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4 Reasons Mobile Phones and Devices will Rule our World

4 Reasons Why Mobile Phones will Rule our World

At the 2013 Ad Age Dig­i­tal Sum­mit it was impos­si­ble to go more than 5 min­utes with­out hear­ing the words mobile phone, Smart­phone or tablet.  If you are a Busi­ness Devel­op­ment Man­ag­er, Social Media Man­ag­er or Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Man­ag­er,  Mobile Phones are or will become a major part of your world. Here are four rea­sons why mobile phones may become the num­ber one mar­ket­ing focus:   Rea­son #1: Mobile Phone Pay­ments to be $1 Tril­lion by 2015 Star­bucks accepts over 3 mil­lion mobile pay­ments each month from their 10 mil­lion mobile phone users accord­ing to Alexan­dra Wheel­er, Star­buck­’s VP Glob­al Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing.   We’ve all heard about pay­ment Wal­lets like Google Wal­let, Square and many oth­ers.  You may have seen the Citibank com­mer­cials where they are send­ing mon­ey from their mobile phones.   Ken Moy, Senior VP-Group Head, US Emerg­ing Pay­ments Lead from Mas­ter­Card expects every con­nect­ed device to become a com­merce device.  Ken’s stats from the Yan­kee Group esti­mate that by 2015 there will be $1Trillion in mobile pay­ments and that 19% of shop­pers in 2015 would pay for their in-store pur­chas­es with their mobile phone. Rea­son 2:  The Face­book Effect – Share of Mobile Time In the last 12 months…

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Coming to America? The UK mobile advertising market booms

It’s com­mon knowl­edge among those hold­ing media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies that it’s a tough space to attract adver­tis­ers into; but intrigu­ing devel­op­ments in the UK mar­ket may lead to plen­ty of new appli­cants for media jobs in the indus­try if they catch on state­side. New fig­ures pub­lished in The Finan­cial Times news­pa­per reveal that mobile adver­tis­ing in the UK tripled in the space of a year, soar­ing from £203m ($311m) in 2011 to £526m ($807m) in 2012. That’s a wal­lop­ing 148 per cent year-on-year rise. The smart­phone rev­o­lu­tion The rise is attrib­ut­able to the rev­o­lu­tion in hand­held devices: around two thirds of the UK’s pop­u­la­tion now owns a smart­phone, a devel­op­ment which has mas­sive­ly changed the face of the ad mar­ket. Back in 2008, when Apple’s app store was opened by Steve Jobs, UK mobile adver­tis­ing stood at a tri­fling £25m ($38m). Fast for­ward to 2012 and mobile dis­play and video adver­tis­ing alone reached £150m ($230m), up 121 per cent on 2011. Mobile search, which accounts for 69 per cent of all mobile spend­ing in the UK, rock­et­ed by 164 per cent over the same peri­od to hit a record high of £365m ($560m). While mobile adver­tis­ing account­ed…

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Why mobile advertising agencies need new generation creativity

Any­one look­ing for media jobs in adver­tis­ing will have lit­tle option but to con­tend as cre­ative­ly as pos­si­ble with the great mobile dis­rup­tion, accord­ing to a vet­er­an adver­tis­ing and dig­i­tal media exec­u­tive. Quentin George recent­ly told the Lon­don Finan­cial Times news­pa­per, “Peo­ple were con­cerned with the tran­si­tion from print to dig­i­tal and TV to dig­i­tal. Get ready, it’s going to get a whole lot worse.” The elu­sive mobile rev­enue yield The chal­lenge remains how to gen­er­ate rev­enue in a field which is a logis­ti­cal night­mare. Ads have got to look good across thou­sands of dif­fer­ent devices with count­less vari­a­tions. The prob­lem for any­one hold­ing com­mer­cial media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing is, blunt­ly, this: mobile ad spend­ing is grow­ing faster than any oth­er media cat­e­go­ry, but the glob­al rev­enue yield remains minus­cule at $6.5 bil­lion. That’s a pal­try 1.3 per cent of all ad rev­enues. So what’s the answer? Maybe the search for “an” answer is flawed in the first place. Mul­ti-track cre­ativ­i­ty seems to be called for instead. We do know what doesn’t work. Plant­i­ng a dis­play ad inside an app or on a web page’s bor­der just flops – it’s not only dull, it’s infu­ri­at­ing­ly small and stands more…

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Tapad narrows mobile advertising gap and bags $6.5 million in Series B funding

Vet­er­ans hold­ing media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies over the last few years will be acute­ly aware that, when it comes to ad retar­get­ing, they’re con­front­ed with a yawn­ing mobile adver­tis­ing gap. Ad retar­get­ing serves users dif­fer­ent, rel­e­vant ads depend­ing on which sites they’ve been brows­ing — and it’s much, much hard­er on mobile devices. Any­one with any kind of media jobs expe­ri­ence in online adver­tis­ing can tell you that click­throughs on retar­get­ed ads are sub­stan­tial­ly high­er than on ran­dom dis­play ads. But retar­get­ing on mobile devices presents some big hur­dles. Apple’s iPad and iPhone brows­er blocks third par­ty cook­ies. How do you retar­get when you can’t drop a cook­ie? Tapad to the res­cue That’s where clever star­tups like Tapad come in. Found­ed two years ago in New York by Are Traas­dahl – the man behind ring­tone com­pa­ny Thumb­play – Tapad can ana­lyze hun­dreds of data points, includ­ing con­tent source, brows­er type and device type, and then tar­get ads to con­sumers across device plat­forms. And it claims it can do so with 70 – 75 per cent accu­ra­cy. That may be one rea­son why it’s just attract­ed $6.5 mil­lion in Series B fund­ing from some heavy­weight investors. The round was…

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How and why mobile advertising is coming of age

Can­di­dates look­ing for media jobs may do well to con­sid­er the mobile adver­tis­ing indus­try if they’re after a bright future. That’s cer­tain­ly one of the impli­ca­tions of recent com­ments by Foursquare CRO Stephen Rosen­blatt, who believes that adver­tis­ers who don’t embrace the bur­geon­ing uptake of mobile devices are going to fall very far behind. A mobile explo­sion With Gart­ner pre­dict­ing that glob­al rev­enue from mobile adver­tis­ing will leap from $9.6 bil­lion in 2012 to $24.5 bil­lion by 2016, Rosen­blatt clear­ly has a point.  Facebook’s recent expe­ri­ences come to mind: by Q4 last year, the num­ber of peo­ple log­ging on from their mobile phones had out­stripped the num­ber doing so from a lap­top. Mobile adver­tis­ing now accounts for 23 per cent of its ad rev­enue. Mobile phones adver­tis­ing, it seems, is where to go for media jobs, as more com­pa­nies see its poten­tial. He said, “My rule of thumb is that in 2013, if you’re a media com­pa­ny, if you’re a pub­lish­er, and about 50 per­cent of your over­all web traf­fic is not com­ing from mobile devices, you’re in trou­ble.” Foursquare has devel­oped enor­mous exper­tise in the mobile ad space over the years, Rosen­blatt explains, and knows how to cap­i­tal­ize on…

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