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Mobile advertising market will hit $41.9 billion by 2017, says Gartner

Peo­ple with media jobs in mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies gen­er­al­ly like to stay abreast of the lat­est trends in this grow­ing cor­ner of Adland, so when Gart­ner pro­duces a new report on the state of the mar­ket, every­one tends to sit up and lis­ten. The lat­est bul­letin from the IT research and advi­so­ry giant pre­dicts that glob­al mobile adver­tis­ing spend­ing will hit $18 bil­lion in 2014, a major hike upwards on the 2013 total of $13.1 bil­lion. Sup­ply and demand But before pop­ping the cham­pagne corks, it’s worth not­ing that the path to that increased spend is not entire­ly straight. Mobile adver­tis­ing might be catch­ing on at an accel­er­at­ed rate, but Gart­ner thinks that a peri­od of decel­er­a­tion may be on the cards for the next three years, large­ly because mobile inven­to­ry is out­pac­ing demand. This isn’t, how­ev­er, a prophe­cy of doom. Gart­ner also thinks that adver­tis­ers will main­tain a “sus­tained inter­est” in the chan­nel over the same peri­od, to such an extent in fact that it fore­casts the mar­ket will be worth a wal­lop­ing $41.0 bil­lion by 2017. The tal­ent of mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies, it seems, will remain in demand. The growth is being fuelled by what Gart­ner describes as…

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How and why mobile advertising is coming of age

Can­di­dates look­ing for media jobs may do well to con­sid­er the mobile adver­tis­ing indus­try if they’re after a bright future. That’s cer­tain­ly one of the impli­ca­tions of recent com­ments by Foursquare CRO Stephen Rosen­blatt, who believes that adver­tis­ers who don’t embrace the bur­geon­ing uptake of mobile devices are going to fall very far behind. A mobile explo­sion With Gart­ner pre­dict­ing that glob­al rev­enue from mobile adver­tis­ing will leap from $9.6 bil­lion in 2012 to $24.5 bil­lion by 2016, Rosen­blatt clear­ly has a point.  Facebook’s recent expe­ri­ences come to mind: by Q4 last year, the num­ber of peo­ple log­ging on from their mobile phones had out­stripped the num­ber doing so from a lap­top. Mobile adver­tis­ing now accounts for 23 per cent of its ad rev­enue. Mobile phones adver­tis­ing, it seems, is where to go for media jobs, as more com­pa­nies see its poten­tial. He said, “My rule of thumb is that in 2013, if you’re a media com­pa­ny, if you’re a pub­lish­er, and about 50 per­cent of your over­all web traf­fic is not com­ing from mobile devices, you’re in trou­ble.” Foursquare has devel­oped enor­mous exper­tise in the mobile ad space over the years, Rosen­blatt explains, and knows how to cap­i­tal­ize on…

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Mobile advertising revenue will continue to soar in 2013 says Gartner

Mobile adver­tis­ing rev­enue is set to leap from last year’s glob­al fig­ure of $9.6 bil­lion to $11.4 bil­lion this year, new research from Gart­ner pre­dicts. Mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies did bet­ter than the glob­al research com­pa­ny pre­dict­ed in Novem­ber last year, a fact which has caused it to revise its fore­cast for mobile phones adver­tis­ing rev­enue upwards. The increased uptake of mobile gad­gets lies behind the 19 per cent surge in rev­enues, the research reveals. The glob­al mobile mar­ket is expand­ing Gartner’s research vice pres­i­dent, Andrew Frank, explained that the address­able mar­ket for mobile adver­tis­ing has expand­ed into more parts of the world as increas­ing num­bers of new users spend more and more of their time on smart­phones and tablets. He added: “This mar­ket will there­fore become eas­i­er to seg­ment and tar­get, dri­ving the growth of mobile adver­tis­ing spend for brands and adver­tis­ers. Mobile adver­tis­ing should be inte­grat­ed into adver­tis­ers’ over­all mar­ket­ing cam­paigns in order to con­nect with their audi­ence in very spe­cif­ic, action­able ways through their smart­phones and tablets.” The research also indi­cates that “360-degree adver­tis­ing cam­paigns” will help North Amer­i­ca and West­ern Europe to catch up with (and maybe over­take?) the Asia Pacif­ic mar­ket. These cam­paigns fol­low users across…

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