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Start Up wants to tell you your Future Content!

Look­ing for a job is very com­pet­i­tive. If you are only apply­ing to jobs online you will encounter sub­stan­tial com­pe­ti­tion. At our objec­tive is to make it as easy as pos­si­ble to find a job at a great com­pa­ny and with the least amount of competition.

At we have estab­lished our mis­sion of Find­ing the Great Com­pa­nies First. In keep­ing with our mis­sion we have cre­at­ed this inter­view series with some of the newest star­tups in the New York City mar­ket area.   We encour­age you to learn about some of the newest com­pa­nies and think about what might be a good fit for you.

What is the name and loca­tion of your com­pa­ny and who are the founders?
New York
Founders con­sist of expe­ri­enced founders of pre­vi­ous com­pa­nies and advanced experts in machine learn­ing and prediction.

Yao Huang, Jeff Neu, Amy Ver­non, Jan Cerny

How did the idea for your start-up come about? 

The Hatch­ery works with indus­tries and cor­po­ra­tions to build star­tups out of prob­lems. It was pre­sent­ed by the pub­lish­ing indus­try as a core prob­lem to solve. So we start­ed with cus­tomers and built the solution.

Of the key peo­ple involved what is everyone’s expe­ri­ence and background? 

Pub­lish­ing, tech­nol­o­gy, data sci­ence, machine learn­ing, expe­ri­ence in build­ing companies.

The Hatch­ery is an incu­ba­tor that pulled the best tal­ent togeth­er to build a prod­uct and com­pa­ny for pub­lish­ing. We have access to investors, cus­tomers, and oper­a­tional resources as the com­pa­ny grows.

How do you see your com­pa­ny cre­at­ing val­ue or dis­rupt­ing an exist­ing market? 

We are able to pre­dict what to write that will gen­er­ate the most traf­fic. It’s core to the rev­enue mod­els of pub­lish­ers and in grow­ing that traf­fic. The way in which this is cur­rent­ly done is very man­u­al and not based on objec­tive his­tor­i­cal data.

When was the busi­ness found­ed and how are you being funded? 

Decem­ber 2014

Hatch­ery and rev­enue funded.

What is the cur­rent size of your busi­ness, num­ber of employees? 


If you are seek­ing fur­ther fund­ing, how much and for what pur­pose will the new funds be applied?

We will be rais­ing in Q42015/Q12016 for con­tin­ued growth in sales and prod­uct teams.

What is the prod­uct and or ser­vice you are providing? 

The abil­i­ty to pre­dict and rec­om­mend the con­tent for pub­lish­ers and con­tent mak­ers based on pre­dic­tions on what will do the best.

Explain how you are seek­ing entry into your marketplace. 

Direct sales to tar­get customers.

What seems to be the biggest strength of the team so far? 

Cus­tomer access, expe­ri­ence, hard core technology.

What was your great­est “Ah-Ha” moment to date? 

Crack­ing the sales pipeline process. It’s one of the fastest I’ve seen.

Also the triple dig­it lifts in traf­fic with­in a short peri­od of using the prod­uct — pret­ty amazing.

If you can only do one thing in your indus­try what would that be? 

Dri­ve news­rooms to adopt more data dri­ven approach­es to decisions.

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