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Little Caesars Pizza Says ‘Go Away,’ Seriously!

Little Caesars Pizza is testing the safe boundaries of advertising negative psychology with its ad campaign, pleading and warning consumers not to call the restaurant at a particular phone number or provide a personal email address. Playing on the well-known human pattern that curiosity will get the best of most folks, the pizza maker’s ad campaign essentially sends an eye-catching message trying to tell people to literally, “go away.” With a bit of spin on the fact the Little Caesars Pizza has devoted itself since 1959 to cooking hot and tasty pizza dishes for takeout as well as side foods like garlic bread sticks, the company’s ad campaign throws both phone numbers and email fields at consumers and then tells them to avoid doing anything with the given information. This, of course, will get a good number of folks to do exactly the opposite and connect with the company anyways. The ad campaign couples actual phone listings and email with an apparently forbidden website, covering just about all the major public communication resources available. Will They Come? So will people call or connect? If the restaurant chain is still in the business of making money on pizzas, its employees should…

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¿Habla Espanol? The Top Companies in Hispanic Media

There is a $1 trillion Hispanic media market to be claimed in the US in the next few years. Who’s going to walk away from the table with the largest slice of the pie? As Jeff Berovici and Dorothy Pomerantz wrote for Forbes Magazine dated August 6, 2012, “Hispanics, now underserved by advertisers, will be the most important U.S. growth market through mid century if current trends continue.” A population growth rate estimated to approximate an increase of 170 percent, will soon result in Latinos making up every one in three American residents with a median age of 27 years old, or the “perfect age” for whom advertisers target. The conclusion of these statistics is obvious: the Hispanic media and consumers are the next goal for any company capable of reading a spreadsheet. The Top Companies in Television The big dog in Hispanic television is Univision and has been since its founding in 1962. Now so large as to be an umbrella of television media businesses, it includes Telefutura, Glavision and three new networks already started in the first half of 2012. According to Berovici and Pomerantz’s piece for Forbes Magazine, Univision was the sole television station to broadcast nationally…

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Does Laura Lang’s Appointment Signal The End For America’s Best-Loved Publications?

Laura Lang

What do you get when you put the head of a successful global digital advertising agency at the helm of one of America’s most traditional print publishers? We’re not sure either, but Time Inc. is going to find out following the appointment of former Digitas CEO Laura Lang. As the Dot Com revolution continues apace, can some of the country’s best loved magazines and newspapers survive a straight-talking CEO who’s famed for turning round the fortunes of a run-of-the-mill direct-mail firm and turning it into an uber-successful digital brand agency? Time Inc. Where Were They And Where Are They Now In the five years leading up to the appointment of Lang, Time Inc. had not enjoyed much success. Overall revenue had fallen by 30% since 2007 and in the three months leading up to March this year the company’s adjusted operating income had fallen by 38%, driven by a 19% drop in advertising revenue. Former CEO Jack Griffin was shown the door after just six months in post; a remedy was needed and the senior execs and shareholders clearly felt Lang was it. However Time Inc’s 9,000 employees had questions, and whether print was dead was top of the list….

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Will There Ever Be An End To Zynga’s Woes?


Oh dear… It seems Zynga’s bad day on July 25 looks set to become a bad month. After posting earnings that show a drop of three cents per share, they are now wrestling with an array of lawsuits for copyright infringement and insider trading. The social games start-up is currently mid-wrangle with EA over certain similarities between its game The Social Sims and Zynga’s The Ville, and now San Francisco lawyers Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check have waded in to join the party after filing a suit on behalf of investors stating that the company allowed key execs to sell shares up to three months before other employees, and that lawsuit is not the only one. Copying the works of other companies and insider dealing all leave a bit of a bad taste in the mouth. As a result is Zynga now in meltdown? A Bright Start The company produces browser-based games available as standalones on mobile platforms and as widgets on social networks including Facebook and Google+. It currently has 3000 employees, over 300million monthly active users and 72million daily active users and posted revenue of $1.16billion in 2011. Zynga was founded in 2007 and it’s first game, Texas…

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Starcom MediaVest – The Agency Set For Global Domination

Starcom MediaVest

What do you do if you’re a global corporation that has hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on your ad strategy and you want to get the biggest bang for your buck? Well if you’re Microsoft, Yahoo, Burger King, Disney or Coca Cola – you go to Starcom MediaVest, the media agency that will ensure that your marketing budget is stretched as far as possible. Starcom Media Who? Starcom MediaVest is part of the Publicis Groupe with its headquarters in Chicago. It currently employs 6,000 people in over 100 offices located in 68 countries across the globe, and in 2011 it was the World’s number one media agency, with recorded billings of just over $34billion. Sixty one per cent of that business originated in the US, 10% in Asia Pacific and 29% in EMEA countries. The company was formed twelve years ago from the media divisions of Leo Burnett and D’Arcy and it still operates under the separate names of Starcom and MediaVest in some markets. Currently the organisation sits in the Publicis Groupe, alongside partner ZenithOptimedia. Starcom MediaVest’s operations are currently strongest in North America, with slightly lower ranking in other markets – Europe in particular. In both…

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