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Why You Want to Work at Tableau – They Help People Actually Understand Their Data

Why You Want to Work at Tableau – They Help People Actually Understand Their Data

Why should you work at Tableau?  Data that you can understand.  Lets face it everyone wants data but there is much and its so complicated. So how do you best understand it?

Thanks where Tableau comes in.

Scenario: you’re in the tech field and want to work for a company that will offer you almost endless possibilities as far as types of projects and the information covered in those projects. Where do you apply? There are probably a few companies that would fit that bill depending on your specific interpretation of “possibilities”, “projects” and “information”, but one name that Media Jobs thinks should definitely be in your list is Tableau.

Tableau for Actionable Insights

Everything today is based on data analysis, but how do you get through all the data and actually understand what it all means? Tableau helps people transform their data into actionable insights, which is of course the next great frontier and will be the driver of almost every decision made by organizations in the future. Tableau’s software claims to let you connect and visualize your data at least 10 times, and up to 100 times, faster than any other existing solution. One of their taglines is “Answer questions as fast as you can think of them”. That’s a pretty bold claim, but the company’s history to date is backing it up strongly.

Tableau software lets organizations explore their data sets with limitless visual analytics, build dashboards and perform ad hoc analyses in just a few clicks, share their work with anyone easily and quickly, and make a positive impact on their business. What kind of organizations? Any that use data – which today is all of them. Let’s look at three quick examples: stopping malaria in Africa, improving real estate management, and creating jobs and economic growth in the U.S.

The international nonprofit PATH, whose goal is saving lives and improving health approached Tableau about helping eliminate malaria in Zambia. Not donate money – get involved. And they have, with astounding results. Although the malaria death rate fell by 48% from 2000 to 2015, there were still 438,000 cases that year. Tableau got heavily involved by helping to analyze the mobile data being collected in the region, and from the rainy season of 2014 to the rainy season of 2015 their visualizations helped reduce the malaria cases by an amazing 93%.

It’s hard to wrap your head around the amount of data that’s flowing out there today, but an example from JLL, one of the largest real estate management firms in the world, helps put some perspective on the situation. They’re using data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to help clients start making decisions on things like managing infrastructure, space utilization, and employee experience, and they’ve partnered with Tableau to visualize that data. In a proof of concept run on a single 10,000 sq ft space to determine infrastructure needs, the data filled a laptop a day. A petabyte might be hard to grasp, but anyone can understand a laptop being filled.

The US Government and Tableau

How about taking on the entire economy and job situation of the U.S.? The U.S. Commerce Department has partnered with Tableau to help make their public data more easily usable in directing economic and other related policies to stimulate the country’s economy. Theoretically they should be able to ask a question like “how many small businesses with more than 20 employees were started in Cleveland, OH between 1990 and 2010, and how many of those stayed in business more than 5 years?” That’s just an example I came up with, I’m sure theirs are much more poignant.

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