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Visionary Swiss Army Knife Wanted for Marketo as their Social Marketing Manager

Visionary Swiss Army Knife Wanted for Marketo as their Social Marketing Manager?

Marketo is seeking a Marketing Manager for their Social Media marketing. They want to implement cutting-edge online marketing practices for an industry-leading marketing team.  This Social Marketing Manager role will be responsible for leading a variety of initiatives, and will also be integrated into multi-functional teams working on high-priority campaigns and projects.  You would work on learning best practices and supporting the overall team success. Apply Here So what kind of Social Marketing Manager is Marketo looking for? You most definitely should have at least seven years under your belt, and it should be in digital marketing, and/or related fields including research, advertising, management consulting, media and publishing. You need to be able to transition effortlessly from visionary planner to hands-on executor as situations demand it. They absolutely want a hound for learning the newest methods. Writing and editing must be a second nature characteristic. The ideal candidate will be a blend of Digital Strategist and Social Platform Expert, have experience working on behalf of corporate and/or B2B and B2C brands. If you get the job you’ll be successfully launching products and programs and evaluating campaign results against objectives plus lots more. In order to boost Marketo’s brand and overall…

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How The Fancy will Challenge Pinterest

When is a picture worth a $1,000 dollars?  When its on The Fancy. The new social site The Fancy is also trying to prove they could be worth a lot of money. According to Business Insider, Apple is in talks to acquire the fast-growing social commerce site backed by the co-founders of Twitter and Facebook. Already being called an archrival to Pinterest, but with a far smaller group of active members, The Fancy works in a similar way. It is a photo-sharing website that, according to it’s about page is, “part store, blog, magazine and wishlist. It’s a place to discover great stuff, to curate a collection of things you love, to get updates on your favorite brands and stores and to share your discoveries.” While Pinterest ranked 16th on Alexa with 10 million active users so far in 2012, The Fancy doubled it’s users in two months to 500,000, making it the second largest social scrapbooking / picture sharing sites online. While Pinterest clearly dwarfs The Fancy at the moment, some believe a David and Goliath battle is about to occur between the two startups. How The Fancy can Challenge Pinterest According to Forbes.com, there is one main feature…

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Soldsie Makes the F-Word Work

A San Francisco start-up wants to put the commerce in F- Commerce. These days, the big f-word on Facebook is “F-commerce,” or, in two words, “Facebook Commerce.” As weakening of the stock has shown, Facebook may not be as valuable as everyone initially thought, due in part to it’s inability to also be an effective commerce website. Currently even fan pages of brands still must transport customers away from Facebook to another website so they can make a purchase. However, a San Francisco-based startup called Soldsie is looking to change all of that. Last week they launched a social media point-of-sale program that allows businesses to sell on Facebook solely by using Facebook comments. According to TechCrunch.com, the company soft-launched in May and has now reached over one million dollars in transactions across a network of 75 different businesses, run by their social media managers. With those types of results in such a short amount of time, it appears Facebook Commerce may actually be possible. How Soldsie Works As with all great new technological advancements, like Paypal or Facebook itself, the way in which Soldsie works is simple. All customers have to do is go to a company’s fan page,…

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