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New deal crowns New York startup Medialets as Vivaki’s king worldwide mobile ad-server

Often derid­ed as too com­plex, the mobile adver­tis­ing that mar­keters com­plain about may soon be rad­i­cal­ly sim­pli­fied, thanks to a new eight-fig­ure deal between New York based mobile ad-serv­er start­up Medi­alets and Pub­li­cis Groupe’s Viva­ki divi­sion. Three years after it wowed mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies with its rich-media, shak­able iPhone ad for Dock­ers back in 2009, Medi­alets now has a major new oppor­tu­ni­ty cour­tesy of Viva­ki. The latter’s tech­nol­o­gy is used by some of the mastodons in the glob­al media world, includ­ing ZenithOp­ti­me­dia and Star­com Medi­avest, along with dig­i­­tal-mar­ket­ing firms Razor­fish and Dig­i­tas. Secur­ing the deal was no walk in the park.  Medi­alets was up against four oth­er com­pa­nies, but won the final bid round “by a con­sid­er­able mar­gin”, accord­ing to Vivaki’s Senior VP of plat­forms and ad oper­a­tions, Grace Liau. A new gate­way to mobile mar­ket­ing dol­lars? The con­tract – the startup’s biggest so far – makes it Vivaki’s world­wide serv­er for tablet and mobile phones adver­tis­ing.  Hav­ing a pre­ferred ad serv­er means that Viva­ki can help devel­op its tech­nol­o­gy and uti­lize a prod­uct tai­lored to its client’s needs, Ms. Liau explained.  And it’s a win-win arrange­ment — Medi­alets ben­e­fits from a sup­pli­er who will inte­grate with and add to…

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Jivox dumps one-size-fits-all mobile advertising for single-tag made-to-measure alternative

Jivox, the start­up ad tech firm with a flair for mul­ti-screen inter­ac­tive video ads, has announced a new plat­form with the poten­tial to sim­pli­fy mobile phones adver­tis­ing rad­i­cal­ly.  Put sim­ply, it offers instant com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with new­ly released iOS gad­gets, the iPhone 5 and the Apple iPad mini. With the dif­fer­ent screen sizes fea­tured on these new, mass mar­ket devices, mobile adver­tis­ing sud­den­ly got much more com­pli­cat­ed than those unfa­mil­iar with the work of mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies might appre­ci­ate.  Get­ting an ad cam­paign across mul­ti­ple mobile devices now involves intri­cate recod­ing, resiz­ing and device-by-device inte­gra­tion — the kind of cost­ly, painstak­ing work that gen­er­ates more than a lit­tle belly­ach­ing from buy­ers. From one size fits all to bespoke But the new plat­form from the San Mateo-based start­up ensures that adver­tis­ers will now be able to use just one tag for ads run­ning on every screen size.  No addi­tion­al cod­ing, no resiz­ing, no device inte­gra­tion. The Cal­i­forn­ian agency’s CEO, Diaz Nesa­money, had noticed that mobile ad cre­ative all too fre­quent­ly doesn’t get opti­mized for mobile devices, with the inevitable con­se­quence that ads turn into gal­lons try­ing to squeeze into quart pots.  A large pro­por­tion of mobile-rich media plat­forms con­tain areas that don’t…

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Waze reveals roadmap for internet advertising

Nav­i­ga­tion app Waze has launched a dou­ble attack on the mobile adver­tis­ing mar­ket by adding new devel­op­ments designed to enrich social media expe­ri­ences and mon­e­tize mobile mar­ket­ing. Waze’s nav­i­ga­tion app was one of the few map­ping solu­tions that flour­ished ear­li­er in the year, as bad press and gen­er­al apa­thy reigned in the wake of Apple launch­ing its own map­ping ser­vice.  Fly­ing in the face of pre­vail­ing trends, Waze saw a growth in its mar­ket­share of Unit­ed States iPhone busi­ness, with the num­ber of users leap­ing from 7 to 10 per­cent. Now it has built on recent suc­cess­es by offer­ing updat­ed maps and Face­book specs that enable users to share their routes and road sta­tus as they dri­ve.  This devel­op­ment has seen the com­pa­ny’s con­fi­dence bur­geon, lead­ing to a new appetite for mon­e­ti­za­tion as it attempts to give mobile adver­tis­ing a shot in the arm and a user-cen­tered focus. Their big idea is decep­tive­ly sim­ple: Waze wants to offer tar­get­ed ads that reach cus­tomers show­ing real intent but tie them in direct­ly with their route of trav­el.  In effect, this is a loca­­tion-tar­get­ed approach that means peo­ple search­ing for a restau­rant, for exam­ple, get adver­tise­ments direct­ly rel­e­vant to their loca­tion. Waze…

