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NVIDIA, why work here?

NVIDIA why work at NVIDIA

In the begin­ningNVIDIA not only saw the future of com­put­ing when they were formed back in 1993, they’ve helped to shape it ever since. Hav­ing the vision that one day the PC would become a pop­u­lar con­sumer device for play­ing games and view­ing mul­ti­me­dia con­tent of all stripes, they joined over two dozen oth­er exist­ing com­pa­nies that were devel­op­ing graph­ics chips, a num­ber that explod­ed to more than sev­en­ty with­in a cou­ple short years. By 2006, NVIDIA was the only inde­pen­dent graph­ics chip mak­er still oper­at­ing, hav­ing invent­ed the GPU in 1997 and becom­ing the stan­dard in the design­ing indus­try soon there­after.

Into the Future

After becom­ing a house­hold name in the gam­ing indus­try and the com­put­er world at large, in 2018 NVIDIA once again reshaped the future of graph­ics-based com­put­ing by releas­ing their new Tur­ing archi­tec­ture and their RAPIDS and Clara plat­forms among sev­er­al oth­er game-chang­ing devel­op­ments, set­ting a new stage for machine learn­ing, arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence, and robot­ics devel­op­ment and deploy­ment across a wide spec­trum of indus­tries from med­ical devices to genom­ic sequenc­ing, to self-dri­ving cars and every­thing in between.

Com­pa­ny Overview

Nvidia report­ed record rev­enues of $9.71 bil­lion in its FY18 annu­al report in Feb­ru­ary, up 41% from $6.91 bil­lion from 2017.

Head­quar­tered in San­ta Clara, CA, the com­pa­ny’s mis­sion is stat­ed as “Bring­ing super­hu­man capa­bil­i­ties to some of the world’s tough­est prob­lems.” It’s been named one of Glass­door’s “Best Places to Work” 5 out of the past 7 years (2012–2019), with 97% of respond­ing employ­ees approv­ing of the CEO and 91% say­ing they would rec­om­mend the com­pa­ny to a friend as a place of employ­ment. The com­pa­ny has over 10,000 employ­ees with com­pa­ny rev­enues just over $9.7 bil­lion in 2017, and Glass­door showed 157 jobs at NVIDIA avail­able at the time of this writ­ing. 

Why You Want to Work There

Employ­ees rate the com­pa­ny 4.5 out of 5 stars on Glass­door, with the major­i­ty stat­ing mul­ti­ple ben­e­fits to work­ing there. At the top of that list for most is that it is a ful­fill­ing job with ample oppor­tu­ni­ty for growth and advance­ment, per­fect for those who love a chal­lenge rather than just show­ing up for a pay­check. Many cite “an above aver­age pay­check” and good med­ical and den­tal ben­e­fits as well, but more com­mon are com­ments relat­ing to “good teams” a “string work eth­ic from every­one”, a “vision­ary CEO”, “no pol­i­tics or empire build­ing”, and work­ing with peo­ple who are “smart, dri­ven, cre­ative, and hard work­ing…  the kind of place where you’re sur­round­ed by peo­ple who are going to chal­lenge you to dig a lit­tle deep­er and push a lit­tle fur­ther than you think you can.”

As with any media jobs or work­places in gen­er­al, there are always down­sides as well. How­ev­er the only real com­mon thread in the employ­ee reviews seems to be relat­ed to the cul­ture of being dri­ven to suc­ceed, which most ambi­tious peo­ple who thrive on chal­lenges might see as a pos­i­tive. Some rep­re­sen­ta­tive com­ments include “Dur­ing busy times, the work load is intense and there are very long hours”, “Expect to be asked to achieve goals that seem crazy”, and “You will be chal­lenged from day 1. But stay flex­i­ble. Cool ideas are born all the time, as oth­ers get killed.” 

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