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NY’s Greats: the Warby Parker of men’s sneakers?

New York’s Greats is on course to become the Warby Parker of mens footwear after breaking $100,000 in sales in June. You don’t need to be a seasoned ecommerce analyst to appreciate that an ecommerce startup that launched less than a year ago is going places when it hits sales like this so soon. It’s also on course for a run rate of $1.6 million by the end of the year. Social media savvy ecommerce You might, though, need to consult your inner ecommerce analyst to understand its appeal. Conceived by footwear industry veterans Ryan Babenzien and Jon Buscemi, the company launched in August 2013 with the aim of delivering high quality men’s sneakers (it’s the first footwear company to be “Born in Brooklyn,” according to its website). With 20 years of experience in the industry behind them, Babenzien and Buscemi figured they could not only do that, but do it with a bargain price tag, too. If your inner ecommerce analyst is wondering how much the startup has spent on marketing so far, the answer is surprising: zilch. Its co-founders have been social media-savvy from the outset, actively posting “man-centric” imagery on Instagram (only 20 percent of which consist…

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Birchbox follows Warby Parker, Bonobos, with new bricks-and-mortar store alongside its ecommerce site

Most savvy ecommerce analysts are aware that ecommerce has been undergoing a makeover of late: the way to go, after establishing an online presence, appears to be combining web-based ecommerce stores with the bricks-and-mortar variety. And New York-based subscription beauty product startup Birchbox has just decided to take that particular bull by the horns as it turns four years of age. As reported in the New York Times, a new permanent retail store is moving out of the planning stage and is due to open on West Broadway in Manhattan’s SoHo shopping district very shortly (probably May). Growth potential Co-founders Katia Beauchamp (31) and Hayley Barna (30), who became friends and founded Birchbox while students at Harvard Business School, say the new initiative has less to do with in-store revenues than with the growth potential a bricks-and-mortar store can offer. As Ms. Beauchamp puts it: “We are not focused on profitability, we are focused on hypergrowth. We like the idea of building a store along with the business.” The perspicuous ecommerce analyst will recognize that Birchbox is following a lengthening line of successful ecommerce startups which, having enjoyed connecting with real life customers via pop-up shops, decided to acquire permanent…

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New York’s Jack Erwin – Startup aims to be Warby Parker of top quality fashion footwear for men

The first company most ecommerce managers will probably think of when they hear the phrase “high-end fashion, modest price tag” is New York’s rising eyewear fashion outfit Warby Parker; but fellow Big Apple neighbor Jack Erwin is planning to do for men’s fashion footwear what WB did for glasses. And it’s just raised $2 million in Series A funding to help it on its way. Tech-commerce fusion The source of the funding is intriguing, as the more seasoned ecommerce manager will spot immediately. The round was led by Crosslink Capital, with participation from Menlo Ventures and Shasta Ventures. These investors aren’t neatly categorizable as funders of fashion wear. They’re more associated with technology investment, and may well have been attracted to Jack Erwin’s plan to apply distribution techniques that have been successfully tried and tested by other technology-fashion hybrids (like, indeed, Warby Parker, who picked up a princely $60 million from investors impressed by that fusion in December last year). Founded last year by Ariel Nelson and Lane Gerson, the company created and rapidly sold 3,000 pairs of shoes in its initial foray into the ecommerce space. The average price per high-quality, sartorially voguish pair is $200 – substantially lower…

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New York ecommerce phenomenon Warby Parker on the keys to success

You don’t need to be a virtuoso ecommerce analyst to appreciate that if an ecommerce startup manages to bag $60 million in Series C funding just three years after its launch, bringing its total investment to $116m, it’s probably got a pretty hot business model. And that’s exactly what New York eyewear startup Warby Parker has achieved. An ecommerce success story  It gained a well-deserved reputation for radically rethinking the retail model soon after its launch in 2010, allowing customers to try on eyewear in their own homes before purchase. And despite their slobberingly gorgeous high-fashion and classic-retro designs, Warby Parker’s prices knock spots off most bricks-and-mortar retailers. It’s even created an interest on monocles of all things; it sold 574 of them last year. But that was also the year it doubled its staff to 300, which won’t come as a surprise to ecommerce analysts when they see that it’s managed to double its sales every year since its launch. In an interview with Digiday, Warby Parker co-CEO Dave Gilboa underlined the importance of free shipping for the startup. Increasing numbers of purchasers just won’t buy online unless it’s available. Gilboa said: “Amazon and Zappos have trained customers to…

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INTERVIEW: Seeing Clearly in an $18 Billion Market Puts Coastal in the Lead

Seeing Clearly in an $18 Billion Market Puts Coastal in the Lead

At Mediajobs.com we pride ourselves in making your job search easier by finding the great companies first and we are excited about this interview with Roger Hardy, founder and CEO of Coastal.com, the first company to sell prescription eyewear online. As a $200 million dollar public company, with over 10 years experience, in an $18 billion plus market, Coastal is well positioned for significant growth.  According to the National Eye Institute, 64% of people wear glasses in the US which represents over 200 million people. Listen as Roger explains why the Wal-Mart, Costco, Pearl Visions and more will become far less dominant in this huge market. You can listen to or read the interview below:         Roy:   My name is Roy Weissman from MediaJobs.com. Today we’re speaking with Roger Hardy, the founder and CEO of Vancouver-based Coastal.com. Coastal is the leader in disrupting the established eye work plateau, which blows away the pack with outstanding service. “A better way to buy for perfect vision.” Welcome Roger, how are you today? Roger:     Doing great, thank you Roy. Roy:   I appreciate you taking the time to talk about Coastal.com. It’s interesting because we’ve all heard about,  I live in New…

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