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Sales Manager for Efficio Solutions in Columbus Ohio

Job Descrip­tion
Title: Sales Man­ag­er for Effi­cio Solutions
Depart­ment: Sales – Colum­bus, OH
Reports to: Co-Pres­i­dent – Sales & Marketing

Effi­cio Solu­tions is look­ing for an ener­getic and expe­ri­enced Sales Man­ag­er to join their team.

Effi­cio Solu­tions pro­vides CRM, Yield Man­age­ment and Pro­pos­al solu­tions for clients of all sizes in the broad­cast indus­try.  Efficio’s Media Sales Man­age­ment Sys­tem pro­vides imme­di­ate access to all of the media sales infor­ma­tion that sales man­agers, account exec­u­tives and cor­po­rate exec­u­tives need to max­i­mize both their time and the bot­tom line.

The Effi­cio prod­uct group offers four Solu­tions – Media CRM, Cor­po­rate Rollup, Yield Man­age­ment and Sales Pro­pos­al (com­ing soon) – that work togeth­er seam­less­ly as a sin­gle inte­grat­ed media sales man­age­ment sys­tem to pro­vide you with all the infor­ma­tion and tools you need in one place.

Job Objec­tive:

Respon­si­ble for the devel­op­ment and per­for­mance the sales team and all sales activ­i­ties and strat­e­gy in order to retain cur­rent clients and grow new busi­ness, rev­enue streams and over­all rev­enue for the com­pa­ny. Staffs and directs a high qual­i­ty and pro­duc­tive sales team and pro­vides lead­er­ship towards the achieve­ment of max­i­mum prof­itabil­i­ty and growth in line with com­pa­ny goals, vision and val­ues. Estab­lish­es plans and strate­gies to expand the com­pa­ny cus­tomer base and con­tributes to the devel­op­ment, train­ing and edu­ca­tion­al pro­grams for clients and Account Exec­u­tives. Works effec­tive­ly with all com­pa­ny depart­ments to achieve job objectives.


• Devel­ops a busi­ness plan and sales strat­e­gy for the mar­ket that ensures attain­ment of com­pa­ny sales goals and profitability.

• Deter­mine and define depart­ment bud­gets includ­ing con­ven­tions, sales oppor­tu­ni­ties, and client rela­tion­ship build­ing and relat­ed travel.

• Devel­ops sales depart­ment bud­gets, to include expens­es, com­mis­sion plans, rate cards and sales goals.
Con­trols expens­es to meet bud­get guide­lines and help reduce cost.

• Respon­si­ble for the per­for­mance, train­ing and devel­op­ment of the Account Executives.

• Respon­si­ble to devel­op, pre­pare, main­tain and revise bud­get for com­pa­ny mar­ket­ing, adver­tis­ing, emar­ket­ing, sales data­base, strat­e­gy, etc.

• Coor­di­nates and col­lab­o­rates with as need­ed to exe­cute the Sales Mar­ket­ing Strat­e­gy for the company.

• Pre­pares action plans by indi­vid­u­als as well as by team for effec­tive search of sales leads and prospects.

• Pre­pares sales com­mis­sion plans, sales rate cards and new initiatives.

• Struc­ture/Re-struc­ture of the Sales Team Strate­gic Account Man­age­ment System.

• Cre­ates and nego­ti­ates con­tracts for sales department.

• Main­tain and grow cur­rent “House” account list.

• Respon­si­ble for com­pa­ny aging.

• Ini­ti­ates and coor­di­nates devel­op­ment of action plans to pen­e­trate new markets.

• Con­ducts one-on-one review with all Account Exec­u­tives to build more effec­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tions, to under­stand train­ing and devel­op­ment needs, and to pro­vide insight for the improve­ment of Account Executive’s sales and performance.

• Pro­vides reg­u­lar and time­ly feed­back to senior man­age­ment regard­ing sales performance.
• Assists Account Exec­u­tives in prepa­ra­tion of pro­pos­als and presentations.

• Main­tain and grow House busi­ness to sup­port per­son­al salary benefits.

• Adheres to all com­pa­ny poli­cies, pro­ce­dures, pro­to­cols and busi­ness ethics codes and ensures that they are com­mu­ni­cat­ed and imple­ment­ed by the team.

• Recruits, tests, and hires Account Exec­u­tives based on cri­te­ria and as agreed upon by senior management.

• Over­sees and coor­di­nates the sales depart­ment por­tion of all client launch­es, CNA’s, client trainings.

• Estab­lish­es, main­tains, and revis­es all sales pro­to­col, poli­cies, and pro­ce­dures to sup­port the company’s strate­gic goals and direction.

• Con­ducts week­ly sales meet­ings with the sales team to mon­i­tor and eval­u­ate sales performance.

• Trav­el to client sta­tions for train­ing and launch­ing and annu­al media trade shows as need­ed for sales relat­ed activity.

• Oth­er Sales Man­ag­er relat­ed func­tions as needed.

Rela­tion­ships and Roles:

Inter­nal / Exter­nal Cooperation

• Insures that all Account Exec­u­tives meet or exceed all activ­i­ty stan­dards for prospect­ing calls, appoint­ments, pre­sen­ta­tions, pro­pos­als and closes.
• Delegate’s author­i­ty and respon­si­bil­i­ty with account­abil­i­ty and follow-up.
• Sets exam­ples for Account Exec­u­tives in areas of per­son­al char­ac­ter, com­mit­ment, orga­ni­za­tion­al and sell­ing skills, and work habits.
• Con­ducts reg­u­lar coach­ing and coun­sel­ing with Account Exec­u­tives to build moti­va­tion and sell­ing skills.
• Main­tains con­tact with all clients in the mar­ket area to ensure high lev­els of client satisfaction.
• Demon­strates abil­i­ty to inter­act and coop­er­ate with all com­pa­ny employees.
• Pro­vides week­ly, month­ly, quar­ter­ly, and annu­al sales reports to man­ag­er as required.
• Col­lab­o­rates with Client Ser­vices, Client Train­ing, and IT as need­ed to main­tain cur­rent and grow the company’s busi­ness base.
• Col­lab­o­rates with super­vi­sor and busi­ness office regard­ing can­cel­la­tions, new clients, and renew­al      business.

Please click this link to apply or send your resume and cover letter to:

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