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Starcom MediaVest – The Agency Set For Global Domination

Starcom MediaVest

What do you do if you’re a glob­al cor­po­ra­tion that has hun­dreds of mil­lions of dol­lars to spend on your ad strat­e­gy and you want to get the biggest bang for your buck? Well if you’re Microsoft, Yahoo, Burg­er King, Dis­ney or Coca Cola – you go to Star­com Medi­aVest, the media agency that will ensure that your mar­ket­ing bud­get is stretched as far as pos­si­ble. Star­com Media Who? Star­com Medi­aVest is part of the Pub­li­cis Groupe with its head­quar­ters in Chica­go. It cur­rent­ly employs 6,000 peo­ple in over 100 offices locat­ed in 68 coun­tries across the globe, and in 2011 it was the World’s num­ber one media agency, with record­ed billings of just over $34billion. Six­ty one per cent of that busi­ness orig­i­nat­ed in the US, 10% in Asia Pacif­ic and 29% in EMEA coun­tries. The com­pa­ny was formed twelve years ago from the media divi­sions of Leo Bur­nett and D’Arcy and it still oper­ates under the sep­a­rate names of Star­com and Medi­aVest in some mar­kets. Cur­rent­ly the organ­i­sa­tion sits in the Pub­li­cis Groupe, along­side part­ner ZenithOp­ti­me­dia. Star­com MediaVest’s oper­a­tions are cur­rent­ly strongest in North Amer­i­ca, with slight­ly low­er rank­ing in oth­er mar­kets – Europe in par­tic­u­lar. In both…

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Looking For A Media Job? Thomson Reuters Might Just Be The Place to Be…

Thomson Reuters

Those look­ing for work in busi­ness data and news could be for­giv­en for think­ing that the mar­ket is in the dol­drums, but it seems old faith­ful Thom­son Reuters might just be buck­ing the trend as it records healthy rev­enue growth this sec­ond quar­ter. The Man­hat­tan firm with glob­al reach announced recent­ly that rev­enue gen­er­at­ed by ongo­ing busi­ness grew by three per cent to $3.2billion between April and June – entire­ly in line with expec­ta­tions. How­ev­er the big news is that where oth­er cor­po­ra­tions are stalling, Thom­son Reuters have record­ed a 64% increase in prof­its tak­ing the total to a nice round­ed $935million – up from $572million 12 months ago fol­low­ing the sale of its health­care busi­ness to Ver­i­tas. Thom­son Reuters’ com­pa­nies include finan­cial busi­ness­es Thom­son Reuters Eikon and Thom­son Reuters Elek­tron, Reuters News Agency, intel­li­gence firm Cortel­lis, tax and account­ing tools One­Source and Check­point and a range of  health­care solu­tions includ­ing Thom­son Reuters Mar­ketscan Treat­ment Path­ways, Thom­son Reuters Health­care Index­es and the Micromedex Drug Inter­ac­tions App. The Fig­ures Speak For Them­selves Adjust­ed earn­ings stood at 54 cents per share com­pared with 51 cents for the same peri­od in 2011, four cents clear of ana­lysts’ pre­dic­tions of 50 cents, although rev­enue…

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What’s Next For Ross?

Ross Levinsohn

Things nev­er stay still in the hurly-burly that is dig­i­tal media, and just this week Yahoo announced that inter­im CEO Ross Levin­sohn is set to walk fol­low­ing the appoint­ment of Google’s Maris­sa May­er. This is the sec­ond time he has been passed over for the top job. Fol­low­ing the sack­ing of Scott Thomp­son, now firm­ly ensconced at shop­ping net­work Shoprun­ner, Levin­sohn was asked to step into the breech and over­see con­tent cre­ation, engi­neer­ing and strat­e­gy. He led adver­tis­ing sales and con­tent, he also won praise for bro­ker­ing part­ner­ships with Clear Chan­nel, Spo­ti­fy and, most impor­tant­ly, Face­book. Levin­sohn also man­aged a deal with Chi­nese e‑commerce firm Ali Baba Group Hold­ing that would see the com­pa­ny buy  back a stake in itself and earn Yahoo $6.3 bil­lion in cash and up to $800 mil­lion in pre­ferred stock. Tak­ing all of the above into account, it seems like­ly he will not be left on the shelf for long. How­ev­er, in the ever-more inces­tu­ous world of the search engine, where CEOs and execs seem to skip effort­less­ly between the giants, what does this lat­est move actu­al­ly mean for the sec­tor and where might Levin­sohn end up? Strug­gling Search Engines Yahoo will undoubt­ed­ly now be…

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Google’s got a new toy – but what’s next for Wildfire?


Nev­er a busi­ness to let the grass grow under its feet, it seems Google has added to its ever-increas­ing sta­ble with the recent acqui­si­tion of social media mar­ket­ing spe­cial­ists Wild­fire. Found­ed in 2008, Wild­fire has more than 400 employ­ees and man­ages the social media mar­ket­ing for more than 16,000 busi­ness­es. The com­pa­ny pro­vides soft­ware that links direct­ly to Face­book, Twit­ter, LinkedIn and Pin­ter­est among oth­ers and engages users by tar­get­ed ads, pro­mo­tions, ana­lyt­ics, sched­uled mes­sag­ing, page and con­tent cre­ation and eval­u­a­tion. The search giant is report­ed to have splashed a cool $250million on the start-up and is clear­ly look­ing to extend its reach into social media cam­paign­ing, as well as improve its own tar­get­ed adver­tis­ing as the pop­u­lar­i­ty of social net­work­ing grows unchecked. But does the pur­chase mean Wild­fire will lose it’s iden­ti­ty as it’s sim­ply swal­lowed by the amor­phous, omnipresent Google? Recent Acqui­si­tions Accord­ing to many sources, Google has made on aver­age at least one pur­chase per week since 2010 and the list now totals around 100 com­pa­nies – the most high-pro­­file of which, Motoro­la Mobil­i­ty, was bought for a reput­ed $12billion. Oth­er com­pa­nies tak­en over by the dig­i­tal behe­moth also include Picasa, YouTube, Android, Pic­nik and Admeld and…

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America’s girlfriend is back after eight years and ready to embrace the digital revolution

Ricki Lake

‘Amer­i­ca’s girl­friend’ Ric­ki Lake is back, and this time she’s tak­ing her chat show online as well as on TV. The new show will air from Sep­tem­ber 10. The show has alre­day been picked up by Tri­bune sta­tions in New York, Dal­las, Den­ver and Cleve­land, while Fox sta­tions have agreed to car­ry the show in Los Ange­les, Chica­go and Boston. The show has also been sold to sta­tions owned by Sin­clair, Post Newsweek, Gran­ite, Fish­er, titan, Sun Broad­cast­ing, Quin­cy, new Vision, Jour­nal, Citadel and Gray. The last time we saw Ric­ki on TV was dur­ing Danc­ing with The Stars, now America’s favourite girl next door looks set to grace mon­i­tors every­where with a new chat show which is using its own social net­work ‘Friends of Ric­ki’, to get fans talk­ing and gen­er­ate mate­r­i­al. Could this mean there are some shiny new jobs in the off­ing for any­one who might be inter­est­ed in a posi­tion on the new and improved Ric­ki Lake Show? With over 75,000 ‘lik­ers’ on its Face­book page, it cer­tain­ly seems like peo­ple want to get involved and with num­bers like that there’s no won­der syn­di­ca­tion has proved so pop­u­lar, a fact which will undoubt­ed­ly be pleas­ing the pro­duc­tion…

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