tle more sense. Cana­di­an audi­ences can use Rdio or 8tracks, but these aren’t even in the same league as the afore­men­tioned stream­ing giants. So What…

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