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Grab a time-out in downtown New York with the new Breather app

In a city where it’s hard to escape the hub­bub of cof­fee shops and office pol­i­tics, a lit­tle peace and qui­et can be price­less. That’s the idea behind a new start up called Breather, which will short­ly begin offer­ing pri­vate rooms for rental across New York. Founder and CEO, Julian Smith, says Breather aims to offer, “peace and qui­et on demand,” and pro­vide mod­ern, styl­ish loca­tions for users to catch a nap, or get on with some work free from dis­trac­tions. The small rooms are also designed with the needs of an account man­ag­er, or small busi­ness own­er in mind, who may want to hold infor­mal meet­ings with clients away from the office. An app for a dis­­­trac­­tion-free nap Breather revolves around an iOS or Android app, which allows users to instant­ly find pri­vate spaces close to them on the map, and eas­i­ly book some down­time. Con­tain­ing desks, couch­es and high-speed Wi-Fi con­nec­tions, the rooms are elec­tron­i­cal­ly unlocked through the press of a but­ton with­in the app, and users’ cred­it cards are auto­mat­i­cal­ly charged for the exact amount of time they spend in the rooms. Breather’s ded­i­cat­ed team main­tains the spaces, and the staff mem­bers rate how tidy users leave…

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