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BarrettSF — a fledgling ad shop with veteran talent

BarrettSF – a fledgling ad shop with veteran talent advertising account executive

The fam­i­ly of online adver­tis­ing agen­cies has an addi­tion­al mem­ber this month, with the launch of fledg­ling ad shop bar­rettSF. Aspir­ing art direc­tors, copy­writ­ers and account man­agers may feel stirred into strik­ing out on their own after hear­ing the San Fran­cis­co startup’s sto­ry. It’s the brain­child of vet­er­an cre­ative leader Jamie Bar­rett, who until recent­ly was a part­ner and exec­u­tive cre­ative direc­tor at Good­by, Sil­ver­stein and Part­ners, and his erst­while Good­by bud­dy, Patrick Kel­ly. Barrett’s 27 year long career has won him acco­lades for his work on the NBA, Com­cast and Nike. 2011 saw him hit his tenth year with Good­by. He also turned 50 years of age. Bar­rett explained, “Those two things made me go, ‘I’ve got anoth­er big chap­ter in me, and what’s that going to be?’” The rise of new small ad shops He and Kel­ly are but one of a stream of cre­ative lead­ers that have walked away from estab­lished agen­cies in the last two years to start new ad shops of their own. Oth­er promi­nent names include Alex Bogusky, Ger­ry Graf and Ty Mon­tague, each of whom, like Bar­rett, had reached an age where they could tap into an abun­dance of expe­ri­ence to launch their…

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