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Moolah Media doubles monthly revenue as real-time bidding platform launches

San Fran­­cis­­co-based mobile adver­tis­ing start­up Moolah Media has just announced that its lat­est brain­child, a much-pub­­li­­cized real-time bid­ding plat­form, is being tak­en out of beta. Why a real-time bid­ding plat­form? Moolah has tak­en the grow­ing use of smart­phones and tablets for “retail ther­a­py” seri­ous­ly from the out­set, plac­ing per­­for­­mance-based mobile phones adver­tis­ing at the fore­front of its mis­sion.  Its new baby lets adver­tis­ers man­age bid­ding on numer­ous ad exchanges and net­works.  The tech­nol­o­gy behind the RTB plat­form is like­ly to appeal strong­ly to mobile adver­tis­ing agen­cies, as it allows adver­tis­ers to deter­mine the exact web­sites where their ads are dis­played and where they aren’t. Moolah’s CEO, Shawn Scheuer, says that the RTB fea­ture has phe­nom­e­nal speed.  Because the firm posi­tions its serv­ing hubs phys­i­cal­ly near to its part­ners in pub­lish­ing, response times are typ­i­cal­ly under 30 mil­lisec­onds.  Scheuer insists that this is piv­otal, since a pub­lish­er try­ing to com­plete an ad will have to check a range of net­works in a frac­tion of a sec­ond. The new plat­form adds to the company’s pric­ing mod­el, which is per­for­mance based and sup­ports pric­ing deter­mined by clicks (CPC), impres­sions (CPM) and actions (CPA). Rev­enues dou­ble in one year At the same time as…

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Omnicom reveals revenue share venture with mobile ad firm Amobee

Details of a unique rev­enue shar­ing joint-ven­­ture are emerg­ing between the mighty ad hold­ing com­pa­ny, Omni­com, and the up-and-com­ing mobile adver­tis­ing firm Amobee. Adver­tis­ing jug­ger­naut Omni­com owns a pletho­ra of promi­nent agen­cies, includ­ing TBWA, DDB and BBDO, and its pact with Amobee marks a strik­ing new depar­ture, giv­en its appar­ent dis­like of dig­i­tal ad agen­cies. Ori­gins of an aver­sion A lit­tle his­to­ry helps to explain this aver­sion.  A major acqui­si­tion back in the late 1990s led to burnt fin­gers for the company’s CEO, John Wren. The stock he’d bought in two dig­i­tal ad firms, Organ­ic and Agency.com, plunged in val­ue pre­cip­i­tous­ly as the dot.com crash of the late ’90s and ear­ly 2000s struck. Wren end­ed up los­ing a board mem­ber after the trau­ma, and faced a poten­tial­ly wound­ing law­suit against the com­pa­ny which, hap­pi­ly, proved unsuc­cess­ful. The two new­ly acquired agen­cies had to be quar­an­tined in “Seneca Invest­ments”, an off-bal­ance sheet vehi­cle. Unsur­pris­ing­ly, it’s tak­en the best part of a decade for Omni­com to over­come its tim­o­rous­ness and ven­ture back into the dig­i­tal ad space, this time by embrac­ing the bur­geon­ing mar­ket in mobile phones adver­tis­ing. Under the new arrange­ment, Amobee will col­lab­o­rate with Air­wave, Omnicom’s exist­ing mobile adver­tis­ing agency.…

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