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Interview Questions

Thanks for agree­ing to an inter­view for our read­ers.  We look for­ward to shar­ing your story.

We have pro­vid­ed a list of ques­tions to answer for the inter­view.  Please keep in mind that our audi­ence con­sists of both job seek­ers and poten­tial investors.

Please copy and paste the ques­tions below into a word doc­u­ment and include the ques­tions with your answers on the final doc­u­ment emailed to us.

The opti­mum length for your inter­view is between 750 – 1200 words.

Please email us the com­plet­ed inter­view as a word doc along with a sharp pic­ture or logo 480x320 pix­els in a .jpg or.png file only.

Inter­view questions :

1.  What is the name and loca­tion of your com­pa­ny and who are the founders?
2.  How did the idea for your start-up come about?
3.  Of the key peo­ple involved what is everyone’s expe­ri­ence and background?
4.  How do you see your com­pa­ny cre­at­ing val­ue or dis­rupt­ing an exist­ing market?
5.  When was the busi­ness found­ed and how are you being funded?
6.  If so by whom are you cur­rent­ly fund­ed by?
7.  What is the cur­rent size of your busi­ness, num­ber of employees?
8.  If you are seek­ing fur­ther fund­ing, how much and for what pur­pose will the new funds be applied?
9.  What is the prod­uct and or ser­vice you are providing?
10. Explain how you are seek­ing entry into your marketplace.
11. What seems to be the biggest strength of the team so far?
12. What was your great­est “Ah-Ha” moment to date?
13. What was the fun­ni­est thing that has happened?
14. If you can only do one thing in your indus­try what would that be?