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Birchbox head skywards with new marketing and international expansion plans after raising $60 million

Ecom­merce ana­lysts who’ve been read­ing the mar­ket­ing runes over the years will know that the rage for ped­dling “things in a box” kicked off in a big way a cou­ple of years ago and then fiz­zled. Many of the ideas — sex toys in box­es, booze in box­es, razors in box­es – turned out to be fads with lit­tle longevi­ty. But a few things-in-box­es ideas have gone from strength to strength, prov­ing much more durable. And Birch­box, pur­vey­or of month­ly sub­scrip­tion box­es of beau­ty sam­ples and one of the most suc­cess­ful ecom­merce star­tups in New York, is def­i­nite­ly among them. Suc­cess in a box It doesn’t take a genius ecom­merce ana­lyst to appre­ci­ate that if a start­up suc­cess­ful­ly rais­es $60 mil­lion in Series B, as Birch­box has just done, it’s con­vinced some astute investors that it’s got a hon­ey of a busi­ness mod­el. Attract­ing 800,000 sub­scribers in three-and-a-half years and gen­er­at­ing $90 mil­lion in annu­al sales prob­a­bly had some­thing to do with it. Add to that the fact that the full-size ver­sions of its prod­ucts that it sells on its ecom­merce site now account for an extra 30 per­cent of its rev­enue, and the annu­al total ris­es to $125 mil­lion.…

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BarkBox, the BirchBox for dogs, adds two new innovations to keep its subscribers delighted

Man­hat­­tan-based start­up Bark­Box – the Birch­Box for pooches – has announced two new ini­tia­tives which seem guar­an­teed to keep its bur­geon­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty amongst dog own­ers head­ing safe­ly sky­ward. While most e‑commerce ana­lysts can tes­ti­fy that many online ven­dors have aug­ment­ed their inter­net sales with pop-up shops (Bono­bos and War­by Park­er among them), Bark­Box is imag­i­na­tive­ly inno­vat­ing its online pres­ence to keep its sub­scribers firm­ly hooked. Dog­gie sub­scrip­tions Over the last cou­ple of weeks, it’s launched “Pup­pyFeed” (a pho­­to-shar­ing forum that lets sub­scribers post adorable pho­tos of their adorable pup­pies) and a new iPhone app which, unlike the main online site, lets users buy indi­vid­ual items rather than just the pre-pack­­aged box­es of dog-good­ies. It also lets them rate or revise items already in their box­es, as well as giv­ing them access to Bark­Box news to read and let­ting them buy Bark­Box gift sub­scrip­tions. Even the most world­­ly-wise ecom­merce ana­lyst would con­cede that these are pret­ty clever entice­ments. CEO and founder Matt Meek­er (who co-found­ed Meetup.com and Wee Web) set Bark­Box up in 2011 and open­ly declares that, as some­one who shares a lit­tle bit of dog­gie obses­sion with mil­lions of Amer­i­cans, he believed a sub­­scrip­­tion-based mod­el for dog gifts would…

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New York ecommerce startup Birchbox is literally heading for the clouds

Man­hat­tan start­up Birch­box has proven in its first two years of exis­tence that a sub­­scrip­­tion-based e‑commerce mod­el can real­ly work. And now, inno­­va­­tion-seek­ing e‑commerce ana­lysts will be inter­est­ed to hear, it’s tak­ing to the clouds. Lit­er­al­ly. Sub­scrip­tion to beau­ty dis­cov­ery  The idea behind the com­pa­ny came from two Har­vard Busi­ness School class­mates, co-founders Katie Beauchamp and Hay­ley Bar­na, who launched Birch­box in 2011 and are now also its co-CEOs. Basi­cal­ly, for a month­ly fee of $10, the start­up sup­plies women with an attrac­­tive­­ly-designed pink box filled with sam­­ple-sized acces­sories and cos­met­ics. Just so that men don’t miss out, there’s a sub­scrip­tion ser­vice for them too, although their box of sam­ples doesn’t come in pink. But it does con­tain man­ly prod­ucts like hair pomades, trav­el-sized bot­tles of plant face oil and eye creams. As Ms. Beauchamp explains: “The way it works is you sign up give us your pro­file infor­ma­tion like who you are what you look like what your pref­er­ences are and then you receive a sur­prise box of sam­ples once a month. It’s tai­lored for you and then we send you info to learn how to use prod­ucts and when you find some­thing you love—you can buy it at…

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