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Facebook has over 1700 Jobs: Here is How to Get a Job at Facebook

Facebook has over 1700 Jobs: Here is How to Get a Job at Facebook

With 2.13 bil­lion month­ly active users glob­al­ly Face­book is the largest coun­try in the world.  Every month more peo­ple vis­it Face­book than are in Chi­na or India.  Accord­ing to Pew Inter­net over 52% of the entire pop­u­la­tion of the US uses Face­book every day. Those work­ing at Face­book are work­ing for a very glob­al com­pa­ny.  90% of Face­book users are not even locat­ed in the Unit­ed States. With over 25,000 employ­ees and over 1,700 open jobs the com­pe­ti­tion is fierce. But What About Declin­ing Time on the Face­book Site? With the recent change in the con­tent shown in user’s news­feeds and the talk of Social Media addic­tion Face­book has seen some decline in time spent.  How­ev­er with rev­enues of $13 bil­lion dol­lars per quar­ter or over $50 Bil­lion Dol­lars per year, Face­book has plen­ty of resources to draw from to find ways to improve.  They also employ some of the smartest engi­neers in the world. Most like­ly Face­book will find ways to grow their user inter­ac­tions over time that far sur­pass­es what they have now. What do Face­book Employ­ees Real­ly Think about Face­book? Face­book employ­ees like their jobs and their com­pa­ny. 99% of the employ­ees approve of the CEO and…

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Aaron Swartz, twenty-six year-old founder of Reddit, is dead

Aaron Swartz, twenty-six year-old founder of Reddit, is dead

The world of social media and beyond is today reel­ing from the shock announce­ment that the 26-year-old co-founder of Red­dit, Aaron Swartz, is dead. There can be few social media man­agers, com­mu­ni­ty man­agers and con­tent man­agers who could have been left unim­pressed by Swartz’ achieve­ments and eth­i­cal com­mit­ments. The suc­cess of Red­dit was an inspi­ra­tion to Mark Zucker­berg, but Swartz was also a devot­ed cru­sad­er for free­dom of infor­ma­tion online. He appears to have com­mit­ted sui­cide on Fri­day in New York City. A stress­ful tri­al The trou­bled young genius may have suc­cumbed to pres­sure weigh­ing down on him as he faced tri­al, accused of hack­ing into the online research group JSTOR and down­load­ing mil­lions of doc­u­ments. Swartz plead­ed not guilty last year but, if con­vict­ed, would prob­a­bly have faced a lengthy jail sen­tence. It was his lawyer, Elliott R. Peters, who con­firmed news of his death in an email to the MIT’s news­pa­per, The Tech, by say­ing, “The trag­ic and heart­break­ing infor­ma­tion you received is, regret­tably, true.” Swartz pur­sued his fight against inter­net cen­sor­ship with enor­mous devo­tion and those who sup­port­ed his aims were huge­ly sup­port­ive of his cause as the tri­al loomed. An organ­i­sa­tion he had helped set up,…

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Mobile advertising agencies must show they take privacy seriously

Indus­try experts are warn­ing that mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies must clear­ly demon­strate their com­mit­ment to con­sumer pri­va­cy if they are to secure new busi­ness. As mobile phones adver­tis­ing explodes with the bur­geon­ing uptake of smart­phones, so peo­ple are grow­ing more wary of what hap­pens to their data, a trend that is dri­ving much con­sumer antipa­thy toward the rou­tine use of Unique Device Iden­ti­fiers (UDID) on their gad­gets.  They want phones, not track­ers. Big Data – oppor­tu­ni­ties and dan­gers As we report­ed recent­ly, mobile gad­gets and social net­work­ing are joint­ly cre­at­ing an unprece­dent­ed era of Big Data, which is dri­ving new research into how this infor­ma­tion can be used.  Already, it can be deployed to help com­pa­nies under­stand their con­sumers’ needs, to help con­sumers find the prod­uct they’re seek­ing more eas­i­ly and even to help gov­ern­ment agen­cies respond more effec­tive­ly to a cri­sis. But with mas­sive vol­umes of data come addi­tion­al risks to pri­va­cy. While it undoubt­ed­ly makes sense for Facebook’s Mark Zucker­berg to place the devel­op­ment of mobile plat­forms at the top of his brainchild’s pri­or­i­ty list, it’s also increas­ing­ly mak­ing sense for mobile adver­tis­ing exec­u­tives to reas­sure users that their data will be used wise­ly and judi­cious­ly. Top brands like…

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Zuckerberg sets mobile optimization as Facebook’s top priority

Facebook’s Mark Zucker­berg has come out fight­ing after a three-month silence in which the social net­work­ing giant’s share val­ue has tum­bled alarm­ing­ly. Speak­ing at the Techcrunch Dis­rupt con­fer­ence on Wednes­day, Zucker­berg can­did­ly addressed the fraught issue of his company’s fal­ter­ing efforts to grasp the mobile net­tle. A mobile-pro­pelled freefall Recent reports have high­light­ed the nerve-shred­d­ing $157 mil­lion loss Face­book suf­fered since its IPO in May; dur­ing the same peri­od, the net worth of the com­pa­ny plunged by $50 bil­lion.  These knuck­­le-whiten­ing declines are at least in part con­nect­ed to Facebook’s fail­ure to devel­op a robust mobile plat­form — a short­com­ing that has cost the com­pa­ny dear­ly giv­en that 955 mil­lion of its users rou­tine­ly access their Face­book pages through mobile devices. Face­book wants to emu­late the spec­tac­u­lar growth rate shown by social news site Red­dit, but Zucker­berg is shrewd enough to know that he’s got a lot of con­vinc­ing and reas­sur­ing to do.  Need­less to say, every con­tent man­ag­er, com­mu­ni­ty man­ag­er and social media man­ag­er will be intrigued about his views on the way for­ward with regard to mobile tech­nol­o­gy. While he didn’t pull any rab­bits out of the hat, he didn’t dis­ap­point either, open­ly stat­ing that Facebook’s top pri­or­i­ty…

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